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    So Many Contests!

    Clubs must be introduced . And we can compete in tournments against other clubs Its unique because the winners of are club tournments will participate against others clubs but if ur club wins the whole club gets rewarded from the winners of ur club? I figure most of us will fish in order to represent ur club. Will see if members of are clubs most skilled will share with other members. If you See any issues with that idea please respond back maybe we can work together an find the best structure if clubs are introduced?
  2. tombomb79

    Pay a Price

    anyone see fishing planet taking the rule book from the hunter classic into the hunter call of the wild. Basically wanting to know if planet will ever have us pay for the game for a fee? what are some cons and pros for buying the game outright ? and do you see us paying for the new update or updates in the future as a dlc that cost money? What ever is best for the company is better for us in the long run business is business.
  3. tombomb79

    Competition Rules

    I have stated many times about competitios not giving us control of are own created comps but i dont see that changing any time soon. But i have a issue thats seems more reasonable. I love the game but devs i like entering comps but i go flat broke entering locations an lbuying licenses which i dont have the time staying there. So could u make the comps we enter free for are travels? Why are we punished for loooking for entertainment in comps i cant spend enough time trying to make up the money.
  4. tombomb79

    Petition to end Amateur Comps

    may be off topic but does anyone see fishing planet taking the rule book from the hunter classic into the hunter call of the wild. Basically wanting to know if planet will ever have us pay for the game for a fee? what are some cons and pros for buying the game outright ? and do you see us paying for the new update or updates in the future as a dlc that cost money? What ever is best for the company is better for us in the long run business is business.
  5. tombomb79


    why are they so far from making us create are own comps. we can go against friends and go against some players we can have fueds with. it will get us to get to know different players creating a relationships with fisherman. id suggest 12 players comps making are chances alot better. an id love to make are own stipulations. in the future we need fewer players in comps and why not run em all day? they feed us just enough to keep us happy but comps must make alot of improvements. An if clubs are ever introduced we can neglect the players with cheating speculations and compete with players of are skill level and play against friends . Finally going head to head comps we could double are money with a win an also win more if more players are signed in the comps
  6. Devs try an understand that Holidays especially the Christmas one was extremely fun to play an participate with others. Just listen to are voices as a community an let us establish friends or rivals with more social events . An specially this time of year we should share are passion for the game cause i think we have played solo long enough . Maybe in the New Year
  7. tombomb79

    No Holiday Event We Got Grinched

    yes the company that made it an sorry for not giving u the benefit of all your work and dedication to this game of yours. Christmas is a time of year to be apprectiate the things we do have and how thankful we are for what we got Merry Christmas to All
  8. tombomb79

    Hello! I'm new! "iGoshawk"

    yes i had too take a number one night just to get into the party it was a blast an lets make it better than last year !
  9. tombomb79

    Checkin' In

    again moments that money cant buy so i hope this Christmas event can repeat last years holidays
  10. tombomb79

    Checkin' In

    great to see us getting back together after a long time away for alot of us and im hoping for christmas in this game is another attempt for us to work together and experience some kind of purposeful fishing while helping each other for a common goal? I feel the problem in this game is that we lost all control of experiencing the game together. Devs please understand that us fisherman are social beings making this games interaction with each other is priceless an no european lake or river can be no more enjoyable than a bunch of us sharing laughs and a fishing experience with total strangers. Best things in life are free so in the christmas spirit i ask nothing more than getting back with u guys and share the holidays while pulling some fish in.
  11. tombomb79

    Checkin' In

    Merry Christmas an u are correct that was good times for sure im sure the gang will get together for some laughs an crude humor. What was it last year fireworks an a boat? Still got the headphones from last year i ran out to the store to play with all lol.
  12. tombomb79

    Derby Day

    Spicing things up in this game looks like is needed. What u think about a randomly tagged fish an if caught we get a 5 min period to catch epic size fish? Or Give us a fishing derby day if we collect enough tags where entered into the monsterous sized fish event? Give us say ten huge fish an then once there caught the event is over . We need something like my trout club sponsors. what if we join an become a member of Fishing Planet Club for a price we can recieve special perks an special occasions of fun an friendly events which only members can part take? Im looking for something out of the norm that would intrigue us a bit more? Ideas would be appriciated an Devs could this ever be close to possible ? Lets create this Fishing Planet Club an break the norms in size fish an battles we should all come together an have some fun as members! Never know we could have many fisherman just waiting to join the club plus the company can benefit aswell so hope that the DEVS are listening ?
  13. tombomb79

