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  1. Dacklin

    Line for unique pike?

    It's all about proper drag setting, & using your rod to let the fish tire itself out. Just like in RL, you need to let the fish run a while. Don't burn up your reel trying to force it in. As in RL, if you take your time, & let the fish run when it wants to run, it will get tired, because as in RL, the lactic acids build up in the fishes muscle, & it becomes fatigued. Keep practicing, & you'll have it down to a science, & fighting fish will get easier & easier. Use the right gear, & it's a piece of cake, just might take a few minutes to get that big lunker landed some times
  2. Dacklin

    Reel that work with rods

    Granted this is a month old post, but one suggestion the devs can do, & should add, especially for new players, is to simply do this: When you select a rod, per se, either to inspect, or purchase, or whatever, have either a popup, or some side information showing the recommended reels that go well with it(vice versa for reels showing recommended rods). Granted yes, this would take adding a good deal more in-game information, but it would eliminate a lot of issues, & people having to come post on the forums all the time. AGAIN, JUST A SUGGESTION. Many of us of course either find out the hard way what works, or, come read on the forums first for information needed.
  3. Dacklin

    Line/lure weights not matching rods/reels

    Rgr, will work on screen shots. Will just see if I can send them thru my phone instead. As for my Featherlite/Espira setup, I believe I am using 5.5 brain on mine, & I run into the warning messages if I use a max weight jig, which I believe the rod says is 1/2oz., regardless of the plastic being used. The one thing I don't understand, or didn't until you just mentioned it here, is the "max drag" issue. Id the reel, in this case the Attorney 3000 S, says it can run 20/135 braid, then it should be able to run what it states. The max drag issue kinda makes no sense. Granted, having fished all my life, I have never seen any of these strange issues with any reel or rod setup, fishing musky, bass, cats, sturgeon, some very aggressive & heavy fighting fish, but this is a game & not real life, & obviously there are things here that don't necessarily cross over into reality. It's a sim, I understand. It's just confusing, because when you are sitting in a Cabela's store, picking up a new reel & rod, you look for how many pieces is the rod, what's the action, how many guide's does it have, what's it made of, how sensitive, etc., or with the reel what type of drag system does it have, how many ball bearings, what line sizes can it run, etc., you're not looking for it's "max drag" numbers. But again, this is a sim & not real life. At any rate, I will work on getting screenies except through my phone. Being in the process of upgrading some of the rods & reels I am using anyway, I don't expect to see the warnings much anyway. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Dacklin

    Line/lure weights not matching rods/reels

    I keep getting reel or rod damage warnings on fully compatible setups. I.E. - if I try to use 10lb braid on a reel that states it can use 20lb braid max, I get a warning telling me using the 10lb braid will cause reel damage, which of course it does as it causes the reel to wear much faster. For instance, my Attorney 3000 S bait reel, states braid 20/135 max, but using 10lb causes damage. It makes absolutely no sense. I have seen this warning/issue with several reels, with all 3 types of line available. Also. I am seeing warnings for rod damage, if you try to use a recommended max lure weight. Such as my ultralight and jigging rods I use currently. Both rods are from the All Sports Bundle you can buy for $17.54 in the PS Store which gives you all 5 of the rod/reel packages. On both of these rods, if you try to use the max jig weight stated, you immediately get the rod damage warning. This is before even adding a plastic to the jig. So you are unable to use any lures of the stated max weight. Just like with the line issue I have seen this weight issue with several rods. As it won't for some reason let me send the screenshots via email to support on my PS4, nor will it let me attach them here, I'm not sure how to give the screenshots to support. Maybe it's just not doing something right, dunno, but if there is another way to give you the screenshots please let me know. I normally do everything on my pc, but I don't have the game on my pc yet. I do not know if these are PS4 specific issues or not. I DO however know the above line strength issue makes NO sense. Having been an avid outdoorsman for over 35yrs now, & spent many, many days tossing buzzbaits, bucktails, & other lures fishing for Lm/Sm Bass, Pike, monster 60+" Tiger Muskies, among others, always using braided lines, this warning for reel damage is silly to say the least. Either there is an issue with the parameters set within the games code, or the info given on the reels line specifications in game is a typo. Either way, something is screwy.
  5. Dacklin

    Line/lure weights not matching rods/reels

    Rgr. Sent ticket, but no screenies. Will get some. Thx.
  6. Dacklin

    Line/lure weights not matching rods/reels

    Out of curiosity I just checked every reel that comes in the All Sports bundle, NONE of the reel will allow you to use lines anywhere near max line weight, without risk of damaging the reel. So it must be an issue with the parameters either set for the reels, or, a miss-print of the reels information. Every single reel, including the Attorney 3000S purchased separate from the bundle, & I will assume, every single rod, in this package, has an issue with either using max line strength stated on the reel, or max lure weight on the rod. I normally don't use the max allowed line anyway, but, even a couple steps down from the max strength allowed, will give the warning message for too heavy of a line, & reel damage.
  7. Is it just me, or is there issues with line strengths with reels, as well as lure weights with rods? I am running into issues with 2 things on the PS4: 1) I will have a reel, that says it can use braid line 20/135, 20lb max 135 feet of line, yet, if I use 10lb braid, it will tell me the line is too strong for the reel, & may damage it, which it does cause faster wear.One reel in particular, is my Attorney 3000S Bait Caster, it won't let me safely use anything close to what it says it can use, even the 10lb braid says it will damage the reel. Even though it says max is 20lb 135ft for braid. 2) I am also seeing rods, that state they can handle a specific lure weight, yet, if I use a specific weight, within the rods limits, I get a message stating it is too heavy for the rod, & may damage it. The Aurora 8'2" Sport from the All Sport bundle I purchased, states it can use 1/2oz lures max, but if I attempt to use a 1/2oz lure, I get the warning that it will damage the rod. In both instances above, all the rods, reels, everything mates up perfectly, so I don't understand why it keeps giving warning messages about potential damage, when any lines or lures I would use, are al within the parameters of what the rods or reels can use. What's up?
  8. Dacklin

    No credit for fish

    Sorry I should clarify myself. Anytime I use a Basic license, and see the warning about receiving a fine, I release. Have always gotten proper credit as I check what my creds are before and after playing. I'm gonna try a couple things and see what happens. Will update later.
  9. Dacklin

    No credit for fish

    Thank you. I am working on it via email, but, the mod who replied is giving me no help providing incorrect info. So we'll see what happens. I'm being told to keep fish in my fish hut even tho I could be fined for keeping the fish. Makes no sense. Anyway. Thanks for the quick reply. Will finish via email unless ai need help here.