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  1. Please send us a screenshot of your Video settings tab. Did you change anything in 3D appearance settings after getting this screenshot?
  2. You should change an email on your wife's account first. Send us a message to support.
  3. It is not possible.
  4. "my fish" is a part of global leaderboard as well. The only place you can see all your records all the time is a Fish records tab in your Profile.
  5. Please note that reset is not a service we are promising and providing on a regular basis, it is an one-time service might be granted individually in cases of confirmed in-game issues blocking gameplay. If you sold your DLC's items it is not possible to return them back.
  6. Support_Team


    You can check your email by sending something to support team from Settings - Support. Your contact email will be shown up after sending a message to us.
  7. The DuetStand is one that pushes into the ground. It won't work on docks. You need one of the stands that has fold out legs at the bottom , like the lvl 42 RodPod Trio or lvl 45 TripleHold.
  8. Потому что безбородочная джиг-головка не является приманкой. Вам нужно использовать, например, вертушку.
  9. Видимо, вы в какую-то другую игру играете. Вот скрин от сегодня.
  10. Because these packs are exclusives for Xbox/Win10.
  11. We didn't make any changes in this lure mechanic. Could you please clarify what exactly confuses you?
  12. Could you please clarify is this happening literally every time using a rod stand or there are any additional actions? On every pond or on the specific one? It would be very helpful is you'll be able to take a video of this issue with the sound (by your phone, for example).
  13. Well, this year’s most epic Trout fishing tournament, the Independence Trout Open is officially over! The Grand Finale was quite a battle of its own, in which 20 best Trout anglers fought for the title of ITO Champion on the waters of lovely Falcon Lake - every Trout angler’s paradise! And finally, we can name this year’s three ITO Champions along with our glorious Top-10, who skillfully handled this challenging competition throughout all of its exciting stages! 1 FPU_FFM--89 2 Poohlykhomyak 3 v1707a 4 RNG-Comando-Tuga 5 KYLEROBZ 6 VFF_Chicao 7 C54-Mikl1985 8 nicodiegoantonio 9 Mr_Black_Sam 10 VFF_seed2184 Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Keep practicing, cuz there are many more fun tournaments and competitions to come!
  14. The Semifinal Round of Independence Trout Open was an epic fishing battle between 60 most skilled Trout anglers who faced the challenge of getting one of the Top-20 scores and making it through to the tournament’s Final Round! And so, here’s the list of our twenty most professional and skilled Trout anglers, who should already begin preparing for the Grand Finale held on July 7th! 1 KYLEROBZ 2 Poohlykhomyak 3 VFF_seed2184 4 v1707a 5 CP_MuayThay 6 VFF_osni1910 7 CP_PONTE-TJP 8 terentiev81 9 CP_Furious_TINTO 10 CP_Rojao12Vala 11 VFF_Chicao 12 RNG-Comando-Tuga 13 C54-Mikl1985 14 CP_DuduBeder 15 nicodiegoantonio 16 CP_Rui-Manitas 17 Mr_Black_Sam 18 FPU_FFM--89 19 FPU_bigboss1504 20 kurtangler
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