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  1. VBO FINAL RESULTS The Final Round of Virtual Bass Open coincided with the third Sunday of June, taking place right on Father’s Day! That’s when our 20 best Bass anglers traveled to the pelican state of Louisiana for an epic final showdown of this year’s ultimate Bass fishing Tournament! It was a tough and fiery battle that made the otherwise peaceful and remote Quanchkin Lake explode with competitive excitement! And now that the Final Round is over and all the results are carefully considered we’re happy to give you 10 names of our Tournament prize-winning finalists, and at the top of the list - the 3 Bass fishing Champions who will be forever remembered as glorious winners of the VBO 2019! Congrats to the winners and Tight Lines to all! Summer has just begun and there are many more fun tournaments ahead! 1 CP_Furious_TINTO 2 ToddynhoO1 3 CP_100vergonha 4 michelplat 5 CP_MuayThay 6 CP_DuduBeder 7 VFF_Chicao 8 VFF_RTComando 9 terentiev81 10 CP_PONTE-TJP
  2. VBO SEMIFINAL RESULTS That was quite a heated battle, as 60 most skilled Bass anglers competed in catching Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass to get one of the Top-20 scores and proceed to the Final Round of Virtual Bass Open! And as this summer’s ultimate Bass tournament dedicated to Father’s Day, we’re happy to give you the names of 20 anglers, who’ll be spending this holiday in the dreamy wilderness of Louisiana’s Quanchkin Lake, fighting in the epic showdown of VBO Grand Finale! And so here’s our Top-20: 1 CP_100vergonha 2 NesterPs 3 CP_Rojao12Vala 4 CP_DuduBeder 5 CP_MuayThay 6 michelplat 7 ToddynhoO1 8 CP_Manduka 9 CP_PONTE-TJP 10 VFF_RTComando 11 CP_crodo_jau 12 kelvinlazzarotto 13 alex-misha 14 terentiev81 15 VFF_Chicao 16 CP_Furious_TINTO 17 FPU_NetteUschi47 18 deviltrevor68 19 FPU_bigboss1504 20 dmlopuhov
  3. QUALIFIER 3 Well, dear anglers...this is it! We’re announcing the results of the third and final Qualifying Round of Virtual Bass Open, and the last chance you had to make it to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below is the list of 20 Bass anglers who did their very best and succeeded in getting one of the Top-20 results and will be going to the peaceful banks of Neherrin River in North Carolina on June 16th to fight in the Semifinal battle! Not on the list? Don’t let that get you down! Just think of all the fun you had and experience you got! Make sure to use your newly acquired skills and knowledge in the many Tournaments to come and profit! 1 terentiev81 2 Poohlykhomyak 3 CP_Furious_TINTO 4 maximysss 5 coucoupolo 6 FPU_bigboss1504 7 dmlopuhov 8 Tapatalgud 9 FPU_NetteUschi47 10 ToddynhoO1 11 VFF_RTComando 12 CP_100vergonha 13 mitderplatte 14 v1707a 15 Spartacus_Troyes 16 VFF_Guimaraes 17 CP_Rojao12Vala 18 alex-misha 19 CP_PONTE-TJP 20 jmv1607golf7
  4. QUALIFIER 2 Tension is growing as one more Qualifying Round of Virtual Bass Open is now over. It was the 2nd attempt for our daring anglers to show their best Bass catching performance by getting one of the twenty best results and going through to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below you’ll find a list of those who splendidly coped with this challenging task! These anglers will head straight on to the Semifinal - held on the peaceful banks of Neherrin River in North Carolina on June 20! In the meantime, the rest can still have one final go at joining them and try their luck in the 3rd and final Qualifier on June 21st! 1 kelvinlazzarotto 2 def83style 3 osohdj 4 CP_Rui-Manitas 5 CP_RodrigoSkyBox 6 FPIA_AnglerBOB 7 svs-paljas 8 WolleSLF 9 CP_DuduBeder 10 svs-Porreke 11 spectra1979 12 CP_MuayThay 13 BabyJouker 14 Marek1970U 15 bruno_bmp 16 tessi1988 17 JACKYLEGGS94 18 Igokat 19 DaYwAlKeRoO76 20 svs-calibrake