    Red dead fishing

    Been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 an while fishing in that game something occured to me? The battle after the fish bites is way more enjoyable . FP seems like the pre strike or technique is more applied . But Red Dead fishing to landthe the fish is way more simpler an way more interesting yet very simple you have to hold the rod an rotate ur R3 in circle motion an make sure the tension is right. So would we like the pre strike or the battle once the fish is hooked to be more enjoyable ? After the fish is landed Id like pat myself on the back cause the battle with the fish are brutal. Or how about us choosing are own costum style how to bring the hooked fish on to land. The rotating the R3 button in circle is very crafty on their part .
  14. tombomb79

    Red dead fishing

    looks like nothing to talk about. game gone sour games an a cash grab an forums have dropped off next to nothing. just wish they do something to gain my interest again if so i would be here expressing the short comings of this game. Glad i finally saw the light about what the game is all about in the big picture
  15. tombomb79

    Red dead fishing

    thats true but atleast i feel like i reeled in a fish in It just come too easy for me. fish seem insignificant catch after catch. Plus its hard to miss a fish once hook
  16. tombomb79

    Red dead fishing

    Game can be snooze fest an still find R3 rotation to reel making more of challenge. And specially like being in charge when it comes to the drag.In Red Dead u have control of both aspects making fishing feel like U worked for the catch. Not much going here so ill pull some bass out in Red.
  17. tombomb79


    prob dont want to spend the money on anti cheat software and hope that people keep there mouth shut and just continue to be cheated on. i personally would like to compete with friends or players i know are legit but again i think this game is very cheap when it comes to new content and rules. Let cheaters knock them selves out playing one another in comps together.
  18. tombomb79


    Which locations have them?
  19. tombomb79

    Community Event Season 2, Event #7-Finished

    What ya have in mind maybe someone can help?
  20. tombomb79

    Yellow perch goldrush

    I hate that event havent got more than 1 or 2 tops?
  21. tombomb79

    Community Event Season 2, Event #7-Finished

    u guys are doing the right thing and truely bringing the game in the right direction an i wish ps4 did these events.
  22. tombomb79

    The Top 10 Percent

    Was thinking that something needs to be regulated because the majority on players dont stand a chance in events. Thats wonderfull for the experts but most of us never get the thrill of experience the high of being at the top? For the game to be successful we need all the players getting a chance of the pie. So why does this game lean toward the experts but not the common players? I would think that if this game tends to the majority then for the few top percent of anglers it be more popular. I respect the winners an the abilities but what if all of us playing fp got too exprience what you the top 10 percent feel in events. Seems to me that we never experience that thrill that winners feel. As a company do u want to cater to the best or cater to most of the players? Who knows how many dont even enter an i have a few top tens which felt awsome an could only wish if most of us could feel the intensity of placing good. For experts seems like they get all the fun an the common fishermen well they get to fish for the heck of it. Maybe a good reason people leave this game because the best get the most out of its entertainment value.
  23. tombomb79


    Havent heard from devs for awhile i was wondering if ur team can respond to are frustrations and wants and need. Without replying to us it makes us feel insignificant and like we dont matter. We have one of the best communities an game could ever ask for. Give us something to make are forums actually mean something. like the cheating scandals that would ease are minds if we were answered.. I think forums are a good form stating what we would like in the games future. stear us in the right direction the game is going in?
  24. tombomb79


    clubs and comps between friends is very much needed. The game is best when we are playing together for a common purpose. Xmas holiday fun is a great example in my eyes. Probably was the best peak interest ever reached? If clubs are ever introduced I suggest we buy some raffle tickets within the club with are money we farm after time? we could farm for money too increase are chances of winning the raffle after say a week of playing.To get the economy of the game going once again. We can spend money in comps which we feel responsible enough to wagers in comps. If we have clubs we can try for the clubs weekly best catch in every location in the game. It would give us a reason the fish lower level locations. Please open up this game to the players an will take care of the rest ourselves but the clubs and comps we need urgently in next few future updates. Raffles may be a bit to much but we can have tagged fish in every location so there is more interest to fish the other locations?
  25. tombomb79


    Yes private comps are a must but the team wont even bring up the topic ever. Big big mistake let us create fueds between each other an see who is the better fishermen amongst friends. Why O Why wont they even mention the two best parts of the game comps an friendly competition all into One?