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    Thats not entirely true when someone using multiple accounts though. No matter how good you are at the game, there is still an RNG factor in the ecvation, and using multiple accounts is increasing the chances for that factor to favour you. Take "The battle of kaniq" for example. I know how to catch the unique chinook, however it is hard for me to in a effective way affect what size of the fish I get is. Using several accounts increasing the chance for me to catch a big one, where if I only fished with one account the RNG of that happen would be more narrow.
  2. Gotta love copy paste
  3. I would like to suggest changing the current way how competition is scheduled. Make all competitions have a time window of 20-24 hours open to compete (including those for amateurs), and have them all running at the same time. Prizes can be given out the next day when competitions have ended. In other word have the same format for competitions as you have for tournament qualifiers. This would give more players chance to play the competitions they really like to play, and easier to fit in when they have time to play it (work/sleep, different timezones etc). It would also remove the issue that occurs when several no limit and/or amateur comps are scheduled one after another, which sometimes makes you unable to play a single competition for 12 hours straight. Any interference from your part such as rebooting servers and launching updates would also be minimized by having this format on competitions. As well as any unexpected downtime on steam side and/or minor issues on individual basis conserning ISP's.
  4. Is this an actual announcement or something you just been editing for fun?
  5. A solution would be to run all comps simultaneously and have them open for a 24 hour window, then give out prizes and points the next day. This would not only fix issues with downtime from server reboots, but also a lot of other issues concering comps and what times they are running.
  6. Small update on the new waterways from 2 days ago (news tab on steam forums) https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791439187935/announcements/detail/1700566430864719705 My guess is the new waterways are coming this dec or early jan next year.
  7. As I said to you on steam forums, merging two accounts would mean you gain extra baitcoins from having done multiple achievements. I believe that is a big factor to why they wont merge multiple accounts. I also think there are many players who have multiple accounts in this game, and by granting your wish to merge your accounts would mean others would want to do the same = extra work for the devs to do.
  8. Hey! So I never really paid close attention this this before, I allways believed the comps were alternating between daytime and night time. But as I watch now for the comps that takes place in Kaniq Creek Alaska between nov 1 - nov 14, there is only ONE competition that is played during "normal" (late morning/daytime)time in Europe and it starts 9 am. Alla other comps in Alaska starts at 1 am (cet). Isnt there a way to organize so they can alternate in time to when they start? Or even better, have all comps run for a 24 hour window and give prizes next day.
  9. J_3

    Float fishing tutorial

    Thats why Im asking why this isnt thaught in a tutorial. To me it is obvious this is a game "glitch" and not a feature. But since devs allows it, it should be a "feature" and not a "glitch". Therefor according to fairplay everyone should also given the chanse to learn it without have to being active on forums and/or know certain players in game. Because in my opinion, I see no reason what so ever to why anyone should try to do somthing else than what the game teaches you to do, and that is to "wait". Their own rules literally says: " 4. Inappropriate conduct in game / Fair play principles The following actions are prohibited in game: 4.02. Intentionally exploiting the physics system to catch the fishfaster or bigger. This includes, but is not limited to, catching the fish withoutappropriate forceapplied to the tackle." And the onlyway to be 100% sure that "quickstrike" isnt against their own rules, is to ask them via support mail. Since there is no official statement made from the devs anywhere (that I could find) about this method.
  10. Hello! I was wondering why the tutorial for float fishing teach you to "wait" (it literally shows a text saying wait) for the bobber to go under before you should strike, when there is a glitch in the game (quickstrike, which you allow even though it is against your own rules about "fairplay")? Why dont the tutorial teach you how to "quickstrike" instead? I also wonder if there is any other glitches in the game that you allow but isnt taught through a game tutorial?
  11. That was unexpected, sometimes lucky I guess. Congrats to all the winners and gratz to an awesome event. Was really fun, looking forward to next.
  12. worms and shrimps should do. Try to fish as close to peak hours as possible.
  13. So thats why all you PH guys was in Louisiana fishing for the gar.
  14. What happend to buying them for credits and baitcoins? As killerwhale said in a post earlier this year?
  15. No, it stops. As long as the time remaining in the 2 hour window (standard time that competition is open) is greater than the time you have left in the competition the time will pause.
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