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  1. Hi Jeff,

    I am new to the game, level 7, and need help assembling my rod. I am unable to select a leader line for any of my rods. Any suggestion would be helpful. I am fishing on a ps4.

    1. Tonto


      Selection of a leader for a rod is done the same way as the other components of a setup.   It is best to select the items in order 

      1) Rod

      2) Reel

      3) Line

      4,5) Leader/Bobber (if applicable)

      6,7) Hook, Lure

      😎 Bait if applicable





  2. Good news mostly! * Europe is next. * This is coming with motorboats at some point. * Yes please, even if level restricted. * You can do this. Press show keepnet (triangle button on ps4) and it pops up while you're holding the fish. * Bottom fishing is coming as well, although that kind of defeats the purpose of a boober. . .
  3. All good man I'm kind of the opposite I type things out better than I talk. Prolly faster too lol. Anyways I just figured that patch thread as I read it was them saying "hey, we know there is physics problems now well fix it. " Then clarified further with saying they wont roll it back they'll just fix it. Since the majority of physics issues are crankbait related I figure they pretty much covered it. I can't disagree that it'd be nice to get an update, just wanted to point out they definitely know the problems are there. Blood pressures seemed to be getting a little high I think. As far as I know here's some of what's going on. 1.Physics/Bug fixes, next patch 2.New content development. ( water, gear, boats, etc ) 3.Xbone port. It takes triple A game teams with million dollar budgets 6 months to a year or even two to polish a game up nice these days, let alone porting to a new console (which is often even outsourced now ) and FRESH content. (not cut from game or locked on disc for use as dlc ) This team has 5 programmers in the credits. 5 . Even the godly Spurs in their hayday couldn't win with 5 people. (though Duncan counted as 2 or 3 at times lol ) In my opinion, the community as a whole just gotta relax a little bit. Its easier on everyone. Wait it out for the next patch and see what happens. That's right around the 6 month mark give or take a week or two which will be pretty damn good for getting a patch out if it has even some of what they have mentioned. I couldn't make a board game in 6 months with 5 people, let alone recode the physics within the Unity engine which is notorious for having certain quirks about it. Lots of games in that engine have weird issues pop up. Regarding support team showing up in that thread, that's what they're there for. Remember that they are not the dev team. Dev team is in crunch time right now I imagine with patch release imminent. Even large team crunch time involves 80 hour weeks and such. Devs are prolly happy to just sleep in their own bed at night let alone come on here and read a ton of people bringing up old stuff lol. That's if they even speak English to begin with. They love the game more than we do, that's why they made it with 5 programmers and 25 or so other people. A niche game besides, its not even a shooter or MOBA or something. If I got 30 people together and said "hey people lets make a game to get rich!" would fishing be anywhere near the top 10 ? fat chance. Anyways people will do what they want. In my opinion ill just see what happens with patch. If they don't fix it or update then, then riot. lol. CTX im sendin you a message on ps4 I might have an idea for you regarding your glitch losses. Scratch that...rejected! lol .
  4. Not trying to sound snarky at you guys or anything so apologies but perhaps its because they acknowledged this when it happened? I guess we'll know in a couple weeks when they patch it. Being a physics issue it likely takes a full title update to patch it and not just a little hotfix they can roll out anytime. Pretty likely they'll tighten it up.
  5. Lol was typing this as they locked it so ill put it here. Sorry to say but sabi is right. The only answer is practice. That being said, its really not as hard to practice as you might think. Once you join the same comp a few times and learn how it works. You'll learn how it works and get better. Once you learn how to catch fish the whole comp it just comes down to rng anyways. Which is why many of the elites have 300 or 400 comps and only 10 wins. Think about it. In no game can you play for 10 hours against a player with 100 hours and stand a chance. That's competitive gaming folks. That's competition period. It might hurt but that's how it is. Wanna play a fighting game for a month and try to compete with a player with 400 hours who knows all the matchups and frame data? Good luck. Could I show up to your backyard river and outfish you in a place you've actually learned? Not likely. Although maybe, im pretty damn good irl Perhaps that is one of the issues. Players think that because they hammer fish at the normal lakes that they should do the same in comps. That's not how comps work. You have to actually fish the comp to learn it. As well as the different weather and time within the comps. You join the comp 3 times you're not going to compete with someone who fished it 100 times. Its a separate entity. The good news is, this is only to a certain point. There is not an infinite skill ceiling like playing 6000 hour players in rocket league where you'll never ever catch up. Here, once you learn the comp well enough, you now know the same thing the elites know, and it all comes down to RNG. Which is actually decent because you do stand the same chance as all players. Im hardly elite and I have 6 top tens in the 40 or so comps I've done. Guess what? Those top 10s are in only 2 different comps, because those are my favorite and I know them well. To learn a comp, go into it wanting to learn it and not expecting to win. The first time or two you join a comp, just learn the spots where the fish are. Keep it moving and see what comes out of where. Don't worry about the size just yet, Just figure out the spots the target fish come from. Some may coincide with regular lake spots some may not. Explore and LEARN. You may need every spot you can find some day. Once you know the spots, then you can test different lures, retrieves, and depths the next time you join it. Again, take the time to learn what affects what. Keep learning, don't try to win. Gather information to make the best use of the comp time still. See what induces the hardest strikes, gets bigger fish, gets more fish etc. Obviously weather and time affects things too so learn that as you go and make notes.. inb4 "oh but Jeff, I youtube all the infos I know everything I still no catch fish waaaa whyyy" Because you're doing something wrong still is why. It has nothing to do with premium accounts, or dlc's, or youtube channels or anything. You're kuffin up. End goal being to catch fish for the duration of the comp. Most of the time comps make you good money regardless there's no reason to not practice when they come around if you can. It wont take 800 hours, just enough trips for you to the specific comps to figure it out. Far as the multi accounts go I don't know.Its 2018 lol. People can be halfway around the world and run their ps4 at home off their phone if they want. Not much can be done about it these days. More divisions would just lead to more of the same. Even if they made it separated by player skill you'd have people smurfing on that as well. It seems there's likely no good solution to it without screwing over all those bad ass wives out there raking in the x-series. Seriously when you all you guys get a divorce cause you're on FP all day have her call me would ya? I needs me some x-series.
  6. Jeff1210

