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  1. Float rig attaches to my 'body' cant cast

    Could you please provide a video of your actions?
  2. The Weather Indicator Bug May Be Back

    Thank you for this report, we'll take a look. If your club members also encountered this issue, you can advice them to leave a comment here with some screenshots as well.
  3. Something Fishy in C'MON CARP! Comp. this a.m.

    @Diggar, is it "sawpavel" on your screenshot? Not sure because of screen stripes) If so, yes it's a scoreboard glitch - we checked him already after player's report in helpdesk.
  4. Steam Autumn SALE!

    Hey anglers! Unless you’re living someplace with neverending summer, you guys are probably feeling those autumns chills already... So we decided to warmen up your spirits with something even better than ginger tea or hot cocoa: the super hot AUTUMN SALE BUNDLE! Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to get FOUR awesome event packs all with their unique-themed tackle collectibles - all together at a STAGGERING 60% OFF! See here: Autumn Sale Bundle With the Autumn Sale Bundle you get: the good luck and mischievous vibes of St. Patrick Pack the patriotic themed pride of Happy 4-th of July Pack! the Halloween chills and thrills of Spooky Fishing Pack the Thanksgiving exuberance and splendour of Cornucopia Pack So hurry up and grab this fantastic abundance bundle of versatile tackle, that’s powerful by construction and fun by design at a ridiculously low price - for a limited time only! Fun autumn fishing and Tight Lines!
  5. [STEAM] Topwater and Night Fishing Competitions. Patch Note 1.1.6 + 1.1.7 + 1.1.8

    Soon. Please stay tuned.
  6. Strike done too early bait pulled away.

    It is not "Strike too early" bug which was fixed. Please send it to support@fishingplanet.com from your account's email and attach your output.log as well, we'll check what happens.
  7. Strike done too early bait pulled away.

    Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com, attach screenshots and include an output log file which can be found at Steam → Steamapps → Common → Fishing Planet → FishingPlanet_Data
  8. [BUG] - Linha enroscada

    We know about a some trouble like this in the game, and are working to fix them as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience.
  9. rod bug

    Yes, we know about such problem in the game, and are working to fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience and thank your for understanding.
  10. Strike done too early bait pulled away.

    This problem was fixed in last update, please check you have installed it.
  11. My DLC sport rods are not setting the hook on the fish

    Please clarify which tackles you want to compare, attach screenshots.
  12. I'd like to reset my account

    Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com, please.
  13. Some feedbacks and suggestions

    Thank you for this huge suggestion list. On most of these points, we already have plans to implement some features. Please stay tuned!
  14. DLC - Fishing Planet: Cornucopia Pack (Ru)

    Напишите пожалуйста на support@fishingplanet.com, уточните ваш никнейм и приложите скриншоты, как выглядят предметы в вашем инвентаре.
  15. Not a F2P player

    In the nearest future, stay tuned!