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  1. Just confirming that it did update after restarting the game.
  2. I just hit level 41. The chat shows 41 as my level and the xp bar is correct, but the level number did not update on the main screen. I'm sure it will update correctly on a relog, but I wanted to make you aware of this issue.
  3. I get this quite a bit. Happens on collision, even on fish. Pretty funny when both fish and my bait go flying into the air!
  4. It is working correctly after 2.0.2 update.
  5. After further gameplay, it seems the challenges are not updating on the main menu. It seems the progress is recorded in-game, but is not updating the display. As mentioned before, it does update the display on a restart of the game.
  6. Noticed some other challenges were not updating as well. After restarting the game it now shows the correct status.
  7. Klawdette

    Holy Float

    Klawdette Steam 12/19/2018 Holy Float Challenge is not updating with catches I am kayak fishing at Emerald Lake with bobber and bait and the challenge is not updating with catches.
  8. Klawdette

    Zoom - Z key

    Thank you. I also noticed recently that Q allows me to select different rods, and I did not see that one mapped either. I have seen, on videos, that you can switch bait similar to the rods but haven't found the key yet, but that is likely another not mapped.
  9. Klawdette

    casting bug

    Klawdette PC/Steam Oct 6th 2017 - issue seemed to be since the fix for the initial bug Sorry for reply, but it seems the best way and seems related to this topic so I didn't want to start another. Aimed casting is frequently doing the same thing, like it's hitting a wall and falling at my feet. I can often cast out metered at the same spot without issue,, but aimed just falls to my feet. Unfortunately, I don't have the knowledge to grab a video of it, but I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  10. Klawdette

    Zoom - Z key

    Klawdette - PC/Steam I'm relatively new to the game, but I recently found that the Z key on my keyboard will zoom in when I have cast. I want to remap that key to CTL-Z, but it does not appear on the key mapping selections.
  11. Klawdette playing on PC/Steam On the "High Roller" [Compete in all available competitions] challenge, I have no way of telling what competitions I have completed (or not completed) to successfully complete this mission. It would enhance game play if the information was available on hover-over, or as a click-through. Out of curiosity, I assume the amateur competitions for which I can no longer apply to would not be part of the requirements to complete the challenge? Also, the Ghost Pike are not counting towards the "Pike Conqueror" challenge, but are counted towards the "Trophy Collector" challenge.
  12. Klawdette

    casting bug

    1:39am PST 10/20/17. Again in Alberta.
  13. Klawdette

    casting bug

    12:15am PST 10/20/17. Happened in Alberta.
  14. Klawdette

    casting bug

    Happened again at 10:57pm PST 10/19/17.
  15. Klawdette

    casting bug

    Klawdette on Steam Occured 10/19/17 @ San Joaquin When casting it would show a full cast, but my tackle and line was at my feet. Quit game and rebooted PC which appeared to fix the issue. Later, the same issue happened again. Switching rods did not help, nor did moving fishing spots. No other programs were open.
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