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  1. Do Something s a great thread maybe are ideas mean something
  2. Make game more social let us commicate together cause as single player is deadan why do u restrict more comps i dont have the time of the day are u guys open to suggestions???
  3. Well at the time theres no need for such a large net
  4. My bad false alarm I went to Oregon after stupid missions an i felt like a fishing paradise . but u cant close ur eyes n reel in or u will lose it
  5. Big Ben we want answers too quick i love good reviews but as i play were running into issues as we go thro
  6. Net needs repairs for 158 gold theres something wrong here big time maybe i Shouldnt be using such a big net?
  7. Wait a minute says 35 dlcs on my box I see none
  8. Alot of unis n didnt see many caught. but a million coins a dlc that will take a lifetime?
  9. I was a huge critic of the game but this game is layed out wonderful from the start even tho we start over again
  10. Tomorrow digital copy ones who pre orderd got it yesterday tons extra an want feel like a grindfest too the top
  11. Im only in ny an its like all over again. They feed u through the game step by step again but at a fun rate. Cant see end in sight so if u like planet u will like The Fisherman
  12. Hey that fisherman is a great game. I been hooked for hours on lower level an i see no end in sight. They way over did it on this one. Great game!!!!!
  13. Guess over time things went stail. If u buy the premium will be able to co op comps hope over 20 tho. So many people dont try due to same people winning they must make winning more random an way more unpredictable . Key word Unpredictable thats what makes Fishing so great. Irl open day trout fishing we are all excited of the unpredictable chance of catching fish. In my experience if u beat the same hole up by casting in the same spot over n over with same bait it gets old right? Thats the key thing with the game . Guess its called re spawning fish should spawn in all different spots
  14. I hope we can cash out some money for selling all the dlc items . Devs also most make some sort of medium for players who have supported the f2p version? So they want us to throw away all the money we invested and in my eyes that money went to the new version an just pony up the dough and move on. With out nothing in return? Will comps be just the players with the new version or will it be both the paid an f2p? For the long term players such as myself I dont want to see all my progression to be lost. Cause thats what is happening too us. were just throwing it all away if we buy the new version. So the free dlc arent enough for are sacrifice and commitment. Can anyone else know of this kind of transaction where a f2p game goes premium and if u know of one please explain how that one went? I see both arguements i guess im up in the air with this one
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