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  1. 4 years ago a friend and I went fishing for Tench at a local harbour on a canal. When we got there we were welcomed by a large group of campers that set up all around the harbour. They had come from England to travel the length of the royal canal and take in the sites along the way. We set up our swim and by the time we had finished, all the campers were out on their chairs drinking tea and eating breakfast, all of them eager to see us catching something.  They were all quiet as mice, some of them were obvious fishermen and knew that Tench are easily spooked. We continued to fish, catching some small Roach and Rudd but nothing substantial.

    Then something happened that nobody could believe.  The harbor is always populated with wild ducks that we always feed with bread. They are beautiful and a real welcome site to anyone relaxing on the bank. All of a sudden my float vanished and one of the ducks emerged with my hook in its peak! It pulled my rod right out of its stand and continued to fly up. In a panic, we both grabbed the rod and our biggest fear was that the duck would damaged itself. The campers were all on their feet, in shock. One guy actually said( you've caught a bloody duck mate)! I was able to grab the rod and I could do 2 things, Cut the line or retrieve it and remove the hook. I decided on retrieving, as I thought it best to remove the hook rather than leave it in his peak. So here I was, out for a relaxing day fishing with a flying duck on my line and around 50 people watching. We brought the duck in and removed the hook with the duck flapping like crazy. The hook was buried deep in his tongue and I got some really bad damage on my hand trying to remove it, but I did it! All to a massive applause and huge laughter! 

    We stopped fishing after that, but the campers gave us beer all day and we ended up getting really drunk with them! It was one of the most memorable days I have ever had on the bank. Even if at first I was so embarrassed after what had happened. 

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  2. Hi All.

    The game seems to be running extremely well with its initial launch. Bug fixes have rolled out that included full screen not being visible. But one thing that I have tried to report before does not seem to be getting any attention. 

    I need to know, am I the only one that is not getting full controller vibration when a fish is on? I get a little rumble(like a tap when the fish hits) but when I strike I dont feel anything. Every other fishing game I have played (including Final Fantasy 15 mini fishing game) has full rumble support and it is so much more immersive.

    At least tell me if this problem will ever be fixed or something that just cant implicated because it is a pc port.


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  3. In a real situation you have a better success rate when using braid over mono because braid has alot less stretch than mono, therefore you feel the hit straight away when using braid. Are you having trouble hooking up? If you are, I would try out smaller baits, then upgrade to braid if using mono. Just make sure the reel you are using is suited to using the braid you purchase.

  4. I am creating a series of in-game guides that I have uploaded to YouTube. Are these guides not aloud be posted to the forum. They are strictly on this game. I am not advertising an outside site I just want to help people get better at the game. Can I have permission to post these here? 

  5. Hi 

    I want to create a Fishing club. With enough members we can set up tournaments, compare catches, exchange helpful tips and tricks and just have some fun! I run a fishing club in my home town and have set up many tournaments in the past. The club will be strictly for lure anglers. The club name is "Midlands Pike & Predator Club" and depending on the interest I will write up a list of rules to make sure everyone is treated with respect and everybody has an all round fun experience.

    Let me know if you are interested


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  6. I am a qualified sound engineer and I run the game through studio quality speakers. I have posted in the bug section about this problem. The reason you cant hear the splash is because in the menu the volume is higher than the in game volume. While you are fishing turn your volume right up and you should hear everything. But be careful going back into the menu because the music volume will be very loud. There are audio adjustment settings but the sounds should be somewhat balanced and they are not. Its a pity because the sounds (when you hear them) are really immersive!

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  7. This are small problem's I have come across while playing. The sound in the menus are far louder than the in-game sounds. Whenever I switch from menu to in-game, I have to turn up and down the volume to suit the situation. Some attention needs to be put on this. I am all about immersion and this game does everything right except the small things.

    As I mentioned in another post, the controller sensitivity has to be the biggest turn off. This is a fishing game and all I feel is a slight knock whe the fish hits and then nothing. I have tried everything in the menus and have tried different controllers so the problem is most certainly on your end. I understand this game has only just released on PS4 but there are less than 20 bug reports on the forum and you need to make these priority. Again, I understand this is an ongoing process but please, stop releasing new content for the game and actually fix the bugs before proceeding.


    Kind Regards

    Ronan Esox

  8. I am having the same issue on ps4 using official controller. I don't have any sensation at all. I have tried 2 controllers that are as good as new and nothing. It's a pity because a fishing game is the one game you want to feel that vibrate 

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