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  1. Common courtesy

  2. Competitions

    Yes what are some doing that others are not? Try looking at it this way a fish doesnt know what kind of rod u have when u get a fish on an i know thers some skill involved but come on let some new comers get a piece of the pie sometimes? But how to be fixed its hard to say id start by joining in with comps u know or same skill talent?
  3. Spawning Points

    Guess im out of the loop so im wondering if players in events are casting in specific spots in order to win? If so theres no unpredictable element of suprise. I myself want to limit youtube an other methods but then im hurting myself in the events which i truely like. If spawning points were changed daily i feel it would connect us as a community in the hunt of where the fish are. While in real life fishing in my area its a social gathering of people trying to locate the fish. We talk an gather info from one another and i do realize the fisherman who would rather skip the crowds. I am just wondering lets all begin the hunt an gather the info on different days to make more unpredictability Just wondering if im lost in events without youtube? Lets try to get all on same playing field. Guess ill get used too it cause now irl fishing im lost without the internet trout stocking list so im just wishing things done like in past
  4. Poll - Fishing Planet’s Future - Your Perspective

    Always wonder where the next money maker is? The game has so much promise and the devs need to consider new ideas while listening to players. What we need next as consmers of the game should be number one interest. Are ideas are turned a deaf ear an lack of content more the experienced players who donate to the game should be the devs main interest. I will continue to suppport this game finacially as long if they have are best interest in mind for the future. Also we got the best community of any game i have ever played. that being said its extremely important that are great community should have actions where we can work together. Xmas event was great getting to know one another an working to a common cause. An hope the devs take are comments to heart an reply about the future state of the fishing planet.
  5. Poll - Fishing Planet’s Future - Your Perspective

    Glad to see someone cares
  6. Fishing planet?

    Can u let us know whats planned in the near future that we will willing to pay for that we will be willing to buy? Can u let us know bout future plans an finally will the events ever be in are hands to control? I understand its a business an i hope the well dont go dry an the game goes down hill. Please take in consider of event currency in future? Pass the torch into the players hands for comps I for one would hate for this amzing game go downhill so im suggesting a new type of game currency that players a willing to donate to keep game alive for a very long time. We get an hear nothing n hope u guys are working on some type content for the game ? I do understand the difficulty of keeping the comps so all players stand a equal chance so lower level scorers can have a shot. We need to spread the wealth. Many players dont participate cause its difficult to win. So i suggest a comp score so we all stand a decent shot with fishermen the same level an skill? And i dont know why Clubs are on the back burner decide ur decisions carefully
  7. Group fishing

    ur totally correct id love to host a comp with my friends and or competitors. Comps would then be created when people have there spare time and not wait till 3 am. Their moneypack screen no one buys anyway so we need a group system where we control the time of day and are own made stipulations for the comps. Fishing Planet its time to give up the comp timing and let us control are own events cause the system is broken for a lot of us. Time to give us control
  8. More Events

  9. Been playing for awhile now maybe too long but casual fishing has become boring at the least. It seems the devs may of overlooked that are community is the strongest friendliest an plain helpful. They should mimmick some how the xmas version of the word team work. It brought many of us together an i feel are connection with each other got to be on the to do list? But it sounds like the devs interest lie elsewhere. More clarification of the future to do list would be greatly wanted to see the direction the devs plan on going?
  10. More Events

    5 am 3 am what they thinking? Bring em on comps arr excited n gives us purpose to play why are devs holding back? Give us higher stakes an friendly comps within friends but dont expect that coming any time soon. They have other things in mind instead making vetern players satified. I dont get it?
  11. More Events

    maybe they are afraid of the cheating going on and more tournments may exploit that. I hope that hot spots are eliminated from the game and the spawning points to be random with some changes from day to day ? I totally agree of level the playing field
  12. More Events

    we need a bigger economy getting more money flowing within the game and upping the buy ins maybe on idea. For me the 500 dollar buy in is basically worthless I could afford that in my sleep. Also more money maybe bought from are store to engage in the tournments as well? I wish we had different buy in amounts in tournments which feel comfortable willing to invest. The more money that fishing planet will recieve the faster the of the developement of the game to get where we want the game in the long run. higher buy in amounts can be saved for raffle tickets or some other prizes like we would win as like a local fishing tournment?n Invest in some tickets an maybe get lucky for once that many of us dont get in comps. Just a few extra ideas to excite the fan base in the future. If any else has some other ideas keep em coming.
  13. More Events

    Im getting so bored. Can i get a responce on getting more events? I just wait for comps now an only a few of them daily. Whats holding us back for them? I would also enjoy maybe higher stake comps an for the veteran players there only so much content in the game.So finally wheres the high stakes an shorter limited comps?Give 10000 buy ins a more limited tournment. I cant beat the thrill of playing in events an we need more of it. Guess ill wait till 1 am this is total nonsense.
  14. Nothing at the top

    U start this game at level 1 an the experience of all the new locations lurees different retrieve methods an the game is so entertaining. Then when u hit level 40 this gamehas nothing after u reach the top. Guess i am frusterated cause devs are missing out of the climax . It builds u up then has nothing planned as u get to the top but i would love to recreate my journey to level 40 but fishing planet was left us with no type of entertainment once u reach the top were missing out on excitemend for level 40 fisherman.
  15. More Events

    I was wonder if fp will make more events in the future? Now as i reached level 40 the events i really look foward. It gives the sense of competion but only have 3 of them at most a day. Was also like the reasoning behind such few events for us chosen every day? I maybe asking for too much but I can event fish all day long. Solo fishing is getting very old if it was for my friends fishing with no purpose at level 40 gets kinda pontless. Event day all day every day in my eyes also would like to have elimation events sort of like bracket comps with elimination rounds? Also team events would be interesting? Say the first 5 that entered the comp are a team possibilties are endless an we make a more interesting Fishing game. Plain fishing is losing its entertainment which i once had at earlier levels of the game. After level 40 u have to use ur imagination an find things too acomplish but that i dont have drive to force myself too look elswhere for entertainment . Honestly i dont want to fish unless im playing with friends or entering a event i call it the level 40 blues i hope devs realize that as u hit the top it kinda ends an it doesnt have be like that