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  1. For me jighead 14g #4/0 with a 15 cm purple worm works best. I catch unique and trophy quite consistantly with that setup. Go to fairytale fishing and cast to the buoy on the left when facing the exit of the lake to around 40 to 43 meters. Let the lure sink to the bottom and retrieve with a slow lift and drop. The last 10 meters I use a slow stop and go since fish quite often bite in that range too. Got a unique at 8 meters! Cloudy day from 19 - 21 works best! Good luck!
  2. What? If you want some help you need to be a little more precise
  3. Nice! With a #5/0 hook? Oh...pounds I read kilograms... stupid me! But still a very nice catch! Got a 19,9 kg pike yesterday with a #8/0 hook. Cheers!
  4. For LND have reel speed on 1, press L2 until the rod is all the way up and as soon as you let go of L2 hold R2 for about 2 spins. Then let go of R2 and start from the begining pressing L2 all the way up and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on You should quite easily get a 3 dot LND! In higher levels you may have to vary your reel speed, but at the begining speed 1 is just fine! Also lighter weight lurs are easier to LND than heavier Good luck!
  5. Do lift and drop with L2 button, not with the right analog stick Also when setting the hook you need to hold down L2 and start reeling in, only tapping it shortly will not work. No probs for me setting with lurs! Turn off vibration and go for the visual indicators... Vibration does not seem to work too well atm! Hope I could help! Cheers
  6. EvilSam666


    In November... They didn´t say which year
  7. Edit: 13. Fix bug that keeps other players visible even if turned off in options. Happens quite frequently that someone stands right in front of me and doesn´t turn invisble and blocks my view. 14. Save reel brake settings when logging off. Not a major flaw but still quite annoying that reel brake settings for every rod are returned to default each time you start the game new.
  8. 9g #1/0 jighead and a 7cm worm or grub works great! I usually cast around 70 to 80 meters towards the reeds in the back right corner of the map but if you don´t get so far it shouldn´t be a problem either. For retrieve use a slow lift and drop or a medium/fast stop and go (2 or 3 Speed on reel). Walleye is very dependent on bite times, not much use fishing outside of the main bite times. For rod I use the Jigwinner 270 and a suitable reel. Use fluoro but beware that the line is the weakest link in your setup! P.S.: On a sunny day try and catch the unique pickerel, it´s really easy to catch and gives a ton of xp and cash! Here´s how to catch it: Sunny day 14:00 - 17:00, quite a long time span #2/0 hook, shiners from the dock cast 50m (+/- 1-2m) to the reeds on the left The uniques weigh about 2,00kg to 2,70kg, so get ready for a fight! I usually catch 2 uniques in that timespan, EZ! Good luck!
  9. So I´ve been playing this game for quite some time and really enjoying it! Here are a few flaws I have noticed and would like to see them fixed to make this game even better: Improved controller sensitivity/strike speed (self explaining) Higher opacity on lure/bobber indicator or option to change it (hard to see them at times, especially when looking towards the sun) More animation frames for lure/bobber indicator (when compared to PC it seems that the PS4 version only has about 6 or 7 frames, hard to see the exact position of the lure) Confirmation needed when buying stuff (do you really want to buy this item? x/o) Fix the "A Reel needs to be selected first" bug (happens quite frequently) Fix the disappearing rod after casting bug (also happens quite frequently, games needs to be restarted) Fix game crashing Make a better tutorial (A lot of stuff doesn´t get mentioned in the tutorial, eg. how to switch to casting by pressing R3, differences between rods, etc....) Better menu navigation (navigation just doesn´t have a good feel to it) Explain competitions better (first time I entered a comp I didn´t know I needed a licence and actually had to travel there ) Reduce sound volume of raindrops (sounds like bomb shells coming down!) Maybe maybe 4k support for PS4 Pro (not really needed but would be nice to see!) Keep up the good work, cheers!
  10. I know there is a quick strike technique for float fishing, just wondering if there is a tutorial out there somewhere Couldn´t find anything on youtube... I can sometimes pull it off, but not consistantly. Would be greatful for any tipps! Cheers!
  11. I just can´t get it done! Got the lucky bobber 3 achievement (45 successful bobber casts in a row) today in Alberta but the counter for the angling machine counter always resets at 11! Any tips? I noticed the counter resets too if you time forward, so I avoided doing it... Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the advice, guys.!I might still stay in New York for a while until I can get the gear to actually keep the big fish in florida
  13. Rocket League is one of the bigger games played cross-platform (PS4/PC)!
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