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  1. Can I have the developer teams permission to show my support and admiration for fishing planet "the best fishing game I've ever played!" To creat a sticker vinyl with the name and game logo to put on my cars in the racing game Forza horizon 5. I clerify the use of name and logo will only be for entertainment perposes as well as showing my love for the game not for profit of any type
  2. have yet to find that yet and I've got some pretty far casting rods
  3. just curious and since i cant seem to find anything about this question im going to ask everyone here. are there fish out in the open water past the boundary buoys? has anyone caught anything out there?
  4. Wow some of you've never actually had to fish through these before I have you as an actual real thing and that is really a situation you have really big fish are there and second I agree with everybody else if you think you're cheating move but leave it alone because in reality we need that to have an edge on the people who have special unfair privileges in this game and also it's really good way to build up money to repair the expensive Lee retarded Lee expensive gears that they sell here cuz wow name one place on this entire planet that sells a crankbait for $5,000 and I mean legitimate spots not those stupid places that cater to the rich and and Rob the rich because they're rich enough to pay anyways back on topic get over it if you don't like the spot go somewhere else I'm sure there's other spots you won't catch fish at heck just move 3 feet over I bet you'll find an empty spot right there
  5. ok i just performed a 7 gig update the day before yesterday on this game and now its asking me to download another 7 gig update already? what the heck is that about???????
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