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  1. RiverFisher, As Michael posted just prior to this post, reel speed and drag settings are different. However, they are often confused. Reel speed will be little '^' arrows in the middle of the circle where your reel shows on the right side of the screen. The drag is the lines/blocks going clockwise around the reel. Double check to ensure you're turning drag up, and not reel speed. This sounds as if your drag is set to the lowest point, rather than higher up. If you continue to have the issue, post a screen shot here in the forums so that the devs can have a look, in case it's a bug. Thanks bud! Tight Lines, PH_Showstorm
  2. Hello fishing buds! Showstorm here from PH. I just completed the the missions that were recently introduced to the game. I greatly enjoyed this content! I hope to see many more of these in the future! Perhaps even some 'Random Daily Missions'. This was a very good addition. Any time you mix something Goal-Oriented with Rewards, that's a win in a multiplayer game. I feel the majority of players will enjoy these. Great job!
  3. Definitely a great stream. I really enjoyed hearing from KW, as well! Great job my dudes! 10/10
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