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  1. Sergey.B

    merging two accounts

    Hello, Unfortunately, we can not offer an account migration service.
  2. Sergey.B

    PS4 1.16 Patch Note.

    The event should end at 11/4/2018 11:50 PM. UTC
  3. Sergey.B

    Xbox One

    All the related information will be announced in due time.
  4. Sergey.B

    Gars and Glory pack bug

    Hello, Please send the corresponding screenshots to the support@fishingplanet.com
  5. SEMIFINAL RESULTSCombating monsters like Gars is no easy task, we’ll give you that! Especially when you’re competing with the 60 best and most proficient Gar anglers. This glorious Semifinal battle of Gars&Glory Cup was quite a display of skills, and now it is time to announce the Top-20 anglers, who will take part in the Grand Finale to be held tomorrow on the banks of Lake Quanchkin! Are you among them? 1 JhonSnow_mgmello 2 MaluBeder 3 Rui-Manitas 4 ZANZUTTER 5 warlordsully 6 rojao12vala 7 FFM--89 8 jmv1607 9 costelera 10 d83-724-igi-30_ 11 Wilsonjr455 12 jimmorrison1962 13 wtf_adrian7 14 HaPpYAsSaSsIn916 15 BLKHAWKS69 16 tomthedude61 17 philkool23 18 Kaffeepit 19 Civi_bra_43 20 deviltrevor68 FINAL RESULTS Now, the Final Round of the Tournament is over, and it is time to announce our Top-10 finalists, headed by the Three Glorious Winners of Gars&Glory Cup! 1 MaluBeder 2 Civi_bra_43 3 jimmorrison1962 4 deviltrevor68 5 Kaffeepit 6 warlordsully 7 d83-724-igi-30_ 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 HaPpYAsSaSsIn916 10 ZANZUTTER
  6. QUALIFIER 2 Well, the 2nd and final Qualifier of Gars&Glory Cup is officially over and while you’ve done the best you could in battling those monstrous Gars, let’s see if you were actually good enough to make it to the Top-30. If your name is among the lucky anglers below, you’re heading on to the next stage of this heated competition - the Semifinal Round on October 27th! If not, well...don’t let that get you down...there’ll be plenty exciting tournaments coming your way soon enough Ta-da...and here is the list: 1 RotaComando1986 2 oviwonk_returns 3 kelvinlazzarotto 4 maxtime_brasil 5 caddybln 6 warlordsully 7 Energizer1205 8 eduardojmaranhao 9 felipeporo 10 crodoojau 11 Rui-Manitas 12 rojao12vala 13 jow_1908 14 philkool23 15 Crimsoncodewolf 16 wolleknolle792 17 ToddynhoO1 18 lucanab1983 19 Mr_Black_Sam 20 Juiced_RL 21 HughBetcha88 22 tadeuboato 23 ruskachan 24 Borys_Y 25 Hot_Pepper_Bob 26 MaluBeder 27 Mr-Goldwaage 28 Angelkoenig27 29 enderalex777 30 d83-724-igi-30_
  7. QUALIFIER 1Hey, anglers! Hail the names of those, who made it to the Top-30 in the 1st Qualifying Round of Gars&Glory Cup! It was a fine battle on the Everglades against some truly ferocious monsters!All anglers listed below are now qualified to participate in the Semifinal Round on October 27th, on the marshy wetland of Lake Quanchkin in Louisiana.If you don’t see your name on the list - just make sure to try your luck in the 2nd Qualifier! 1 H-HOUR_GuAiKiKa 2 ghosthidden 3 RAYKOKILLER 4 Boias21 5 Civi_bra_43 6 Schlaemmi 7 BLKHAWKS69 8 raisen_111 9 Sabata38 10 ZANZUTTER 11 Lui5-_t_ 12 Willians82Br 13 bruno_bmp 14 nette_uschi_39 15 Wilsonjr455 16 wtf_adrian7 17 deviltrevor68 18 jimmorrison1962 19 jmv1607 20 juniorfjvcunha 21 michelplat 22 deryco 23 JhonSnow_mgmello 24 Mandukinho 25 HaPpYAsSaSsIn916 26 Kaffeepit 27 tomthedude61 28 FFM--89 29 sagazbuitre393 30 costelera
  8. Sergey.B

    change email

    Проверьте почту (рабочую), с котороый вы отправили запрос.
  9. Sergey.B

    change email

    Создайте запрос воспользовавшись вкладкой поддержки в самой игре, как сделано на скрине выше.
  10. Sergey.B

    change email

    Здравствуйте, Пожалуйста проверьте настройски своего почтового ящика и папку спам. Мы отвечаем на каждый ваш запрос, по какой-то причине наши ответы вы не видите.
  11. Sergey.B

    change email

    Please use the in-game support tab to request e-mail change.
  12. Sergey.B

    Crash to Desk Top

  13. Sergey.B

    my gold coin disappeared

    Answered via the helpdesk.
  14. Sergey.B


    Hello, Could you please try the console optimization steps from the Guide and report if there is any difference? Thank you.
  15. Sergey.B

    Missions dont work

    Hello, The missions system is temporarily disabled for the improvements.