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  1. Not garbage, very good fishing game i have been with it since 2018
  2. Hi i am level 74 , I would like to know if there is a pass to buy for a week for the Congo river. Not interested in the paying £60 to get the 2000 coins to open the Congo river, I did buy the Congo pack and had the 30 days pass, Can only see having to buy that again, which is pointless as i only want the pass, not seen it come up as yet or am i missing something, I see the option to buy pases 1 day 7 days etc but it does not say for what lake, Or maybe ill just have to keeep fishing for 3 real months to get the level, Thanks for your replies Peter
  3. green777

    Why ?

    Thanks for your reply, yes it is annoying when it has you down as not caught various fish, pointless having that put into the game Could solve the problem easily, just stop having the cap on the levels have it as infinite, does not affect dlc money etc Never understand having a level cap, Why put he level cap up only when a new spot is added, or is this just down to money ?? . They can get more from dlc as they go by the i want it now excuse you level up then find you need another level to buy the items but you can buy the items quicker by paying the bit coins, so if you do not have enough you buy more with real money so you can buy the item.
  4. green777

    Why ?

    Hi can anyone explain why they put the different fish species on the left it says i have only got 24 at St Croix eg cat fish you get 3 options common trophy and unique, miney shows up as only trophy ticked and does not say about the unique same for tiger trout does not list the fact i have caught them among other fish, on my main list of fish caught i do have unique tigers and catj fish in fact been playing since 2018 and caught every single fish at St Croix , common and trophies and unique fish all are listed in my main fish caught, So why have they messed around with adding a what fish you have caught under species when it does not reflect the fish you have caught ?? Some even listed that i have never caught them .Silly addition if you ask me >Still not had a proper reason why i did not have my level put up by 4 just because the level cap at the time was lower, i should have had my levels put up instead i just get told the 4 are classed as prestige ????
  5. Think this fish needs to be changed, you go and get the Congo rod pack, waste a lot of time getting the heron eggs only to find once you get the duck lure, the rod and reel is not good enough im told the benga fish is not that big but although the rod and reel is capable of getting uni perch over 300lb if that fish runs away no matter what setting every time it runs all your line off, not once did i get the fish to turn no matter what i did just watched the line get taken off 792 just pulled it off, This fish needs to be changed a bit, lost 2 duck lures same thing happened, So now just untracked that fish and put the 2 remaining lures in home, Maybe later once i can buy a decent rod and reel then maybe ill try again ,just seems odd to me that bigger fish you can turn them, takes a bit of time to get them in but this one if it is heading away you may as well stop reeling . I do know of 1 that was lucky to get it in but that was only because it run towards him. very dissapointed with this so called monster
  6. Thank you for your reply, seems odd as you sit in it but can only keep a check on the right , so you end up running into things,, I decided to use the free pass and found it better to use my green Scott boat, one other point that new 2 holder boat Who decided ob such a horrible colour ? lol Come on devs bring out a small dlc so you can change the boat colour and text on main screen thanks again peter
  7. Hi, The boat you get when buying the Congo dlc, Can someone let me know if you can alter the view on the boat when using the engine ? you are in a sit down position and cannot see the full view only half the screen so you can end up running into things ,the only option i found that works for me when on the Congo river is to use my old boat perfect view all round, Only bought the dlc to get the 2 holders on the boat, so wasted my money .
  8. Yes have that problem all the time, mainly really only want the boat, this equipment is good, not really bothered about the pass, will go to the lake atleast once to test it out. thanks again for your help
  9. Ok thank you ill buy the Congo pack this week, not waiting as it may be years away. pack looks good and i want the 2 rod holder boat. Thanks again
  10. Hi I understand to get the 2 rod holder on a boat you have to get the Congo dlc, the brown boat, i am level 64 so will the boat be there to buy at some stage or can you only get the 2 rod holder boat if you buy the congo dlc ??? not rally interested in the other stuff only the boat, thanks for your reply Peter
  11. Hi it would be nice if the devs brought back the free items on backlash, as i have noticed a lot are losing there golem lure after doing the mission, why not make it so when you snag and get backlash there is a chance of picking up a lost golem lure, would be good for all special lures as these you cannot buy them.
  12. Just a thought really is there any planes in the future 2 put your trip counts for Uni And trophies on your main screen, i know they get added through the menu but it would be nice to have u and T on the screen with the amonuts that trip you may have caught
  13. Hi does anyone know, i use leaders when i fish for Pike and muskie, but im told they do nothing and are a waste of time. and you never get the line bitten off, is this true or has the player just been totally lucky, Mainly told this when players get uni's. i thought this gme was supposed to be realistic, as eg pike have 700 teeth so you would expect some lines to get bitten off. Thank you for your input
  14. Hi, any chance of putting a fail safe in. i was at st croix and licence run out and by mistake i pressed on basic it cost me 4000 even though i never get basic for 1 trip so i could night fish and use boat i had to pay another 8000 so it cost me 12000 in total surely you could put a fail safe to stop that happening on any lake eg you press on basic and it should say are you sure before giving you the basic one, just a thought !!!!
  15. What i was basically asking , not about sun glass glare just with any good clear day your info text lure etc is on the right of the screen and its in white text, so white text on white or any light you have to point the camera into say the tree area, when really if its white or light colour would it not be better to have the txt so it can be changed to darker, i know this is a free game but wasting 200+ bit coins of useless glare glasses is a waste, surely if they want you to spend more would it not be better do sell a dlc for a change to alter the txt colour and have paint option to change the colour of your boat and even put your player name on the front of the boat. would make a change.
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