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  1. Uni LMB tried for hours and hours both areas but to no avail.
  2. just a quick note on the retrieves the reason it feels like the lure is heavy af and not moving off the bottom is it shows depth alot better now, i can assure you that even if the lure is not coming off the bottom it is. So far all my old retrieves work fine can get 3 on all except new topwaters as im still learning them
  3. Hey gonna throw a few vids at ya that helped me. KpShamino Florida leveling guide KpShamino LMB uni guide KpShamino Peacock uni guide KpShamino Oregon guide In my opinion Florida much better for money but if you want to fish Trout go for Oregon you still make money there just not the same as florida
  4. yeah mate honestly dont worry about it, back when they first started FP they didnt want people to openly talk about where the fish were but now its fine and if you do find a bug/glitch that results in you making more money/BC than you should be just give the team an email and let them know
  5. The longer the rod the further it can cast i believe
  6. First of all fish for Walleye on Rainy (pref) or cloudy will work just not aswell, i would recommend a setup for float and spin but cant get on ps4 atm and i aint gonna try and remember but a Purple narrow spoon is a must when spinning and float you can use small minnnows. Someone should let you know what rod and reel to use before i get on but if not il let you know, in terms of where to fish on the dock stand in the middle and fish left of the big tree or over on the right by the weeds works aswell. Hope this help like i said someone should give you better tips than this.
  7. The reason i assume they are more expensive is they have to go through a checking stage with sony not sure what its called so FP team have to get more out of it
  8. honestly at level 6 you shouldnt worry about getting Uni's just have fun and earn cash and money the fish will come
  9. where are you fishing or looking to fish? can only really advise you till i know what you're looking to catch
  10. I should have a Florida Gar on the leaderboards started off 25th then after a day dropped to 16th not sure how but yh, so got no idea how the algorithm works
  11. hm i use a USB stick and transfer them across, not sure what happens to the image when you grab it off FB so if you have a usb just use that works fine for me (i have seen your images and was about to message you and ask if you knew )
  12. I use the Uber Sheet just look at max weight and you have a rough idea of whether you are up there (its not exact i know but its the best we have atm)
  13. Heres an updated version of the Ubersheet has some additions and changes from the one you are using
  14. Purple Narrow spoon from trout lair to waterfall/grey rock slow stop and go anything from Rainbow, Redband and cutthroat mostly rainbow tho, if you want brown trout go to the left side of trout lair and fish along the cliff same spoon and same retrieve. Uni Rainbows are on trout lair from 12-5 Partly cloudy have to throw 170+ ft out works wonders
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