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  1. Hi, is there any thought on allowing bigger fishing rod bags more than the 7, or even to ability to have a couple of spoare rods in your 7 rod back so you can change the rod without fgopong back to home ?
  2. green777


    Hi any chance of the licences being changed or updated ? The reason why i ask this taking maku maku as an example for me its 10.000 for the advenced licence, so if i play it for say only 5m and find i have other things to do and come back the next day carry on and it says expired, only played 5 minutes so its another 10.000 for so i would have spent 20.000 ? Surely it can be changed say atleast not have to pay 10.000 but say half that its very unfair on high priced lakes. the only benefit is if you play constantly without a break get your full net and advance time to next day you only pay a small fee for staying there,which is fine but not everyone can sit 24/7 playing. just a thought thats all, makes you not want to go to any of the high priced lakes, if you have grinded to make your money it really is unfair
  3. green777

    licences ??

    Why is it the the way the licence works changed? eg Before you could when it gets near to having to renew it you could . Now you cannot so if your licence is due to end you have to wait until it tells you its expired or it can and has caused problems if your not checking it you may go out to make a coffee, you get the message for only a few seconds and it says about to expire, if you miss this come back from making a coffee none the wiser and carry on fishing then cat a fish at night you end up with a £3000 fine for fishing without a licence this i think is very unfair.,if it due to expire you should be able to just renew it as it used to be before .
  4. hi, is there any information of fish weight, the maximum weight for any unique fish, or any info on a 1 off special unique eg very rare high weight ?
  5. Is there any chance of the amount of rubbish you catch being toned down, lots of bags and boots etc comming out , but surely if so many are getting bags etc and it does not go back surely it would remove the amounts over all ? Also when you hook into live stuff like craws etc, why can we not use them as live bait ? and one final point if you get snagged up why is it you lose your bail .you cast a float into a reed area if it snags up you lose the bait nealy all of the time, a bit unrealistic losing bait 99% of the time ?
  6. silly question does that cayman crocodile trhat pops up all over the place affect the fish in that area where its swimming about ? thanks for your reply.
  7. Hi i am on about when you are on a boat, once you cast out you cannot check other menu until you bring thyr linr in
  8. Hi is there any chance that you will be able in the future beable to view different parts of you game , for example if you cost your line out you cannot look at your fish list or any other menus until you bring your line in then you can , just seems odd you cannot check youe menu with the rod out
  9. is there any thoughts of making boats 2 person or be able to use rod rests, Or even some new boats or even the option to pain them to your own colours ?
  10. H, is the water movement you get when you have fish in the area just been put in for affects or are they to show activity of fish at any given time. seen this for cat fish and white bass seen a lot of movement in the muskie area as well, stupid question i know
  11. Why is it you cannot sell your unwanted lures ? you can only throw them away, and yet you can sell your used line.
  12. Yes no reason why font colour can be changed, ive heard from a few others that bought thr glasses only to find somewhat waste of time.
  13. IUs this one you need special lures or baits? Or can you access it through thr monster fish missions ?
  14. Hi been playing quite a while but find it such a pain for example you go to st croix fish near the lighthouse its fine until the sun comes up directley over where you are fishing so all the details are on the right lure etc and when the sun is up you can hardly see the details have to keep putting the rod low just to read the data all is in white sky is white so you cannot see the details properly, why not have the option say when its so bright you can set the colour to black or any other dark colour seems odd when your trying to keep a check on your lure and the other details, same applies to other lakes, anyone knows if this will be sorted out at some stage ? Thanks for your rely
  15. Hi to you both thank you for your reply, nice to know the bell cannot be heard by the fish, as its a sfish sim i thought maybe it was down to that but thank you both replies most appreciated thank you !!!
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