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  1. 10" newts with the chartreuse tails..steady retrieve or short pauses every now and then
  2. i just wondering if you guys might need any help on Real life Locations? i would gladly gather pics, ambient sounds and structure for you guys weather it be useful or not? i'm on my way to Tbilisi, Georgia next month and i normally fish a lake called turtle lake. they have paddle boats that u can hire its not a huge lake , quite easy to walk around, Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia the green circles are Land based Accessible knowen fish in this lake are Pike and yellow Perch ( there are others but haven't caught them yet ) Surface elevation: 687 m Catchment area: 40 ha Area: 3 ha Max. depth: 2.6 m (8 ft 6 in) Basin countries: Georgia Location: Outskirts of Tbilisi if u need me to gather anything in person with pictures or sound recordings please let me know
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