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  1. I believe it starts the challenge when you catch a fish with candy
  2. It happens to me with a 90-inch leader same gear, same spot as Bax's video. It happens so often you can tell when it's about to happen. Fish nibbles....moves bobber around and if the bobber lays on its side you'll get the fish is gone message. Happens to me in Cali and Michigan. But I'm guessing it could happen any place with moving water while bobber fishing for any fish with an obligatory lengthy nibble phase programmed to it.
  3. Communication is indeed golden. From a consumer standpoint, I would like to see a list here on the forums of known bugs and asked for features that are currently being worked on/ implemented. At the end of the day, however, I realize that this is a F2P product aimed at an extremely niche market. I have no idea of their resources to maintain open communication with the player base. I think all we can do is give them the benefit of the doubt that things are moving along behind the scenes as we continue to play the game for as long as we enjoy it.
  4. The problem is sometimes in certain situations I can see a fish approaching my lure as I am releasing line and there is no time to wait.
  5. I see on the rankings tab for qualifier 1 that there were 665 people registered.
  6. The tournament is currently running on PC, but they had the correct comp. times listed.
  7. Thank you, one of the rare few times RNG has smiled upon me.
  8. I wonder if it was because the competition time is listed as 01/16/2018 1:00 PM - 01/16/2018 9:00 AM?
  9. Due to lack of registrations. Is this true or a bug?
  10. Sometimes after pressing the down button on the D-pad to let line out of the reel and then pressing the up button on the D-pad the game will automatically start reeling line in. I have sent in a support email as well.
  11. Yep, that downtime is a killer. For me it seems to happen anytime after gar 6 or 7.The best I have ever done in that comp is 9 or 10 gar. The winners now usually have 13-14 gar on average. I got some experimenting to do.
  12. As far as comps go all you can do is prepare for them the best you can and hope luck is on your side. IMO they are mostly 25% knowledge and 75% RNG luck. Sorta like real fishing
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