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  1. Now that's a good day of Fishing!
  2. i'm on ps4 as well. i play usual late at night pacific time. tag: gaminking22
  3. Awesome weekend of virtual fishing guys, thank you for the double XP!
  4. My best bud had a girlfriend who lived on a private small farm pond with some monster bass. We would slay them on just about anything. One time my buddy's older brother was with us and me and him went out on a little row boat while my bud stayed back with his girl. We were pulling them in pretty good that day on some t rigged worms and my boat mate said he'd hooked into one. Not thinking anything of it I casted out and hooked into a little dink. Bill tells me the fish is decent sized and was about to surface right next to me and he asked me to lip it for him I was fully focused on keeping my fish from snagging in a brush pile when he said he needed the lip. I glance over and grab the lip not knowing the size of this thing. I tried to lift at a funny angle and couldn't move it so I look over at what turned out to be a monster My fist fit in this fish's mouth easily and i'm a big guy with big hands. It literally startled me and I lost grip when she shook. The hook ripped out and went directly into my hand deep. The fish swam away and I felt like the biggest Arse We still talk about it to this day, and i'll always feel like a horses behind for losing such a prized fish. I still wonder how big that thing was. For a small Indiana Farm pond, this thing was a behemoth.
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