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  1. Stuck loading screen

    Please try to reboot your router. Make sure that you don't use any VPN connections and your network not is heavily loaded. Also please check Time+Date tab on PS4 settings, it should match the real time.
  2. Ungler Machine

    Send it to support@fishingplanet.com with an approximate time when did you try to do this achievement.
  3. Ungler Machine

    Send us a few screenshots of this issue to support@fishingplanet.com, please.
  4. Ungler Machine

    Every cast have to be "successful" - with fish, to be counted in this achievement.
  5. Ungler Machine

    For 3rd stage of this achievement you have to do 30 successful casts in a row. For your account I do not see even 1st stage of achievement was completed.
  6. PS4 chat spam

    It was fixed, if you encountered it again please send us a screenshot and approximate time when it happened.
  7. Mistake in spanish translation

    Thank you, we'll check this.
  8. Fish records

    Send us this screenshot and screenshot of the Fish records tab to support@fishingplanet.com please.
  9. Why I quit/My feedback as a new player

    This topic is open for other player's opinion but there is wouldn't be another answer from support team. As I mentioned before, game rules the same for all players.
  10. Why I quit/My feedback as a new player

    Nobody forced you to pay a real money. You are providing a false information.
  11. Why I quit/My feedback as a new player

    You have already received an answer in our helpdesk and we can not provide you another one - game rules the same for all players. You saw warning message about license and ignored it and didn't stop after first fine as well. There is no issue our support team can help you with.
  12. Quick Striking

    We'll check this.
  13. Sketchy Players or Bug? (PC)

    Could you please send me a nickname in PM? We have some anti-cheat codes but there always can be a possibility of violations.
  14. Unfair Competition??

    Post locked.
  15. different prizes in same event

    This issue will be fixed in the next update.