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  1. Quite an old topic I know, but wondered if you'd had any luck? I've been after the unique panfish on this lake and apart from the White Crappy I'm yet to have any luck. I do have a couple of spots that I've managed to get Trophy Bluegill and Black Crappie and I'm sure with a little more perseverance I'll get the unis. If you're still lokking let me know and I'll post more info. #2 hook and leeches has worked best so far, although I've also caught them both on crickets and redworms.
  2. Cheers, you're not wrong. I haven't had my float sit so still for so long during peak periods in a hot spot since the Halloween Gar experiment! I fished for 30 in game mins with the lure and got the usual little tickles that I couldn't hit. After switching to the bait rod I finally got two bites in the final 1.5 in game hours. Both were Tiger Muskie. Just didn't realise I'd have to be that patient given how easy I've found the normal Muskie and Pike. Thx tho, much appreciated. I then went back to Pike Alley and the first fish I caught was a Tiger Muskie!
  3. Thanks for offering your help, although as per my original post I'm already doing all of the known stuff in the right spot, hence just checking if anything had changed.
  4. Morning all. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for catching these fellas? I've had a uni Muskie, three uni Pike and I've even caught one Tiger Muskie, but they were all in the Pike Alley corner. I've fished for the Tigers on three occasions, all in the Sandy Cay location highlighted by all of the know YouTubers and have used the ubersheet for times, but I'm yet to even have a bite! Has something changed I'm not aware of?
  5. Great posts guys. I still love the game (in fact I'm playing it now), but the Halloween event really p***ed me off. I too lost bait due to the 'struck too early…' bug and those spawn rates were just terrible. I can appreciate the devs wanting to make the event challenging, but as VV says it's about balance. Give us a challenge sure, but this event felt like a wind-up and a money grab. I don't have a problem with top tier rewards being aimed at players who seriously put the time in, but why not have more reward tiers so that even casual gamers feel there's a reason to participate? I'm sure in the long term you'll get more players sticking around and spending a little of their hard earned cash to participate. I can also appreciate that English isn't the first language of many of the mods and devs, and it's easy to say communication to the player base is the key, when I only speak one language, but I'm sorry, communication is really important. Keep speaking to us, make us aware you are listening and you'll keep more of us around for longer.
  6. Great. So about four hours after finally giving up and spending a load of cash on a 6 day Michigan trip, they adjust things. Well at least they did finally do something that'll help the rest of you, pretty pissed off personally. Pity they couldn't have communicated that they were working on things rather than telling us once it's done.
  7. Given the state of the event, that I have bust my balls on it over the last four days or so (with little reward) and the fact that I have just shelled out £31 on the Catfish Pack, that's one 'investment' I won't be making. Moved onto other things now, see how I can do at St. Croix.
  8. After the bait gone 'strike too early' bug wiping my stocks out and the realisation that, even with following all of the advice on here, a #6/0 hook just doesn't produce enough fish, I'm done with the event for this year. Good luck everyone persevering.
  9. Had the same 'Strike too early' glitch three times tonight. Very expensive bug given price of bait. Edit: Make that 4.
  10. Lucky you. How'd you manage that? Most I managed was about 90kg. That's around 3K in game currency. Considering a 3 day trip to the Everglades is around 14K, I'll definitely be out of pocket unless I fish the days as well. I tried Triple X's method the second to last night and managed one fish. I did have the game bug out on me a couple of times, which prevented me building a swim properly. The final room I spawned in had two chaps fishing the same swim. One caught 5, the other 2. The more people fishing the swim the more seem to spawn as others have said. Unfortunately the two guys I fish with aren't interested in the event, which means I have to waste time hopping between rooms to try and find one where people are fishing the hot area. If I do find one, I'm likely to find they're using #8/0 hooks meaning the fish are more likely to take their bait than mine.
  11. So I'm guessing that unless you pump loads of real cash into this, or have been max level for ages and built up a significant amount of in game cash, you are expected to only be able to achieve the target on Neherrin? The biggest catch of Halloween gar I heard of on one night was 5 Albinos. The most I have caught is 2. Not sure if anyone knows of more in one night on Neherrin? Am I right in saying that to fish a full in game night takes approx 2hrs? If so even at that 5 max a night catch rate, that's a minimum of 40 hours real time needed to catch 100 and 20 in game nights. The cost of a 20 day trip to Everglades would mean there's no way a normal player could just focus on fishing the nights, so you'd probably have to factor in another 2-4 hours making money to cover costs. At my current catch rate I'm looking at 200 hrs gameplay and that's if I only fish nights.
  12. Don't mind challenges being tough and I realise the devs have to make money, but I'm not comfortable with success being tied to cash payments or being of a sufficiently high enough level to be able to purchase the right equipment. Yeah I know that you have to be high enough to get to Neherrin to have any chance, but this hook size business has wound me up. I'm level 30 and have fished a three day and a six day trip in the Everglades. In that time I have fished pretty much a full night for each day of those trips. I had done six nights before I found out that upping my catch rate significantly was only going to happen if I used a size of hook I can't buy and even if I was, one that the local shop doesn't stock (I'm assuming this based on the fact they don't stock the #7/0).
  13. I'm only level 28 so I've been using the 25lb test mono or fluoro that came with the catfish pack
  14. Cheers Diggar. I have been using that (well, Shamee's version), but that still kinda makes it guesswork. Some species of fish fight harder than others, even when they're similar size, and some of those Muskies grow huge, so I was wondering if there were any lure set-ups available at level 30 that are worth the money and would do the job.
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