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  1. I know there aren't many people who still play The Fisherman, and fewer people who use this forum to discuss/share information about this game. However, I still enjoy playing The Fisherman and would kind of like to revitalize this forum for those who still need help, or want to share experiences.

    To preface this topic, I play on the XBOX One Series X only. I understand experiences may be different if played on other platforms, especially Steam.

    Recently, I have reset my profile, in order to play the game from the beginning. I most enjoy playing this game when there is a goal, and progression. I like playing the missions and completing the challenges.

    As others have commented, any of the DLC (Blue Crab Island, Predator Boat Pack, and Trophy Catch Pack) that was purchased, is lost after you reset your profile.

    On the XBOX, I have yet to find a way to restore that lost DLC after a profile reset. If I want it, I will have to purchase it again.

    Does anyone else have knowledge or experience with this issue?

  2. I also reset my profile, in order to start over. The only thing I purchased was the Blue Crab Island DLC. After the reset, Blue Crab Island is locked, and none of the DLC items are available (boat, fishing rod/reel, lures, etc.).

    Seems like a shitty deal. You can reset your profile, but you lose everything you purchased.


  3. I agree with Carpman99. Fortunately, I still have my Golem lure, but I have lost a few X-Series lures to Gar and Muskie. I now use titanium leader anytime I fish for these guys.

    It doesn't happen all of the time, but often enough. Better safe than sorry.

  4. I thought I would follow up, if anybody cares. This is my final update.

    I created a spreadsheet that list every waterway in The Fisherman, including Blue Crab Island and Creuse River. For each waterway, I used the in game map to list all of the different species, and different sizes (young, common, trophy, unique) of each fish.

    Additionally, I added all of the monster fish, and the event fish from Halloween and Christmas. I soon realized that the monster fish and event fish do NOT count toward this challenge.

    I went to each waterway, caught each species and size, and marked them off on my sheet. I know that catching each species at each waterway was overkill, but didn't want to leave any stone unturned.

    When all was said and done, I ended up with 351/375 fish. Again, I want to emphasize that I caught every size of every species at every waterway. 

    Conclusion? This challenge cannot be complete in the current state of the game.

    About a week ago, i fire up Fishing Planet and was not surprised to see that this challenge was removed from the game.

  5. I play The Fisherman also. My experience is similar,

    1. Rocky Lake - I have caught Trophy Rainbow Trout and a Rainbow Trout (Lakeform)

    2. Falcon Lake - No sign of either the Trophy Rainbow or the Lakeform Rainbow.

    There is a video posted by Jim Cooper on 11/9/2019 titled: "The Fisherman Fishing Planet Trophy and Unique Rainbow Trout Falcon Lake Colorado".

    This is Falcon Lake, Oregon and he is playing The Fisherman. He spawned at Trout Lair. At 4:58 of the video, he lands a 1.544 kg Trophy Rainbow Trout.

    At 11:28 in the video, he shows his keepnet where he has 6 Trophy Rainbow Trout

  6. Thanks Carpman.

    I'll look up the forum you mentioned.

    Regarding the Uni Sauger, I'll keep trying. I have used the 2/0 and 3/0 halo spoon in both red and green, along with green, black, purple (with 1/0 hooks), medium spoons, jigs, and a couple of casting spoons. I have also caught trophies using leeches and minnows on bottom rods and float. I have caught common and trophies on all of those lures and baits. 

    Perhaps one day.

  7. So I decided to look into this again. What's the worse that could happen? I get to catch a bunch of fish?

    Anyway, I decided to go back and catch every fish species and size (young, common, trophy, unique) from each waterway. I created a spreadsheet that lists all fish species and sizes (young, common, trophy, unique) for each waterway. I used the in-game Fish Species section of the waterway to identify each specie and size. 

    I fish each waterway, in the order they are unlocked. My intent is to catch each species and size, then move to the next waterway. I have started with Lonestar and progressed to Tiber. It seems that some fish/sizes may not be available at all waterways, as listed. For example:

    1. Emerald Lake - Unique Sauger: I have spent more than 15 real hours fishing for the unique sauger. During this time, I have caught more than 20 trophies, and 100 common sauger. Not a single Unique.

    2. Falcon Lake - Trophy Rainbow Trout: over 15 hours of real time fishing for this fish. I have caught every young, common and trophy fish in this lake, with the exception of the trophy rainbow. During this time, I have caught over 10 unique rainbows, but not a single trophy rainbow.

    As a matter of fact, In the last 2 weeks, I haven't even seen a unique sauger posted for Emerald lake, or a Trophy Rainbow Trout posted at Falcon.

    This might just be an issue with The Fisherman, and not with Fishing planet. Or, this might be good ol' fashion RNG, but I doubt it.

  8. I was playing last night and noticed a change around 9:00 PM CDT. I was at Emerald Lake fishing for Ghost Pike, and noticed that the 2 pumpkins were lit up. That may not seem strange, but I had already claimed the prizes just 1 hour earlier.

    When I checked the pumpkin on the island, I was astounded to see a tombstone there. Until tonight, only Fishing Planet had tombstones. I travelled to a few other waterways and they too had tombstones, located in the same places as Fishing Planet.

    Before you get too excited, it appears that these pumpkins will not be active until October 30th. As I approach the pumpkins, the message reads something like this:

    "Wait until October 30th-November 5th to claim your prize"


  9. kdog - I really appreciate the time, effort, and expense you put into helping me out. Hopefully, others will take the time to read this post and gain as much knowledge as I have.

