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    Hacks and cheats

    Kinda makes ya feel dumb lol he did it too me bout the trout in alberta months back. Best thing i can say is stay on his good side cause that fellow can fish n i love to pick ur brain some day
  2. tombomb79

    Fishing society

    Is it a good idea too have dedicated players to lead clans creating are own comps . I think money may move around from club to club to achieve excellence. I see more competition between are respected clans. It would be something bigger than ourselves in which we would rely on each other. Will we ever see it in near future ? We could shop around finding are favorite fisherman an try to be accepted into his or her club . I m trying to relate similar to my bowling league its much more exciting in a league than a casual sunday mess around with nothing to bowl for. Can we create a system bring us together in a positive manner?
  3. tombomb79

    Mighty Carp Tour

    outside of philly pa along art museum on youtube there are some videos of snakeheads in the schuylkill river. I dont remember if they killed the snakeshead but they are moving into all of are areas and i think they swim in schools ?
  4. tombomb79

    Im Hoooked

    I may complain alot on these forums like a jack ass but I still have FP as my go to game. Others I often feel like throwing my controller out my window but FP after years of playing I still keep this urge of playing an thats saying something. As for the comps I now see that they must be regulated to keep are interest an not shoving down are throats an burning us out which someone has stated to me. I just want to clear the air an give this game some props an I must admitt this is the longest ive played a game an Im still wanting more.
  5. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    can we go more in detail about the new waterways or updates for the future. I know that im hoping for clans so we can play private comps and competitive clan vs clans. I think it will draw more players for a more purposeful fishing in between comps. An are European waterways in process atm im also wondering bout the new species that FP has hinted bout for the future. So are we going to be rewarded for are dedication for playing an buying ur dlc? This game has one of the greatest games also with great potential and I was wondering when the community will be paid back with more content. Will we ever get head to head comps and is a ten man comp of friends out of the question? I will continue to support this game with my wallet until i see a game that lacks its drive to satisfy its base core of players so i hoping for great things too come and a long prosperous game to be around for a long time to come.
  6. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    VV your full of knowledge an your eargerness to help others is much appreciated. Thats why the x mas event was so fun. We helped each other laughed an just had fun like no other game I EVER played. Then the grinch ripped it away from us an we never heafd from one another again. My suggestion for players like VV who loved to help out we need goals purpose an somekind of conclusion like obtaining some type of reward an you can help people to show how to obtain their goal
  7. tombomb79

    I extend a challenge to the devs.

    Wish they could transfer my gold into another players account in a head to head tournment if you can prove to out fish me in a top water event lol. Will we ever see something of value ever transfered between us the players? VV think you may have stumbled on something an im getting to work on the 3 dot retrieve in a few. I could use some free premium.
  8. tombomb79

    I extend a challenge to the devs.

    High stakes VV and I love the eargerness an we need to see more competition of some value between are friends an peers.
  9. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    Guess your right other than a few tweeks here an there FP will be hard to beat. Now that theres new competition it will be in FP favor so will all appreciate what we do have in the qaulity of FP the game.
  10. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    Guess ill wait n see but FP should take some notes from new competition .
  11. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    YES fishing sim world is around the corner giving us the ability to create are own tournments ive been begging for over a year an FP acts like im asking for too much. Well now theres real competition now an FP hopefully gonna get there butts moving . Hopefully now I wont have to wait around for two days for a comp. Im so excited that dovetails has came with real competition . Id suggest taking a look. Best news ive heard in awhile an FP had me thinking I was crazy bout having my own peer competitions. Looks like all my crazy ideas are met for my Whats Coming In The Future thread
  12. tombomb79

    Limit on landing certain size fish?

    Just vent vole i understand your frustration. I cant get over that other than the comps this game after a while is pointless. I like the game but seems like comps are great fun but in the meantime why is there no purpose. Where are the goals for pursuing this game atm? Comps are intense as well as exciting but in meantime we should be trying to achieve something? Give us some goals an this game will evolve. I guess its just a fishing game an all but ive been hooked on this game for years now and I feel personally attached to it an looking for success aswell as great things to come
  13. tombomb79

    In-game music/sound tracks unlock

    Thx I recommend it too all
  14. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    What bout spicing it up a little with some give aways such as raffle prizes or the catch of the day . It will open up more purpose for fishing in other locations. Legendary fish could be open for a short period an the first ten win gold . I always like tournment raffles an etc. Just food for thought for are entertainment
  15. tombomb79

    Whats coming in future

    thx for the info looks like a good future for this game
  16. tombomb79

    Tough Day All Around

    For the most of us it was a tough 2 hours of fishing. for myself i didnt get the hang of it till it was too late but i tried and taking the lose like a man. Day at Michigan doest look like its gonna be any easier. Like to know what everyone thought of the event and would more events in the future should be applied. Remarks and comments of the event would be appreciated and hopefully the success of the years event should be a measuring stick whether if its a hit or not for extra events in the future.
  17. tombomb79

    Tough Day All Around

  18. tombomb79

    Gottta Say Thanks

    Waiting for the new Great comp which id like to say thanks for all of fishing planet hard work they produce month over month. I hope to do well but alberta is my toughest waterway too catch salmon. As of now FP has 284 players registered and planning like this one it will draw fun competition and excitement for a 3 day comp. Win or lose ill enjoy myself and good luck for all participates who entered. Time is almost here and hope u did ur homework and give it ur best shot.
  19. First off theres no end in sight which alot of games can say. Mastering the game is difficult because of its unpredictiblty an random RNG. I used to think that the social aspect during game was where they should focus but again I was wrong. As the devs are doing more waterways thats where there focus is an should be. Finally its such a unique game an has no competition with other fishing games also the comps they host are blood pumping excitement and its the fastest 45 minutes of my day.
  20. tombomb79

    What Makes Fishing Planet so Great

    Thats the greatest post ever an im so happy that FP gives U that connection with ur father also FP is almost like therapy for myself. Thx for sharing ur personal connection. My neighber is in same boat his daughter died of cancer a year back an he lost the drive of fishing but were going out sometime soon im slowly helping him back of getting him over his daughter death. Fishing can be so important for life qaulity in general
  21. tombomb79

    Catfishin in MudWater Missouri

    anyone out there feeling good about scoring high in the next big tournament and are u looking forward too it ?
  22. tombomb79

    Catfishin in MudWater Missouri

  23. Just got out of Triple Trout comp and I did pretty well. Yet I got outscored 2 to 1 and I had a bigger trout then he did. After that butt kicking id like to see his report consisting of what an when please. Yes I know they could be splakes but watching youtube its easier said then done. Be nice to valuate your score card for all of us too see? Sorry about the too lol.
  24. tombomb79

    Sorry Guys But Have too Complain

    So ur saying theres always tommorror an as I progress in the game I realize FP is unpredictable which I didnt always think. Have a short memory and I will enjoy the game regardless of the outcomes. Sometimes it can be mind blowing how good players have achieved an thx for all the help videos out there
  25. tombomb79

    Sorry Guys But Have too Complain

    Wow now I feel bad U got the proof.. Well done!!! The Video is killer