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  1. The fish which bit my line did not surface at any time.No jumping. I thought i had a Catfish because thats what i had been catching before until the notice came up telling me my line had been bitten off. I was shocked and pissed off losing my lure. It must of been a Gar.
  2. Hey Guys I have been playing this game for number of months now and i have never had a Titanium leader break on me. What makes it really annoying is i had just achieved Bream master and received the X-Series Crankbait 2.5 6hook which i was trying out. I must have catch a Alligator Gar when it bite through the line. I thought using a Titanium leader prevented this from happening? Is this a glitch or was i really unlucky? I was using the Rivertex 270 Rod (21kg line weight) with Ambusher 8500 (21.0kg drag) and a 20.85kg Braid line with the 18.6kg (0.5 length, 0.3 Dia)Titanium leader. I have lost that crankbait for good now. Can anyone tell me what i did wrong?
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