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  1. HeLLOo, I've been playing this game a lot already on PS4 and i watch and make streams for it on you tube. (still no game audio in my you tube streams!) Many people have been asking for nightfihing to be added to the game!, it's in the pc version too i saw in video's. Good idea for a update? Please fix the game audio for You Tube Streaming too it's still broken, most european you tube streams on PS4 have no game audio in the Streams! Thanks for the great game! it's great fun!
  2. HeLLOo, When i stream this game (PS4) on You Tube there's no audio in the stream. Streaming you're game is one of the best advertisments you can get for you're very cool game, FIX IT! You're looking like a bunch of amateurs now. That's the kind of mistake developers made in the 90's, and it's very annoying for the people who view my streams... Really enjoy you're game it's great fun! Greetings....
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