    endless reelin

    is the speed triangle pointing down? does your line out increase as you try to reel it in? if so you need to press up to set a positive reel speed. reel settings are remembered as you switch back and forth and if you accidentally left it reeling out line itll stay until you press up again.
  7. You don't have the correct gear for the competition equipped. If you said which competition it'd be easier to help, but for example if it is keepnet only you need a keepnet equipped. Or for a spinning and casting only competition don't have a bait rod equipped etc. You can still have them with you in your inventory, but to enter the competition have the gear it requires as your active loadout.
  8. Once it hits 9pm the cooldown is ignored and you can skip anyways. Even though the timer is there you can still advance to 5 am again. Read the box be sure not to spend baitcoins.by hitting the wrong button. You can always skip for free from 9pm-5am. The correct button says 'forward until morning' . Its square on ps4.
  9. Prohibited means you cannot even get in the kayak, period. It will say kayaks are allowed but only the fish caught from shore counts if you're allowed to travel to spots with it.
  10. I haven't found a way to actually do it on purpose. The only time it flashes 3 dots its after a fish hits and I miss the set or I pop the lure off a snag and there is a giant loop of slack in the line. Tried to recreate it on purpose in all ways with lifts, speed changes and everything and never manage 3 dots. Seems to not matter much as 2 dots works pretty well, though it would be nice to know if its at least possible. Same with walkers. For the record I've seen uni's caught like that even with bait, so sometimes its just your day.
  11. i've seen multiple 5 person rooms and map screen says 157 players in Quanchkin right now, pretty sure was more than 20 ready to go. Looks like typo is the culprit after all. Hopefully they can fix it in time to salvage the qualifier.
  12. I bet you're correct. I noticed this simple typo too but in the engine it could've made the tourney end immediately which gave no time for anyone to actually hit square and enter it thus causing the cancel. Pretty likely, good call. n grats on winnin carp comp not so long ago digg well done. Qualifier 2 and 3 have the same typos as well, here's hoping they take care of it.
  13. Same message here. If it is a bug it wasn't just you. Its finished on tourney page and everything. Times like this is why it might be good to allow registration for a tourney or comp for as long as you have the time left to fish for the allotted time. Odd though. Was there not even 20? Youd think long as there was at least 20 it'd continue just to help make sure the semi has proper amount of placements.
  14. The specific type breakdown would definitely be an improvement. Would make it easier to shoot for a spot of a certain type.As of now you have to check by location which is broken for fish that are in multiple locations. Not sure that fixed would be the right way to go however, as in the end you're going to have the top fish closest to max weight of the fish or even at max weight of the fish just sitting there forever. Say the max size Chinook is 83 lbs. Once ten or 100 people catch a 83 lb salmon that's it for the leaderboard permanently. Eventually it could breakdown to the top ten being separated by thousandths of a pound or even be frozen forever at all 83. So even if you tied it if enough people did it already you wouldn't even appear. Even the current salmon board has 2nd place to 11th place within one pound. If you took the last 6 weeks leaderboards and had them scores up still it'd end up with 100's of fish being within a lb. Perhaps fixed would be ok for awhile if it still periodically reset. Maybe instead of a week it could be a little longer maybe 2 weeks or even a month. Anything is better than a permanent 83, 82.999, 82.999, 82.998 etc which over time is what it would boil down to. Someone had the idea of jacket pins for prizes, it would be cool if you got a leaderboard fish and got a permanent pin for it instead that forever showed you hit the mark, even though apparently your screenshot wasn't enough to brag with lol. Its currently all RNG anyways, maybe it'll flesh out more over time if bigger fish come from craftier fishing spots or something.
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