  5. Virtual Bass Open: Qualifier 1 Results QUALIFIER 1 With the Virtual Bass Open in full swing, we’re thrilled to announce the results of the tournament’s 1st Qualifying Round. Held on the wide open spaces of Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan, that was the 1st chance out of 3 to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-20 most skilled Bass anglers! Below you’ll find the list of those who’ll head to North Carolina on June 22 and compete among the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on the peaceful banks of Neherrin River. If you don’t see your name - no worries There’s still two more chances in the 2nd and 3rd Qualifiers. 1 CP_Manduka 2 VFF_toninho0 3 deviltrevor68 4 nicodiegoantonio 5 fanki1992 6 Chubrevich 7 michelplat 8 enderalex777 9 Ruger422 10 guitoons9422 11 VFF_Chicao 12 Antrazes45 13 VFF_jow1908 14 Mael_Pierre 15 KaduzeraXD 16 djbergziege1974 17 NesterPs 18 The_Razonar 19 Max6767676767676 20 CP_crodo_jau
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  8. CCO FINAL RESULTS Wow, that was one superCHARged tournament! And what an electrified Finale! But let’s get straight to business and break the news you’ve all been waiting for - the Char Charger’s Open Final Results. Here below you’ll find the names of our Three Char Charger Champions along with the carefully calculated list of the Top-10 finalists! Well done, guys...Congrats and thank you for participating! We really hope you enjoyed this thrilling experience and are already looking forward to new challenging tournaments coming your way soon! In the meantime, recharge your fishing capacities and work on those solid hooksets. Stay tuned and tight lines, folks! 1 FPU_FFM--89 2 FPU_bigboss1504 3 CP_Rui-Manitas 4 VFF_Chicao 5 first_atack 6 v1707a 7 CP_Manduka 8 CP_100vergonha 9 VFF_osni1910 10 RotaMishaShotZ
  9. CCO SEMIFINAL RESULTS Well, that was sure one fine fishing battle! We all held our breath as the 60 Top anglers were demonstrating their skills in this epic Semifinal battle. And now it is our pleasure to announce the names of 20 most proficient and skilled Char anglers, who will fight the final battle tomorrow on the snowy White Moose Lake in the very heart of the frozen Canadian wilderness for the official title of CCO Champion and other valuable prizes! 1 VFF_jow1908 2 FPU_FFM--89 3 FPU_bigboss1504 4 VFF_Chicao 5 maximysss 6 CP_Wismeck 7 v1707a 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 CP_100vergonha 10 mar_get 11 VFF_osni1910 12 spectra1979 13 CP_Rui-Manitas 14 VFF_RTComando 15 first_atack 16 pochpifa 17 CP_Manduka 18 Poohlykhomyak 19 KaduzeraXD 20 RotaMishaShotZ
  10. QUALIFIER 2 Hey there, anglers! The 2nd and final Qualifier is officially over and we’re sure you’ve done your best to outperform and outsmart other anglers and make it to the Top-30! We are happy to announce the 30 names that will move on to the next stage of this heated competition - the Semifinal Round on May 19th! These lucky anglers are listed below. But if your name’s not on the list, don’t let that get you down. Summer is coming and there’ll be plenty more Tournaments and Competitions for you to prove yourself in. Just make sure to sharpen those skills in the meantime! Tight Lines! 1 mar_get 2 kurtangler 3 imal1 4 Marcomaniac2610 5 AKA-Maskulin 6 RotaMishaShotZ 7 Ade-Marcus_it 8 Actros1942 9 krot238 10 terentiev81 11 KaduzeraXD 12 Poohlykhomyak 13 KibaltchichK9 14 BLKHAWKS69 15 tyskiepl-1980 16 soenke487 17 d83-724-igi-30_ 18 mrtoffeeman75 19 x420_HIGH_420x 20 pochpifa 21 deafpirat24 22 VFF_osni1910 23 kelvinlazzarotto 24 guitoons9422 25 Fernando_kino___ 26 Bullsfan1212 27 FPU_NetteUschi47 28 first_atack 29 hocky80 30 thiago_ramirez
