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  1. A licence does not grant permission to fish waterways that are higher than the players level, permission to fish those waterways is given when the player enters that particular tournament.
  2. Read the rules on your licence, some fish have to be kept, if you did not purchase the advanced licence.
  3. "Rotten Minnows" and other special Halloween baits, are only available when the event is active, (once a year).
  4. Like you said, Creuse waterway in France is "Exclusive to Fishing Planet The Fisherman" and not available in the free to play Fishing Planet.
  5. The leaderboard is updated once a week, those that have been on 7 days are removed.
  6. Size 1 hook, 10lb fluro, float /bobber, bait: shrimp, cast distance: 90 - 100 feet, depth: maximum. The area between 'Last Songs of Summer' and 'Pike Challenge'. Sorry, can not be specific with time of day and weather, but try 11am. to 7pm. cloudy.
  7. Always thought that FP was a free to play game, where and when was it last on sale?
  8. May be best emailing: support@fishingplanet.com
  9. Have you tried? I have been catching ingame Walleye and Perch on leeches at NY for years.
  10. Press 'Ctrl + (the number of position) you want to place the rod on your stand, on a two rod stand it would be either 'Ctrl + 1' or 'Ctrl + 2'
  11. Olds_CodEyes


    To move tackle to your inventory/backpack from home storage you need to be at home, not at any of the waterways/lakes/rivers.
  12. Here's one I caught, February 13, 2017.
  13. While compeating did you see a rankings box in the top left of your screen? If not, you was not checked into the competition. (I play on PC)
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