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  1. Folks here's my trick. I use the navigation bar up top (compass heading) and there is a tick that doesn't move, so I use that to center up on somebody, but aim more to the left like someone else that said it throws to the right. I pull out my rivertech pole and use the distance of the pole where the tip is just underneath the foot. Then I switch to the snowball and do a quick toss, no power needed. It should hit the back of their body. Hope this helps, just getting the snow is a daily money dump, but hey I knew this was coming so I banked money for this event.
  2. This did not work for me even during normal gameplay, hence I did not try that during the tournament. Maybe it only works during then, but I am hoping this will not happen for the next time. FP please fix this glitch.
  3. Now I'm very curious sabiScs...can't wait to find out. So most of the competitions, they took away the restrictive keepnet. For example when I was at a young level, Cheesy Cat at Mudwater you could not compete with people that had a bigger keepnet. Rules was the total weight of your keepnet. For this tournament, that restriction should have been lifted to give everyone a fair chance no matter what level. Hopefully next time right?
  4. I had two fish that I could not keep...asked if I wanted to cut the line instead of putting it in my keepnet. This was after the fact I released my smaller fish. Was you the same reason?
  5. Haven't seen any updates. I'm interested as well!!!
  6. So for now, the night hat is the only unlockable. Keep an eye out for these holiday/special events where you have to grind to get the hats. Since next month is St. Paddy event, you can get the hat that was offered last year.
  7. Can you be more specific on which cap you want? If you're talking about the fishing cap with the night light, you need to catch fish at night (9pm-4:59 am). If I remember correctly, I think you need to catch a 150 fish. Do it in Texas since time forwarding is free.
  8. Folks, I guess it all depends who you're fishing with. Got some guys with us that did last year and it worked out great. Trying to tell the newer folks took a while but they understood it. Friend me up tonight if you need fireworks to have or to catch the fish.
  9. Are they all roughly in the same spot as last year?
  10. Just being civil here, but I feel this thread has gone off topic. Please, let us stop the accusations and finger pointing. This has become toxic. Let us all be vigilant and report the suspected cheaters and double dippers. Like we should. Forums should be a welcoming place to share ideas and make friends, not become a hostile place.
  11. I've been a silent stalker on this forum and I am fully aware of the "short" stories you tell and the fishing adventures while you we hurt. I look forward to that fishing day
  12. I remember that post. That's how I knew Tarpon could be caught with a popper! Maybe the thought is that after a miss, the fish gets real excited and gets more voracious because it can't believe it missed a delicious meal and want to live up to the prospect of a top predator! I know for the Pike family, I keep a constant 1 speed reel while popping where as for Bass species I do a 2 speed with the twitch almost the same time, very slow intervals in between. I think one day I would like to fish with the the Legendary Violentvole...
  13. VV, I can only get a consistent 3 AFTER a miss and a fast reel, most of the time with the counsellor S. I just wanted to share that. Also, I noticed after a topwater miss, especially with poppers, just get the light taught again and do nothing else, you will 99% of the time get that second strike. Really no need to get that 2 or 3 dot again. But like I said, this is what I've experienced.
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