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  1. Left with my rods and reels down to 50%. Got 10826 money over 2 days. The trip cost 4k, 2 days cost 1400, License was 1500, used 2 active feeder 1100, a bunch of baits, about 1000 worth, leaders and line. This place is a waste of time, about "2000 profit" excluding line and leaders, for hours of time spent there. and i haven't even repaired large equipment yet.
  2. Its something caused by using the stands with either feeder or float rods. After a few minutes using them, constant frame drops, framerate is dropping from 120 down to 5 even.
  3. My first time going to ghent. I picked up 2 FeederForce reels, and 2 AllRound rods, setup both around 3.8kg and 3.6kg drag, well below the ability of the reels and rods. Got some baits etc. Im 3 hours into my 2nd day, made about 7000 silver on day 1. Both my rods and reels are already down to 75%, a 25% loss on a single day. Now you have to pay for baits, travel fee, licenses, repairs etc. How in gods name is a lvl 14 going to make money here? Looks like leaders cant be re-used, and you cant keep the mixed baits. more money just thrown away for low level players. This game is becoming a tedious endless micromanagement to the point where they try and irritate players enough to buy stuff.
  4. I can see the IP with the problem on net limiter, its the one i mentioned above. Speeds are in bytes most of the time. Will test again tomorrow.
  5. Theres another closed topic caused by the same problem. Since the patch im not receiving more than 200 bytes a second from the server. Takes 10mins to load, and causing 50 000 ping. Connection is fine, reset router, did speed tests. Played other games, stream fine. As far as i can tell its only to : 4530
  6. windows platform Date 5 Nov 2017 Swapped from a walker to a spinner bait using the pie menu (z), the spinner bait then fished like a walker and didn't sink until i swapped lures again. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1193460477
  7. Like the topic says, when you buy the keep net you cant keep the next fish, and all other keys are locked. Friend msg'ed me about the bug and i logged into his steam acc to test it. Check link for video recording. Steam client on windows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KIcxitovCc
  8. waiora

    casting bug

    Same problem, you cast, its spools all the line of the reel and lure lands at your feet, soon as it happens you can't cast again until you relog.
  9. Can I win the DLC for the longest walleye? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1174348730
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