  11. And here we finally are! We’ve made absolutely sure that all the points were accurately accounted for and are happy to announce the final and official results of the Largemouth Bass April Cup! Welcome our three Champions along with the Top-10 most proficient Largemouth Bass anglers! Below is the triumphant list of these honorable names! Congratulations! And don’t even think about slacking off! Cuz the merry month of May is sure to bring you yet another thrilling tournament... 1 CP_Manduka 2 jimmorrison1962 3 FPU_bigboss1504 4 KYLEROBZ 5 dmlopuhov 6 Melara_Brasil 7 VFF_RTComando 8 CP_Rojao12Vala 9 VFF_jow1908 10 NesterPs
  12. My my! Time Flies when you’re amidst such competitive thrill and excitement! We’re only a day away from witnessing an epic event in the history of virtual sportfishing - the Grand Finale of Largemouth Bass April Cup! Lo and behold, below are the names of 20 best anglers that’ll fight this final battle for the Championship title and valuable prizes! 1 CP_Manduka 2 AznSaiyan 3 FPU_bigboss1504 4 NesterPs 5 Melara_Brasil 6 ruskachan 7 dmlopuhov 8 jimmorrison1962 9 KYLEROBZ 10 alex-misha 11 VFF_jow1908 12 CP_Rojao12Vala 13 VFF_RTComando 14 mitderplatte 15 Mr_Black_Sam 16 superpolkilo 17 ghosthidden 18 kallur222 19 michelplat 20 ItsKeef
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  14. Well, the second and final Qualifying stage of this April’s hottest sportfishing event is finished! It was great fun and an even greater challenge, as numerous anglers competed to make it to the Top-30 list, given below! These lucky fellas will proceed to the Semifinal to be among the 60 competitors and fight for a place in the Top-20 to eventually end up in the Grand Finale and really see who’s who in the world of Largemouth fishing! 1 Melara_Brasil 2 stevium420 3 ItsKeef 4 JeThroTuLL916 5 kallur222 6 CP_Rui-Manitas 7 QueenCity279 8 leeriehle 9 ruskachan 10 ZANZUTTER 11 imal1 12 BrAcArA-PT 13 ziosampei_it 14 GeovaneSPFC 15 krot238 16 Danzo4w33d 17 AznSaiyan 18 Mael_Pierre 19 BLKHAWKS69 20 jimmorrison1962 21 Poohlykhomyak 22 ghosthidden 23 MalachiAngel 24 mister-olivier 25 deviltrevor68 26 astion83 27 KYLEROBZ 28 DaChinsta 29 fgdude 30 bruno_bmp
  15. Alrighty, with the first Qualifier over, this April’s tournament is only getting heated up! Below are the names of 30 anglers who showed the best Largemouth catching proficiency and will head straight to the Cup’s Semifinal Round taking place on April 14th on the swampy wetlands of Quanchkin Lake, Louisiana. Now, if you didn’t make it to the top 30 Qualifier finalists, you still have one more chance to succeed! Just give it another shot on April 13th by taking part in the second Qualifying Round held in North Carolina. Tight Lines! 1 Mr_Black_Sam 2 FPU_FFM--89 3 RICKLELINSKI 4 VFF_RTComando 5 superpolkilo 6 VFF_jow1908 7 michelplat 8 CP_Wismeck 9 Tapatalgud 10 NesterPs 11 PAPAYA_SALAD_OG 12 COMANDO-TUGA-67 13 VFF_osni1910 14 terentiev81 15 Chubrevich 16 ToddynhoO1 17 FPU_bigboss1504 18 VFF_toninho0 19 VFF_Chicao 20 CP_Rojao12Vala 21 CP_Manduka 22 eduardojmaranhao 23 spectra1979 24 Lui5-_t_ 25 alex-misha 26 mar_get 27 dmlopuhov 28 mitderplatte 29 CP_MuayThay 30 coucoupolo
  16. Steam and PS4 received different compensation packages. The Steam users got just monetary compensation and the PS4 users got new rods.
