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  1. My bad false alarm I went to Oregon after stupid missions an i felt like a fishing paradise . but u cant close ur eyes n reel in or u will lose it
  2. Big Ben we want answers too quick i love good reviews but as i play were running into issues as we go thro
  3. Net needs repairs for 158 gold theres something wrong here big time maybe i Shouldnt be using such a big net?
  4. Wait a minute says 35 dlcs on my box I see none
  5. Alot of unis n didnt see many caught. but a million coins a dlc that will take a lifetime?
  6. Tomorrow digital copy ones who pre orderd got it yesterday tons extra an want feel like a grindfest too the top
  7. Im only in ny an its like all over again. They feed u through the game step by step again but at a fun rate. Cant see end in sight so if u like planet u will like The Fisherman
  8. Guess over time things went stail. If u buy the premium will be able to co op comps hope over 20 tho. So many people dont try due to same people winning they must make winning more random an way more unpredictable . Key word Unpredictable thats what makes Fishing so great. Irl open day trout fishing we are all excited of the unpredictable chance of catching fish. In my experience if u beat the same hole up by casting in the same spot over n over with same bait it gets old right? Thats the key thing with the game . Guess its called re spawning fish should spawn in all different spots
  9. im buying it the best thing for me is i dont have the time or the money to travel and play comps. I love comps because it just makes my experience a more of a thrill. I dont like being flat broke an having some money aswell as equipment has me sold. Since when does it cost to fish were we want? Are we paying for airline tickets because i want to fish where ever an when i want. I think the travel costs stop us from enjoying the game instead of farming at a location because i cant afford to go the a location to enter a comp because how expensive it is. I feel they should just drop all travel cost and lets play fishing. So I hoping too pay the money and skip the grinding of catching fish after fish with no good reason just so i can afford traveling to a location. Look at it this way with the new money they will receive its like fishing planet on steroids an this game will developed an expand far more faster. What would help us players who have contributed to this game what will be the positives for us as a community from the money ur company will be recieving?
  10. Players can also take part in online competitions solo or with a mate in tow, and there’s Trophies to hoover up and a ranking system in place for bragging rights. You can also hop into four different types of boats, with varying performances in terms of engines and sonars to facilitate your efforts. Im sold!!
  11. KpShamino just posted a video about the paid version of the new Fisherman game out on October 17. The game will include all 35 dlcs an licenses can be bought with currency . I for one am sick n tired of being broke an after playing comps finding myself eeking by finicially. So I will purchase the game on the 17th an I would like to here ur thoughts about any new info or why you may or may not purchase the Fisherman being released?
  12. Well if we do have to pay for the game something gonna have to change._ Im not paying for a game to have to grind all day long. It was designed for a free to play an the occasional dlc package. What do u see coming for a free to pay game goes premium? If im paying we definitely need a purpose or goal cause im not playing to reach level 40 an patt myself on my back. I hope it goes rpg designed because the game goes dead after u max out levels. Ill pay to see changes an dont blast me for even trying to throw out a idea to improve the game . The game has down for myself massively an maybe will get this forum goiing again. Game is dead an we dont even have a moderater in over a year an i be shocked if Fishing planet even cares whats being said.
  13. I played the pc beta version years back an for a short time period we recieved unlimited acess to endless money an equipment. Now I thought the game was way more enjoyable because I couldnt worry about anything an just fish. So if we paid a certain price to buy the game outright will we be granted with everything an will u open the flood gates with more comps ?
  14. great as much money ive donated hate to see it go. hopefully it wont be positive for all the free players ?
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