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  1. Same here In my 2nd qualifier, 1st half doing well and in top 10. Then the 2nd half was still getting good hard bites with the frog but the lag wouldn't let the hook set, 15 + bites went that way and I slowly dropped out of the money.
  2. Yes to all the above, I miss the old crankbaits. Used to call them crackbaits. I think it was around the lure rework / topwater patch, the crankbait died
  3. I'm looking for tips and advice... I've completed the flipper sleigh and head over heels challenges in trying to do it. My best try is 499/500m. With the lag and low tension fish lost with out the line flashing blue I have come here for help. How do I get lucky ?
  4. Wish I had this info b4 hand . live and learn
  5. I've crashed and burned on all 3 rds. Had fun trying tho. rank 49 as I finished...
  6. Wish me luck boys, im going in !!!
  7. Saw a 8kg cat caught, but that was it in my lobby. Get the odd small one in the bay.
  8. Just in case some didn't know.... going in to the menu ( options ) pauses the timer.
  9. In the 1st rd, What did the small red buoys mean ? Places to fish ?
  10. Time is locked. and its on a partly cloudy day. Find the details on the 2nd qualifier tab in game.
  11. Add me is you like buddy, CrackBadger007
  12. Damn no bait-coins for the stamp ;o( Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Y'all !!!
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