    My Brutus setup is very similar to your, so this is a great comparison. I spent a couple of hours last night playing. I made the rounds on a few lower level lakes, and got another 5 rotten minnows. No luck on the needed lures though.

    I went to Quanchkin with my Brutus and 10 rotten minnows. I ended up catching 2 vampires, 6 alligator gar, 1 trophy white bass?, and had 1 bitten off.

    85lb gar are certainly a struggle to land, but it can be done. I'm disappointed that I got so many alligator gar on the event bait.

    At this point, I concede to this event. I doubt I will be able to get my hands on enough rotten minnows to complete this mission, or the rest of the lures required to complete the ghost essence mission. That's ok though. I I will have leveled up high enough, and saved enough in-game cash, to compete in the next event.

  10. Thanks kdog. 

    These are the Halloween missions that I have been able to complete so far:

    1. Get the Book
    2. Bunch of Mandrake Roots
    3. Bluegill Skeleton Tail
    4. Green Ogre Scale
    5. Albino Yeti Gills (60lb fish on 30lb gear was painful
    6. Kayaking missions at Emerald and Falcon
    7. Ghost Essence with Blade Spinner, Slimy Crank, and Bony Shad

    I could complete the Ghost Essence mission, but I still haven't found the Silicon Spider, Spider Spoon, or Roach Spoon. Additionally, I only have 5 rotten minnows, so I can't complete Black Vampire Fin mission.

    As far as the remaining kayaking missions go, I think I will be hard pressed to find all the needed items to complete those missions. But, you never know.

    I do have a Brutus match rod, which I have been using. It's my understanding that the black vampire gar can reach 80-90lbs, which would be a real challenge.

    I played a few more hours yesterday, and decided to gamble, and invest $65,000 in a new keepnet (330/110lbs). I still had a few hours left on my St. Croix license, so I fished there until my license expired. I completed 2 in-game fishing days, and was able to earn back around $25,000, which helps.

    I should be able to get to level 42 tonight. If I can earn another $35,000 I can buy a 47lb bottom rod, and a 41lb reel. That might help with the vampire gar.

  11. I'm looking for some tips/hints on how to complete the Halloween event, without having to pay real money to buy the packs. I know that there are a few packs that can be purchased with bait coins, but bait coins are hard earn with normal game play.

    The cost of licenses, travel, etc is ridiculously high. Traveling to the 12 different water ways to collect items from pumpkins and tombstones, just adds to the cost.

    I started this event at level 41. I had about $82,000 of in game money and 242 bait coins. The heaviest rods and reels I have are 1 32lb float rod, 1 32lb bottom rod, and a 25lb spinning rod. My keepnet is 110lb/33lb. As you can tell by my setup, it's very time consuming to catch the big fish, and I can't keep anything over 33 lbs. No fish, no money, no travel.

    Now, I'm sure some of you are going to say that I haven't spent my money very wisely, and that may be true. I will say that I haven't spent any real money playing this game. I'm sure that's the real problem.

    Thanks for any help.

  12. Thanks for your responses. 

    Carpman - I wasn't aware that those sizes changed when you caught of the fish. Thank you.

    Tonto - I play on Xbox, and the bug exists. I tested this last night on 2 different species at 2 different locations, all of which, I know I have caught.

    Since I can't find a definitive guide on which fish are required, and how to complete this achievement, it must either be bugged, or nearly impossible to complete. 

  13. This is reference to The Fisherman - Fishing Planet. I'm looking for some information on how to complete this challenge/achievement.

    "Bounty Hunter - Caught each of existing form of regular fish in the game"

    According to the in-game challenge tracker, there are a total of 375 fish that need to be caught. My progress shows 321/375. I have created a list of the fish that I 'think' I still need to catch, but I have no way to know how accurate it is. I do know that it doesn't equal 375.

    I have not been able to figure out a way to accurately track this. There doesn't seem to be a place that will show if you have caught young, common, trophy, and unique versions of a species, only the largest fish of each species.

    From the achievement description "regular fish in the game", I don't think this includes monster fish or special event fish. It wouldn't add up if it did. Besides, The Fisherman does not have any of the monster fish from Blue Crab Island, and the European/South American waterways.

    Is there some place I can see each species I caught, and the size of each (young, common, trophy, unique)?

    Thanks for any help.


  14. I've been playing The Fisherman for about 1 month. I have noticed that none of the European waterways (Lesni, Ghent, Tiber, Sander, Akhtuba, etc) do NOT have monster fish missions like they do in Fishing Planet.

    Does anyone know why? Is this expected? A glitch? A bad install?

    I think it is strange that they would not be included when the F2P game has them.

    I would appreciate confirmation/information. Thank you. 

  15. 24" for your bobber is a good depth for the bass and gar. For live bait, shiners, small minnows, and shrimp work well.

    For the panfish, size 6 - 8 hooks. For everything else, 4/0 - 6/0.

    Largemouth Bass - 4 lbs average, up to 10 lbs for unique

    Peacock Bass - 4 lbs average, up to 6 lbs for trophy

    Florida Gar - 5 - 15 lbs

  16. I don't have an answer for your question, but these are my thoughts. I'm new to both Fishing Planet, and the Fisherman. I started playing Fishing Planet at the beginning of August 2021. I also bought The Fisherman when it went on sale.

    I could be wrong, but it appears to me that Fishing Planet is a long running Beta, and the result has been The Fisherman. With that said, I suspect that The Fisherman will continue to lag Fishing Planet, but new updates will be released in time.

    As far as free DLC. I doubt that. I think there will DLC, but at a cost. Like Blue Crab Island.

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