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  1. x-AsHeR

    idea's for new waterways thread

    But will there be Atlantic fishing, like a huge fishing boat type fishing?
  2. x-AsHeR

    Alligator gar in Missouri?

    I’ve heard through the grape vine that there used to be an alligator gar in Missouri, is it still there and if so where.
  3. x-AsHeR

    Catch, Keep, Sell, Release

    I think this might to in-depth but would be interesting to have a customizable cabin to have the biggest fishes mounted
  4. x-AsHeR

    How do I fish with telescopic rods

    I’ve finally got it down pat with my new match rod, catching 2lb bass and catfish in Missouri
  5. I catch bowkin and bass with my spinning rod but with my telescopic I’m not getting any bites
  6. I’m having this problem aswell