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  1. Try having the bobber in shallow water on the shore .
  2. Saw 2 people historic trout inColorado. . Is it random maybe? My only guess.
  3. It's about 3 am centeral time in the mid west. Been trying to play since 12 am in different lakes and what not. It has kicked me like 4 to 5 times tonight taking me back to the home screen. I've re booted my internet and ps4. We did have a storm here in Green Bay but nothing major. It was running fine all day until now. Any one oneknow whats going on > It's annoying becaues I've wasted travel money to Florida , NY and now Oregon .. Whats the issue ?
  4. Ok so some on face book said they got the 440 lb keepernet worrth tjis dlc? However, I only got 220lb one after I bought which fine still a big upgrade over 66 lb one.
  5. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1449-CUSA06941_00-H4OJP10000000000. All the info. Looks like a solid. For sure picking it up at 12 bucks. .
  6. I just did a 2 day long trip in Ny all nights made 1300 bucks level up 1 and half levels. Got one trophy walleye 5lbs. Really need to get premium could have made twice as much same for xp. Waa using the narrow spoon purple lure the whole time. Mike off stop and go and twitching reel in.
  7. Yeah I think I'm saving up 12 premium. I miss it already after 7 day use. Ducks it's like 100 bucks. And I think ivr found some decent poles and set up to use.
  8. https://imageshack.us/i/plZwO5IIj Did some new York fishing today. Caught this bad boy 23 inch 3.6 lb pike! Was actually catching them a l ot today. But then stopped. Too bad my premium ran out. I should of made like 2500 instead it was 1500 sigh .
  9. Update. I was actually having good luck in NY today. Was catching walleye finally on shiners!! One like every 10 to 15 minutes. Gaining like over 100 xp each time . Ranked up way pass 18 now! Now I can go to Flordia full time!! Thanks everyone for the tips. I will come back NY for shorter fishing trip because of lesser travel money. I was casting way off to the left of the first tree by the bank and found a nice spot.
  10. Well I spent a good 4 hours in muddywaters getting catfish and bulls. Loaded up my 55 keepernet. Gained 1900 xp only 800 cash wow. So much work. I'm only at level 17. Like 86 percent to 18 then I can go to Florida!! My equipment I got a few. Rods are omini 14 ft. Vero something 2 of them. And a jester 6 ft 3 .. Rods vary. Casting 200 or something max 3lb line. One from the bass bundle. And few other s well 4 lb max line. If i use any of bass bundle stuff I get 3 red arrows wtf. Where do I use those ?
  11. Seen a few YouTube well the walleye one. Tried it in NY didn't really get much at all. Waisted two trips trying it. Because he suggested trying 10pm time. . So was wondering if anyone had any new tips for quick farming leveling up. Thanks.
  12. Stovy50

    Best combo

    Oh I'm only level 17 .
  13. Stovy50

    Best combo

    What Is a good set up use of bobbers? That can handle strong line, heavy bait. And not hinder my exp etc. Set up I have now not very good.
  14. Yup I went and got it. So worth it. Trying Florida out today. Man I need a better set up. I'm trying to use the poles but less exp from it wtf? I use a my Bobby pole it broke the line. What's a good set up for bobbing? Like stronger pole and real for heavy line.. with out hindering my exp. Caught my first red drum. But couldn't keep it wtf again..
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