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    Sure.....Ok, then here’s and edit, your a dev, so what didnt you just answer the question?
  2. NC1103


    Under news i saw this, pc I guess? Our team would like to thank you all for providing us much needed constructive feedback and healthy criticism. We did monitor the event from the beginning and though it is working as intended we’ve taken into consideration the community feedback, especially regarding difficulties catching Vampire Gar. Based on that we made some adjustments which should deliver a more smooth fishing experience. This should be implemented in the current release (1.14) as well with some minor bug fixing. Being genuine fishing simulator, we would like to see our game challenging but fun and rewarding at the same time. It's not an easy task, but we would like to thank you for staying with us and supporting our wonderful game!
  3. NC1103


    I just read it under the gar o ween update 8 hrs ago on the board by a moderator.
  4. NC1103


    Right. Did you see the info on a update on gar o ween 1.14? Is that for pc?
  5. NC1103


    Wow man, that must have been nice!
  6. NC1103


    Nevermind,, im not even on the top 100 , lol ,wow
  7. NC1103


    I just caught a 76 lb vampire gar but it wont fit in my keep net as its too big. So I still get credit for the catch? What can I do? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-p7MVvGir1mNGFYTURhOF9wSEU
  8. Wow thanks guys, i had tripple bars since the beginning. I get that and yeah your right jeff, the line and rod were fine, but the reel was always in the yellow,, and it just would not bring him in. Now cutting the line never enterd my mind, lol! I fought him for hours with it in the yellow but as soon as I hit it up again, the reel went down gradually. But yah I know, my fault. That “sum beach” just fought harder than any fish so far. Now the odd part is, since this was part of the catfish pack, the lesseer of the two combos too, it still would land catfish, 20 to 30lb or more with no-issue, really just pick them up like a bream sometimes, so I thought this sould be fine and now i know different. But I wasnt reaaly gar fishIng ya know? Wasnt ready for that. Good advice shamee , i did that, especially the not reeling wile he was running thing. Sometimes i would get so frustrated that the “pump”from my guy was so weak, ya know, I could never gain on him. I wish I knew what it was. I thnk a ghost gar, but he hit right at dark on the salt flat in the middle where the ripples are ,and fought so long, i was just using shinners and was not ready for dark yet to g back after gar for real as i was tryng to put some other fish in like a tarpon or something. I know I bought the halloweeen pack and the bones set up wa the last two hour fight I had with my only ghost gar , 59 lbs and didnt even make the leaderboard!, same thing, fought two hours at the lilly pad channel, the had to click it up real high when he got close and almost broke that one too! So I didnt think about a gar hitting out there like that, still should have at least got him closer though, I think I broke my controller. I was gonna try and just get one of each like you violent. Seems like all the news on the vampire is bad so who knows. Appreciate it guys, i just truned it off and sulked, but being a Fisherman for real, im goin back! “We need a bigger boat” (jaws)
  9. Dude it was unbelieveable, now that was in game time, i hooked it at dark and fought it for 3 ihours. In and out, in and out, it would never get to 30ft then scream back out.i had the drag almost on full and would click it full when in a lull, but slowly lost all down to the red and when i got it at 20 ft I took a chance and clicked it up to try and land it, bang. I cant tell you how mad. I have spent SO much money and time on this game, FISH WILL TIRE! Do they even fish bro? Not to mention I just ate a reel. But your right, never again. Im gonna get out the big guns, and like always; take a bath on xp.
  10. You should not have to fight a gar for over three hours only to have him break your REEL which is suuposed to be for LARGE CATFISH.YOUR SE CATFISH ROD AND REEL THAT WOULD NEVER GET HIM CLOSER THAN 30ft. Break,i just threw my controller across the room and cussed all of you. APPARENTLY THESE FISH EVER TIRE OUT AFTER THREE HOURS. REALISTIC FISH SIMULATOR huh.?WOULD POST APICK BUT YOUR SYSTEM WONT LET ME. THANK YOU AGAIN.wasted trip, reel and 3 hrs.
  11. I just caught a 59.862 albino and set the hook at 4 am and its 7:25 right now in game. I thought so many times i was gonna lose him. The bones tackle set up I bought just is not enought to make this guy come in, i had to up the drag with the line in the red for a few when he got real close, i just knew i was gonna get the line too lose thing or he would pop it. Man i was so nervous. I wish i could post the video it was excruciating, at the lillty pad channel at the place between the past the boat thicket and the lilly grass to the right with pig eye, 6 hook
  12. Nice, could have shared the locations since im dxown here, lol!
  13. I just saw two gar in fla at 9:41 swiming around my bobber, was using the rotten minnows and then switched to the pigs eye at the pads to the right of the dock infinity tunnels, not biting but showing themselves?
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