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  1. tombomb79

    A friendly competition

    sounds like alot of work for us. i hope clubs will be working with events in the future. when fishing planet works in a group interacting we are much more satisfied while fishing. But the idea is a great one we should be working as a great community with events clubs compeition knowing others on a more friendly rate. i feel the game works far more to the solo fisherman and have been really lacking the fisherman who would like to see us compete against friends an such. Major work should now be directed to the fisherman in a more multiplayer game with personal events that we can create events with are own rules and regs?
  2. tombomb79

    Is Fishing Planet losing players

    This is a game that has no content for players which players that had passion an drive for the game. No quest busted comps an lack of commmunity connection._ It was a blast for awhile there with the club interaction but what a downhill decline for the ages. Now if we as players want this game to thrive i suggest devs listen too the players wants an needs. An what a hell of a commmunity we have here which is the heart of the entertainment of the game. Clubs private tournments an such will always be beat down god knows iv mentioned it enough times but as i see are connections go so do the players go. Please give us controll of a few things . At this rate were running out of players which i truely do not want see also by looking at my friends list. I know ill here compliants bout all ideas an imputs but i feel reallly Desperate watching are game going downhill.._ and if the game has money issues there numbers of ideas of income besides the premium content and unlimited licencses? Lets hear of some money making tactics that players would spend there hard earned money for ????
  3. tombomb79

    For you guys I bring you a community

    Great idea and are communitty is the best in games. Good example i played fortnite once an got called so many names in 10 secs i had to it off lol. I thought to myself then that the Fishing planet has the greatest set of people playing. That being said im joining christys asap an what i think the devs are missing the piont. The piont is we dont need more fish or depth charts the greatest thing bout the game is the fishing rrelationswith each other an u cant buy that . Give this great communitty something interact with an cause the communiyy is so great its dire to keep this comunityy happy an it will pay off in the end
  4. tombomb79


    Down 20000 dollars an missed more fish i can count
  5. tombomb79


    great ideas couldnt of wrote it better its not impossible they do have this in other games. with type of ideas putt in place i think the game will never get old and defintely will give players that are fishing planet mainstream players. sad to see a game after ur hooked to leave u hanging for more content then trying to entertain urself playing from fish to fish. Also seeing club members recruting other fisherman who love to play the game to booster ur club and batttle others. i think we got enough fish for time being but what Precisionist ideas would bring the game so far ahead of are selves and to bring competition back to the fisherman with a social and competitive outlook which will greatly make the game alot better Im asking for the devs to take notes on that perfect idea?
  6. tombomb79


    So how far away from are private clubs and etc? Think its the best move for the game to keep level 40 Players. Ive been away from game for awhile now and i see most of my old friends are no longer playing. WHich is pretty sad to see fisherman that were so excited to play have now lost interest. Guilds an other type of systems are in affect in other games too keep longer invested players too continue playing. Too end this suggestion the game most keep its more developed players playing an give us older players some type of incentive for us to continue too play.
  7. tombomb79

    Fly Fishing Reels Suggestions

    yes im a begginer fly fishing but it is a new experience from my traditonal way of fishing. I know as much as flies ur using most relate to bugs and flies that a current at the time of year. And it would be a great addition to the game but there a a few out there on pc but nothing as good as fishing planets foundation.
  8. tombomb79

    End of the road.

    see what i mean that the xmas event brought all together and devs most serious do something to bring us together. Violentvole was a huge advocate and loved to socialize with the best of us. He found more in the game than just fishing . Yes we are fishing but what we create socially the bond the fun and sharing the experience with each other as we go through the journey is way more valuable then creating lures or even a knew fishing spot. Devs dont look past that the fact that what we share with each other with are friends is way more valuable then any game can create. The heart of this game is the experience we share with each other. So in my eyes screw the new lakes and what ever u are working on but dont forget that people like violentvole freindshps is far better then some game can ever be.
  9. tombomb79

    Is Fishing Planet losing players

    i find the devs are heading in the wrong direction. The social ascpect and teamwork and the fishing society working for common causes seem to be the least of there worries. Fishing planet has the best crew of players ive seen in any game. the game game gets old with individual fishing. so my bigggest gripe is they have to work on making fisherman interact with each other such as competition or team work to compete with others of are choice. So looks like will never get around to clubs personal events which we can set are own stipulations as groups would see fit.
  10. tombomb79

    Common courtesy

  11. tombomb79


    Yes what are some doing that others are not? Try looking at it this way a fish doesnt know what kind of rod u have when u get a fish on an i know thers some skill involved but come on let some new comers get a piece of the pie sometimes? But how to be fixed its hard to say id start by joining in with comps u know or same skill talent?
  12. tombomb79

    Spawning Points

    Guess im out of the loop so im wondering if players in events are casting in specific spots in order to win? If so theres no unpredictable element of suprise. I myself want to limit youtube an other methods but then im hurting myself in the events which i truely like. If spawning points were changed daily i feel it would connect us as a community in the hunt of where the fish are. While in real life fishing in my area its a social gathering of people trying to locate the fish. We talk an gather info from one another and i do realize the fisherman who would rather skip the crowds. I am just wondering lets all begin the hunt an gather the info on different days to make more unpredictability Just wondering if im lost in events without youtube? Lets try to get all on same playing field. Guess ill get used too it cause now irl fishing im lost without the internet trout stocking list so im just wishing things done like in past
  13. tombomb79

    Poll - Fishing Planet’s Future - Your Perspective

    Always wonder where the next money maker is? The game has so much promise and the devs need to consider new ideas while listening to players. What we need next as consmers of the game should be number one interest. Are ideas are turned a deaf ear an lack of content more the experienced players who donate to the game should be the devs main interest. I will continue to suppport this game finacially as long if they have are best interest in mind for the future. Also we got the best community of any game i have ever played. that being said its extremely important that are great community should have actions where we can work together. Xmas event was great getting to know one another an working to a common cause. An hope the devs take are comments to heart an reply about the future state of the fishing planet.
  14. tombomb79

    Poll - Fishing Planet’s Future - Your Perspective

    Glad to see someone cares
  15. tombomb79

    Fishing planet?

    Can u let us know whats planned in the near future that we will willing to pay for that we will be willing to buy? Can u let us know bout future plans an finally will the events ever be in are hands to control? I understand its a business an i hope the well dont go dry an the game goes down hill. Please take in consider of event currency in future? Pass the torch into the players hands for comps I for one would hate for this amzing game go downhill so im suggesting a new type of game currency that players a willing to donate to keep game alive for a very long time. We get an hear nothing n hope u guys are working on some type content for the game ? I do understand the difficulty of keeping the comps so all players stand a equal chance so lower level scorers can have a shot. We need to spread the wealth. Many players dont participate cause its difficult to win. So i suggest a comp score so we all stand a decent shot with fishermen the same level an skill? And i dont know why Clubs are on the back burner decide ur decisions carefully