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  1. This lake is the most beautifull of the game ...
  2. Thanks !
  3. Changed my line to 25 inches and got my first ogre gar on the first cast ! i'm guessing the depth was the issue. So my bad thanks a lot guys x-x look like im on the right track now.
  4. It's actually 1 of the 2 guides that i looked up ... still nothing even if i'm fishing with the same lure at the same depth and the same spot at the same time. Ima keep going for a a bit today but look dam like there's something wrong ima try different depth now.
  5. I've been fishing at NC for nearly 4 hours and i haven't got a single bite for an Ogre Gar yet i followed every guides and advices that i could possibly find online ... i'm quite confused Im not sure what else to try now honestly x-x
  6. Agreed more customization options for gear would be great even if it's just a simple color change.
  7. When does the event end ? 5 november ?
  8. Dam there's a ton of great info in this thread thanks a lot guys ... however i'm not sure how many of each gars do you need to complete the level 3 achievements ? 30 or 100 ? I really wanted the hat and the vest but i haven't even started going fishing for gars yet i wonder if it's even worth trying it out now unfortunately.
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