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  1. Потому что безбородочная джиг-головка не является приманкой. Вам нужно использовать, например, вертушку.
  2. Видимо, вы в какую-то другую игру играете. Вот скрин от сегодня.
  3. Because these packs are exclusives for Xbox/Win10.
  4. We didn't make any changes in this lure mechanic. Could you please clarify what exactly confuses you?
  5. Could you please clarify is this happening literally every time using a rod stand or there are any additional actions? On every pond or on the specific one? It would be very helpful is you'll be able to take a video of this issue with the sound (by your phone, for example).
  6. Well, this year’s most epic Trout fishing tournament, the Independence Trout Open is officially over! The Grand Finale was quite a battle of its own, in which 20 best Trout anglers fought for the title of ITO Champion on the waters of lovely Falcon Lake - every Trout angler’s paradise! And finally, we can name this year’s three ITO Champions along with our glorious Top-10, who skillfully handled this challenging competition throughout all of its exciting stages! 1 FPU_FFM--89 2 Poohlykhomyak 3 v1707a 4 RNG-Comando-Tuga 5 KYLEROBZ 6 VFF_Chicao 7 C54-Mikl1985 8 nicodiegoantonio 9 Mr_Black_Sam 10 VFF_seed2184 Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Keep practicing, cuz there are many more fun tournaments and competitions to come!
  7. The Semifinal Round of Independence Trout Open was an epic fishing battle between 60 most skilled Trout anglers who faced the challenge of getting one of the Top-20 scores and making it through to the tournament’s Final Round! And so, here’s the list of our twenty most professional and skilled Trout anglers, who should already begin preparing for the Grand Finale held on July 7th! 1 KYLEROBZ 2 Poohlykhomyak 3 VFF_seed2184 4 v1707a 5 CP_MuayThay 6 VFF_osni1910 7 CP_PONTE-TJP 8 terentiev81 9 CP_Furious_TINTO 10 CP_Rojao12Vala 11 VFF_Chicao 12 RNG-Comando-Tuga 13 C54-Mikl1985 14 CP_DuduBeder 15 nicodiegoantonio 16 CP_Rui-Manitas 17 Mr_Black_Sam 18 FPU_FFM--89 19 FPU_bigboss1504 20 kurtangler
  8. Unable to reproduce this entering and rod appearing issues, looks like a local trouble. Snag issue is a known one, fix in progress.
  9. Hello angling boys ‘n gals! Herebelow are the much awaited results of the 3rd and final Qualifying Round of Independence Trout Open, which was our daring competitor’s last chance to make it to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below is the list of 20 Trout anglers who did their very best and succeeded in getting one of the best scores and will now compete in the Semifinal on July 6th! ! 1 t4o6l5i8s 2 carlo729 3 ToddynhoO1 4 kurtangler 5 CeddyCed40 6 HughBetcha88 7 def83style 8 x420_HIGH_420x 9 BLKHAWKS69 10 Chubrevich 11 Schlaemmi 12 sabiscs 13 CP_DuduBeder 14 C54-Mikl1985 15 BIG_BUD_V12 16 CP_Rui-Manitas 17 nicodiegoantonio 18 Bluatwuascht 19 mister-olivier 20 SandroProf Didn’t make it? It’s not the end of the world! What matters is that you enjoyed yourself and had some awesome practice! Besides, there are many other Tournaments coming your way
  10. Time flies, especially if you’re taking part in a fun and exciting fishing tournament like Independence Trout Open! And now the 2nd Qualifying Round of the year’s ultimate Trout fishing competitive event is now over. It was the 2nd attempt for our anglers to show their best performance by getting one of the top twenty scores to make it through to the Semifinal Round! Below you’ll find a list of those who succeeded in the task! These anglers will head straight on to the Semifinal - held on the beautiful Falcon Lake in the state of Oregon on July 6th! 1 v1707a 2 RNG-Darkarcher 3 Mr_Black_Sam 4 Spartacus_Troyes 5 codeman_7825 6 Fernando_kino___ 7 xaninhost 8 LES-OUFS-DD 9 VFF_osni1910 10 valemuay 11 JLMTDM 12 RNG-Comando-Tuga 13 KYLEROBZ 14 monti575 15 CP_Rojao12Vala 16 kdog013 17 ronaldo_rose 18 terentiev81 19 Mael_Pierre 20 MarcioCosta-Mw3 If you didn’t hit the list - make sure to use your last chance and try your luck in the 3rd and final Qualifier on July 4th!
  11. Will check. He wasn't removed on purpose but might be accidentally. Tournament in development, but not in priority for now.
  12. There shouldn't be any competitions active on tournament's ponds. We'll check. If it happen with q3 as well, leave a message here.
  13. Wow, that was unforgettable! Epic way to spend 4th of July! And now, with the 1st Qualifying Round of Independence Trout Open behind us, we are thrilled to announce our first lucky Top-20 Trout anglers who’ll be heading straight on to the tournament’s Semifinal Round held on July 6th in Oregon! 1 CP_Furious_TINTO 2 VFF_first_atack 3 VFF_RTComando 4 RNG-KLLazzarotto 5 CP_Maxtime 6 ziosampei_it 7 FPU_bigboss1504 8 CP_PONTE-TJP 9 CP_MuayThay 10 dragoes1234 11 daniforos 12 VFF_seed2184 13 RNG-KibaltchichK 14 VFF_Chicao 15 The_Razonar 16 cap92110 17 VFF_toninho0 18 Poohlykhomyak 19 FPU_FFM--89 20 danfactore If you don’t find yourself on the list - just give the Qualifiers another go or two Cuz there’s still two more chances left!
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