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  1. So my partner and I have been on Quanchkin Lake, trying to catch the Halloween event Gar but we are having the worst luck and just wasted $8,500 for one day, but didn't catch anything except the bluegill skeletons... We're both using the rods, reels and lines as well as the Halloween bait that came in the Gar-o-Ween package on the PlayStation Store, but not even any nibbles. It's driving us both bonkers because we are both keen for this event. Does anyone have any tips and/or tricks that will help us? We've just extended our travel to day 2 in hopes we get something during that time..
  2. Is anybody doing the Halloween event with the Quanchkin Lake map at all and do they have any tips or tricks and pointers? As I have tried lures, jig baits, and then after being able to afford the baits (Dead Mice, Large Minnows, Pigs Eyes, and Rotten Minnows) that are for the Halloween event, I've tried them and in the time frame of 7pm-5am which was said to be when the 'monster' fish were active and there to catch, but still haven't caught a thing. Any advice or help, like spots on the map to fish from or even a technique would be great?.
  3. Is anyone at this lake for the Halloween event?
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