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  1. Stovy50

    Florida need some info please!

    Damn 220 lb jesus. Thanks guys. I feel off playing for a while ha. Went back to madden for a bit. I'm still at level 17. I really need better combo but so spendy stuff is.
  2. Stovy50

    How about posting the description for each individual "peg"?

    Would be nice
  3. Stovy50

    Florida need some info please!

    Not a bad deal for 5 bucks.
  4. Stovy50

    Florida need some info please!

    Alright thank you fellas. I may just stick around Oregon and Colorado for know.. . I only got a 26 lb keeper not or what ever.
  5. Stovy50


    Interesting I will have to try that! Where is peg 2?
  6. Stovy50

    Florida need some info please!

    Hey everyone I've finally saved up enough coins to go to Florida or AK. However, I am not leveled up high enough really. So I was wondering is it worth opening up Florida or Alaska for one whole or two for the equipment I got orcsave up and buy bigger stuff? My equipment is really not much. My poles are a jester 6'6' cast and a 4th or so casting real. With lures that ranging from narrow spoon, mini bass jigs, spinners . So not much. Then I have just a normal pole that is a Omini or what ever. Cant remember the real. The is a mono not rated much. . And bait I just havec warms and a few flies and crickets. So would I have enough equipment to make my trip worth while if I pay the one dollar or what ever it cost. Which I don't mind or should I go to Alaska or stay close to home like in Oregon or Colorado and just fish those hard until I bigger keeper net and better poles etc. Also I'm only a level 17.
  7. Stovy50

    Major Spring Update. Patch note 1.0.8

    Sadly no voice chat. Come on!!
  8. Stovy50

    1 Day Trip Fishing Challenge

  9. Stovy50


    I finally got there last week. I just hrough worms, flies and mayflies for trout and used a bobber. Gotta go back. With bigger line and pole.
  10. If I had the money I would get the VR for fishing. Would be fun.
  11. Stovy50

    When to upgrade rods?

    When should I upgrade rods? Been using the same rod for sometime now. Just a matching Olympian rod or what ever. Thinking of a casting rod for spinners and such.
  12. Stovy50

    Voice chat where are you?

    Would be a whole lot easier.. the chat box just too small ... please add in game voice chat!!
  13. Stovy50

    Fishing Planet App

    Yes! Let us track our stats etc n catch during our trips, and other goods
  14. Stovy50

    Fly Fishing thoughts

    Fly fishing would be awesome! Back in 10 and 12. I used fly fish all over Yellowstone. Best times ever fishing.
  15. Stovy50

    Trouble casting, need help?

    Yeah I should of just gotten a new rod right away. Probably spent 200 in repairs trying to figure out the problem .Then like hey maybe I just need a new one. Bam back to casting like normal. So weird. What is the point of repairing rods then if it won't work the same ? Thanks for the reply!