  17. https://steamcommunity.com/games/380600/announcements/detail/1814295005553240453
  18. Hey Guys, Known issue, we are working on it. Thank you!
  19. Hey there, angling community! We’ve done our best to check and double check the final results of Spring Cats Tour and announce the Three Winners of this epic tournament! Here below are their victorious names along with the overall list of Top-10 most proficient Catfish anglers! Thank you for your participation and efforts! Make sure to keep practicing - because the next exciting fishing tournament is just around the corner! In the meantime, tight lines! 1 alex-misha 2 ghosthidden 3 crodoojau 4 eduardojmaranhao 5 maximysss 6 Chubrevich 7 Mr_Black_Sam 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 v1707a 10 Poohlykhomyak
  20. With only one day before the Final Round of Spring Cats Tour, we’re thrilled to give you the names of 20 most proficient and skilled Catfish anglers, who will fight the final battle tomorrow on the mesmerizing Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana for the official title of SCT Champion and other valuable prizes! 1 Poohlykhomyak 2 eduardojmaranhao 3 superpolkilo 4 terentiev81 5 spectra1979 6 Mr_Black_Sam 7 crodoojau 8 jmv1607 9 v1707a 10 alex-misha 11 Ronaldo_Leite 12 coucoupolo 13 dmlopuhov 14 Papayoy31 15 Chubrevich 16 maximysss 17 ghosthidden 18 BLKHAWKS69 19 kallur222 20 osni1910
  21. Hey there, anglers! The 3rd and final Qualifier is officially over and we’re happy to announce the results with the Top 20 finalists who are now qualified to compete in the thrilling Semifinal Round of Spring Cats Tour! These lucky names are listed below. But if you’re name’s not on the list, there’ll be plenty more thrilling Tournaments and Competitions in the future - just make sure to keep practicing and finesse your skills in the meantime! Tight Lines! 1 jmv1607 2 Papayoy31 3 mar_get 4 jaguarferoz 5 ToddynhoO1 6 popytom 7 coucoupolo 8 AznSaiyan 9 Mandukinho 10 cdrik-1223 11 T-DoG_55- 12 RAYKOKILLER 13 sabiscs 14 fuziionsgaming13 15 laforcedu11 16 Generalofpain1 17 Furious_TINTO 18 osni1910 19 lucanab1983 20 rabbit4u
  22. There goes Spring Cats Tour’s second Qualifier! Exciting as it was, it’s now over and we’re happy to announce the 20 anglers who’ll be making it to the Semifinal battle of this unforgettable catfishing Tournament! Is your name not on the list? Don’t get upset just yet! Better gather up all your skills and concentration to make the best use out of the upcoming 3rd Qualifier on March 15th - your final chance to join the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal Round! The list of 20 qualified anglers is given below: 1 ghosthidden 2 dmlopuhov 3 Poohlykhomyak 4 terentiev81 5 eduardojmaranhao 6 JhonSnow_mgmello 7 Melara_Brasil 8 alex-misha 9 haghatho01 10 KYLEROBZ 11 MADDCHILD1971 12 first_atack 13 MaxHimum76 14 rachiib_09 15 mpkuhens 16 ItsKeef 17 rojao12vala 18 crodoojau 19 shuriklyovin-shu 20 kallur222
  23. Wow, what a fine fishing battle! And the best part, it was only the 1st Qualifier of three! Meaning that if for whatever reason your performance wasn’t quite at its prime and you didn’t make it to the top 20 Qualifier finalists, you still have 2 more chances to succeed! Next one’s right around the corner - taking place March 14th on North Carolina’s beautiful Neherrin River! And these 20 anglers are now qualified to compete in the Semifinal Round on March 17th, on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana! 1 jow_1908 2 Mr-Goldwaage 3 LeandroYabuki 4 spectra1979 5 Mr_Black_Sam 6 OSK-ney 7 Chubrevich 8 BLKHAWKS69 9 superpolkilo 10 Ronaldo_Leite 11 nicodiegoantonio 12 v1707a 13 DaChinsta 14 maximysss 15 bemaha 16 LES-OUFS-DD 17 AKA-Maskulin 18 kafar6124 19 seed2184 20 tabare69
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