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  1. I see it now. Thanks. Nice implementation. I have no problem with DLC business models, btw. I do like trying out the fishing first before buying the kayaks, though. Thanks!
  2. Looks like you have to spend real dollars to get a kayak. Also looks like some of the locations have changed...you can no longer spawn onto the Fairy Tale floating dock...but you can buy a kayak and get there. For real dollars.
  3. Do the Kayaks come out today? I think this is the date identified in the video above.
  4. When I say casting meter I mean the vertical bar showing when you are in the process of a normal cast and not necessarily the aimed cast. The bar indicates green and at the furthest distance it is yellow. My question is what is being modelled here? I know that in real life the longer the cast the weaker the hook set at that distance. Is that why it is yellow? I have also noticed I get better action from my lures when I cast in the green. So, what is the meaning of the meter? Thanks!
  5. Day 2 produced 13 trophy fish, brown, Oregon, and Rainbow...and this unique...
  6. Marshall_Maz, it turns out I had every thing in my kit that you prescribed for Oregon. That place is like a trout vending machine! And it was all fun and games until I hooked my first brownie!
  7. Thanks, Ez...viewing them now! I have a license there until 11/20. Edit: excellent, very straightforward...I am on my way to the plane
  8. Night fishing at Fairy Tale...was hoping to trick another sturgeon but these boys turned up...
  9. Is there such a thing as a muskie hot spot on St. Croix?
  10. Hey, you're kinda good at this! Nice job. I will set my values to metric for the conversion and go shopping.
  11. Marshall, I need help equipping my tackle box for Oregon. I have room for six rods. Any suggestions?
  12. Had another good trip here. Caught my first sturgeon, first tiger muskie (I hate muskies!!!) and my second unique blue. So much more to learn about this location!
  13. The Columbia River in Oregon comes to mind but I think you have those species covered elsewhere.
  14. Just finished a two day trip and spent two night sessions on the Salty peg. Had good luck on the right side with the glowing crankbait...plentiful bass, snook, and red drum. Look for the dead trees sticking up from the water. Cast all the way out and bring it back in that zone.
  15. Will do! I am banking blues at the moment but I will put that on my list! Good to see you!
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