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  1. What?!, I need "baitcoins" for repairing DLC items; that is a joke, right ??? - instead of fixing some bugs ( leader state info, "flying" fish while jumping etc... ) ,they try to loot our purse! Thank you for the info! By the way; how many baitcoins you use in common for repairing rods or the boat???
  2. Dear dev team/ fishermen, why the annoying gameplay for bringing in a trout ( to reel a trout ,while the fish jumps out of water ..) is not fixed in "Fisherman"; in Fishing Planet it is fixed !!! e.g. Rocky Lake: - you reel/play a cutthroat trout/ rainbow , ... the fish jumps out of water and fly into your direction like hanging at an elastic band ! --> very often this stupid gameplay ends with loosing the fish!!! I have had a cutthroat, jumping out of the water, flying 2m into my direction and performing a 360 around the tip of my featherlight 215 ?!? Funny ?!; NO! just shows incompetence of game designer team ! You punish any real fisherman, who is looking for the fight (playing the fish). - this gameplay is most annoying with light equipment (e.g. FeatherLight 215 or a light feederrod)... Would you like to see us using "shark equipment" to bring a trout in ?! You could fix it in Fishing Planet; why not in Fisherman ? Greed for money or laziness... Good Fishing ! by the way: Fisherman is not F2P; we did pay money to you...
  3. Dear fishermen, if I buy the addon "predator boat pack", will the items appear (ready to use!) in my inventory or just in the shop ( and I have to buy them AGAIN for baitcoins ?!? ) ...? Good Fishing! N ey tiree xbox one x platform
  4. Hallo Angelfreunde, ich bin noch relativ neu bei "Fishing Planet" und habe das Problem die Alarmglocken nicht an meine Matchruten anklemmen zu können. Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass bei Fishing Planet die Alarmglocken nur für bestimmte Rutentypen gedacht sind; aber für welche denn ? - habe nun wirklich keine Lust mein hart "erfischtes" Geld sinnlos bei Tests zu verschwenden! Vielleicht kennt sich einer von euch besser aus... Petri Heil!
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