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  1. Support_Team

    Premium subscription competition fee issues

    Please send us this report at support@fishingplanet.com, we'll check.
  2. Support_Team

    Disconnected during tutorial mission

    Please send a request to support@fishingplanet.com, we'll check.
  3. Support_Team

    what cause game crash when my laptop is gaming!

    Please send a report included output_log file at support@fishingplanet.com
  4. Support_Team

    i baught the catfish pack

    Please send us a message at support@fishingplanet.com and we'll try to figure it out.
  5. Support_Team

    Xbox one Launch

    We'll post a release date as soon as we will have it. Please stay tuned.
  6. Support_Team

    На пол-шестого ? Никогда ! :-)

    Спасибо за репорт, попробуем воспроизвести.
  7. Please send us a request at support@fishingplanet.com
  8. Support_Team

    Challenges not showing progress

    This issue will be fixed in the next patch. Sorry for inconvenience.
  9. Support_Team

    Dancing with Pike

    Could you please send us a detailed request at support@fishingplanet.com?
  10. Support_Team

    Resign PC(steam) Qualifier #3

    Unfortunately, it is not possible because Steam's results already reviewed and closed.
  11. Support_Team

    game crash

    Please send it at support@fishingplanet.com
  12. Support_Team

    Enough is Enough FIX THE BLUE SCREEN ERROR

    We are very sorry you have encountered this issue. We added an optimization in the last patch to avoid this troubles but it seems it was not enough. We'll investigate this issue and will try to improve optimization to avoid this irritating case in the future tournament.
  13. Support_Team

    Snags during competition

    Underwater items do not influence the probability to catch fish in any way, you might get them only after the snag.
  14. Support_Team

    PS4 - Underwater Objects Glitch After taking Screenshot

    Please send us a message to support@fishingplanet.com