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  1. This is a known issue, will be solved in the next one update. Thank you for the report and sorry for inconvenience.
  2. Please send a message to support@fishingplanet.com, attach an output_log file which can be found at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Fishing Planet LLC\Fishing Planet\output_log.txt
  3. Yes they are, but the game has different versions on Mac and Linux by now. Will be fixed when we'll update the game for all available OS.
  4. You have to send us a message to support@fishingplanet.com from registration email and we'll be able to check your game data. There is no other way to receive any information from support in cases like this.
  5. We have already replied in HelpDesk. You have successfully received compensation in credits.
  6. This is not an in-game ticket or your personal email. You said you send us a message to HelpDesk and didn't get a reply. We work in HelpDesk (support@fishingplanet.com) and just sometimes checking threads here.
  7. Which one ticket? Send a number.
  8. Thank you, we'll try to reproduce.
  9. The last message from this email we received back in 2017. We have checked the game data, there is no in-game ticked created on this account during the last week.
  10. Yep, sorry, will be fixed in the next update for sure.
  11. Because we are unable to make something against Steam rules or sell it without Steam involvement.
  12. Could anyone please send a video? It would be very helpful.
  13. So is this button work for the first time but for the second you should restart the game, or it doesn't work at all?
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