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  1. Showed up in the ingame shop after i relogged, stocked up ty
  2. Is the roach spoon still obtainable this year? Theres no mention of the previous lures.
  3. @Killerwhale While you guys are working on fixing the comps, I would like to raise another thing to have a look at. Some competitions like Battle of Kaniq shows up 2-4x a week, and some others show up maybe once every 2 weeks. I assume its because they are prioritized based on the different lakes, lakes with more competitions leads to those competitions being a lot more rare and showing up much less frequently. They also seem to be selected at random, I remember when Selenge released, Crank the river was played 8x, before bobber burbot showed up the 2nd time. Could you guys even out the frequency each competition is available a bit?
  4. Would not work because there is no "skill rating" metric, people can manipulate it, you can deliberately do badly to lower your rating, and the leaderboard top100 is a joke, filled with people who dump fish from keepnet as not to lose any rating.
  5. waiora

    Amateur Comps

    Thank you, I saw that, its long over due.
  6. Well sometimes they are delayed and we are aware of that, some just never come through. I still got nothing for the Labeo Twins a week ago. Which is why this thread got posted. All of the above is related to steam client.
  7. @Dennis_FP @Killerwhale See support ticket 88418, I have attached screenshots of another competition today where no reward was given out. This time i had a look at the reward tab before closing it and could see what I should be getting. Your competitions are not handing out rewards. Players should not be having to police this kind of stuff.
  8. They might as well not even have a bugs section, its 2 months and not even a response from the devs on a post with this amount of bugs listed.
  9. No reward is being given out for competitions, this is now the 2nd time i got nothing. Labeo twins should give : XS Fluro XS Braid XS-Newt XS Swimbait XS glow and hollow spoon. I already had 20 spoons, didn't get that, and I had the swimbait, still only have 1. I don't have either of the line or the newt. Seriously can you fix this never ending list of bugs with the competitions, honestly, who wants to play a game and deal with all these problems.
  10. Fishing with no problems, then you take a lure out midway into a comp, and the popups start. Along with that ping goes to 4000 and UI doesnt respond. For a score screen of another comp you only went testing in almost 4 hours ago. https://ibb.co/4V0cCQB
  11. Just a quick list of the worst bugs and annoyances most of us are dealing with pretty much on a daily basis. == Storage == Scrolling through items in storage jumps back to the top after you right click the item to your backpack. == Popups == Popups from competition results make rods stop baiting automatically. Popups appear while rod is cast then you can't reel in bait. Popups appearing while rods are on a rod stand prevent you picking up your rods. Popups after placing a rod stand sometimes returns you to the map screen forcing you to respawn at a peg, removing the stand and rods, wasting competition time. Popups during competition can prevent boat from starting when you press E, requires moving to another peg or relog to fix. Competition rewards are not displayed anywhere, and popup doesn't appear showing what you have won (show this on the rewards screen when a competition is done please, then players can go check it if they like to). == Templates == Templates wont equip the same line that was cut from a 1000y or 300y spool, even though the line is the same length and specification. Bait bought with cash and coins do not stack(why? they cant be sold). Also wont be equipped if a template was made with 1 or the other, like the line. == Lures == Crankbaits, poppers, walkers and a few other lures do not stack, even though they have no durability, just taking up tons of space in home storage for no reason, all other tackle of the same type without durability stacks. Bassjigs snag in structures every time, these are lures with a stop to prevent snags, made for targeting bass that hide in structures. Buzzbaits are just all wrong and way to effective, they aren't made for fishing on the bottom with stop and go, or twitch, needs a rework. That is what spinnerbaits are for. Troy rod exploit, not even going to get into this in more detail, been known for ages. Can equip more line than reels should have by swapping a small reel into the place of a larger one. All leaders take massive amounts of damage when using any lure that touch the ground, so much that you can completely wear out a leader in only 4 or 5 ingame hours(doesn't matter for the most part, but some leaders are sold for baitcoins so needs to be fixed). == Controls == No option in keybinds unbind line clipping, default c. No option in keybinds to unbind reel speed setting on mwheel up and mwheel down. Same for unbinding middle mouse key. After setting new keybinds the game will auto reset your keys after relogging, setting both primary and alternative bind to the default. == Latency == Server lag cause fish not to score when caught even when placed in your bag. Server lag completely prevents hooking fish. Rods wont rearm bait, esp the groundbaits when using spod rods. Think its caused by the server lag. Have to go to inventory then, re-add the bait to rod slots each time. == Equipment == Rods can break or take damage when you get snagged, even with a setup where max drag on your reel is the weakest part of your setup on the max drag setting(nothing should be able to damage or break). Line will break sometimes when casting lures or bait when in the optimal parameter range of your setup where the weakest part is the max drag setting(nothing should be able to damage or break). Line will sometimes break randomly on an optimal setup when fish hit the lure, again with a setup where max reel drag is the weakest part of the setup(nothing should be able to damage or break). == Competitions == Bag dumping is used in competitions to farm skill rating, players dump all the fish from the net to return to 0 score and get a neutral gain/loss instead of finishing in a place that will lose rating. Getting a 0 score should lose you rating, if you do badly you should lose rating, this shouldn't be an exploited system used to inflate leaderboard standing. Its for all competitions that require x number of fish in the net at the end. A lot of competitions don't even show up once a month, others are showing up 3/4x per week, get some consistency in how often each competition is available. For example Bobber Burbot have only been on twice since Selenge released. Some others from Selenge more than 10x Amateur competitions, please for the love of god get rid of these, they are taking up so many slots each day and mostly get canceled. If you really NEED them in the game, run 1 competition everyone can join, and let the amateurs score separately. At least then everyone can do them instead of having 6 or even 8 hours on a Saturday where the majority of players can't do any competitions. == Some QOL features the game needs. == Equipment taking damage from clicking UI buttons. Traveling or forwarding time cause nets boats and all other equipment to be damaged, its ridiculous that things take damage when not even using it. This mostly affects lower level players but should be fixed regardless. Templates for practice comps should allow you to start without a 2nd player. You cant "make money" by testing it yourself. Add an option to disable score results from popping up when doing practice comps. People are not competing in these, they are 99% of the time used for testing, they just add to all the problems above. Set the correct duration for all competition templates. No comp is 15mins long, why are they all set to 15mins by default. Allow players to select the weather on the practice competitions instead of randomly generating it by reselecting the template 10x. Make groundbait ingredients with less than 1 tick on the slider get auto destroyed, we spend so much time going and deleting worthless empty bags of groundbait. If enough groundbait ingredients is available, make recipes use what is available. Its annoying to go drag all the ingredients back into each recipe slot for every single time you mix something. Sell baits in stacks larger than 5, having to click buy 5 Large minnows and then click a confirmation after buying it is so annoying. We go through 100's of these baits in a single trip. Add some way to share groundbait templates. Add some way to sort rod/reel templates. Add some way to sort groundbait templates.
  12. Indeed but if you want neither on mwheel? Using drag setting on it is worse, its how you accidently break off a lure you dont want to lose. Keys like mwheel is some of the most used keys for any game, you should be able to bind anything you need them for. Not pre-bound and then interfere with other stuff you setup.
  13. Many cheaters around but that isn't one of them
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