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    Bad update.

  2. https://steamcommunity.com/games/380600/announcements/detail/1814295005553240453
  3. Hey Guys, Known issue, we are working on it. Thank you!
  4. Hey there, angling community! We’ve done our best to check and double check the final results of Spring Cats Tour and announce the Three Winners of this epic tournament! Here below are their victorious names along with the overall list of Top-10 most proficient Catfish anglers! Thank you for your participation and efforts! Make sure to keep practicing - because the next exciting fishing tournament is just around the corner! In the meantime, tight lines! 1 alex-misha 2 ghosthidden 3 crodoojau 4 eduardojmaranhao 5 maximysss 6 Chubrevich 7 Mr_Black_Sam 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 v1707a 10 Poohlykhomyak
  5. With only one day before the Final Round of Spring Cats Tour, we’re thrilled to give you the names of 20 most proficient and skilled Catfish anglers, who will fight the final battle tomorrow on the mesmerizing Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana for the official title of SCT Champion and other valuable prizes! 1 Poohlykhomyak 2 eduardojmaranhao 3 superpolkilo 4 terentiev81 5 spectra1979 6 Mr_Black_Sam 7 crodoojau 8 jmv1607 9 v1707a 10 alex-misha 11 Ronaldo_Leite 12 coucoupolo 13 dmlopuhov 14 Papayoy31 15 Chubrevich 16 maximysss 17 ghosthidden 18 BLKHAWKS69 19 kallur222 20 osni1910
  6. Hey there, anglers! The 3rd and final Qualifier is officially over and we’re happy to announce the results with the Top 20 finalists who are now qualified to compete in the thrilling Semifinal Round of Spring Cats Tour! These lucky names are listed below. But if you’re name’s not on the list, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future - just make sure to keep practicing and finesse your skills in the meantime! Tight Lines! 1 jmv1607 2 Papayoy31 3 mar_get 4 jaguarferoz 5 ToddynhoO1 6 popytom 7 coucoupolo 8 AznSaiyan 9 Mandukinho 10 cdrik-1223 11 T-DoG_55- 12 RAYKOKILLER 13 sabiscs 14 fuziionsgaming13 15 laforcedu11 16 Generalofpain1 17 Furious_TINTO 18 osni1910 19 lucanab1983 20 rabbit4u
  7. There goes Spring Cats Tour’s second Qualifier! Exciting as it was, it’s now over and we’re happy to announce the 20 anglers who’ll be making it to the Semifinal battle of this unforgettable catfishing Tournament! Is your name not on the list? Don’t get upset just yet! Better gather up all your skills and concentration to make the best use out of the upcoming 3rd Qualifier on March 15th - your final chance to join the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal Round! The list of 20 qualified anglers is given below: 1 ghosthidden 2 dmlopuhov 3 Poohlykhomyak 4 terentiev81 5 eduardojmaranhao 6 JhonSnow_mgmello 7 Melara_Brasil 8 alex-misha 9 haghatho01 10 KYLEROBZ 11 MADDCHILD1971 12 first_atack 13 MaxHimum76 14 rachiib_09 15 mpkuhens 16 ItsKeef 17 rojao12vala 18 crodoojau 19 shuriklyovin-shu 20 kallur222
  8. Wow, what a fine fishing battle! And the best part, it was only the 1st Qualifier of three! Meaning that if for whatever reason your performance wasn’t quite at its prime and you didn’t make it to the top 20 Qualifier finalists, you still have 2 more chances to succeed! Next one’s right around the corner - taking place March 14th on North Carolina’s beautiful Neherrin River! And these 20 anglers are now qualified to compete in the Semifinal Round on March 17th, on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana! 1 jow_1908 2 Mr-Goldwaage 3 LeandroYabuki 4 spectra1979 5 Mr_Black_Sam 6 OSK-ney 7 Chubrevich 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 superpolkilo 10 Ronaldo_Leite 11 nicodiegoantonio 12 v1707a 13 DaChinsta 14 maximysss 15 bemaha 16 LES-OUFS-DD 17 AKA-Maskulin 18 kafar6124 19 seed2184 20 tabare69
  9. Здравствуйте, Напишите пожалуйста на support@fishingplanet.com с упоминанием всех деталей происходящего. Спасибо!
  10. Hello, Please send the report with your account details to the support@fishingplanet.com Thank you.
  11. Здравствуйте, Напишите пожалуйста, на support@fsihingplanet.com
  12. Hey guys, Please submit reports to the support@fishingplanet.com Thank you!
  13. Hello, The Premium itself does not provide unlimited licensing as it covers bonus EXP, earned cash, free competition registration and lowers the cooldown time for the Time Forward feature. In case you have got the Premium with the purchase of a DLC pack, the said pack could include a number of pond passes and licenses.
  14. Please provide the e-mail you have used to contact us. Thank you!
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