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  1. J_3

    Rods distance sheet

    In general you can say that the longer the rod is, the longer your cast will be. Also the lure will need to match the lure range of your rod, if it is to light the cast will be short. The thinner the line is also affects the distance, hence why braided line is a good option, but make sure to use correct line and leader for the fish you gonna catch. As well the number of guide lines in a rod affects the casting distance, the more guide lines there is the more friction and shorter your cast will be. I think also there is some differences in the reels that affect the distance, but not 100% of it.
  2. Exactly which leaders is it, and what reel, rod and drag setting are you using?
  3. "Sorry, we couldn’t find that page"
  4. J_3

    Buying items

    You need to have the aquired level to buy them. A tips though, dont buy everything just because you can. Managing your economy is a vital part of this game, specially in the early levels.
  5. Im not so sure it is just coincidence though, it is defintly a difference to how it used to be. I've also noticed that sometimes I have a fish on and reeling it in, but the second I land it (taking it out of the water) there is no fish there. =/
  6. So recently I've lost multiple fishes while I had my rod in the rod stand. What happens is I hook the fish and switch to another rod in the stand to hook another fish. During the time Im reeling in one of them, the other one is lost. Previously (before last patch) this was possible, and a fish could be "idle" in the rod stand for quite some time, now I've lose it in only 30 sec.. Is this a bug or an actual change you (devs) made? If it infact is a change you've done, can I ask why?
  7. When was this fixed? Cant find any info on it.
  8. Dont know if this is avaliable for you, might only be here in Sweden. But this is the one Im using https://www.netonnet.se/art/gaming/gamingmus/mission-sg-ggm-3-5-gaming-mouse/227533.9347/ Really comes in handy with all the side buttons, lets you change rod, enter menu, zoom in/out, adjust drag setting, reel speed etc etc, without ever have to use your keyboard. So if this is not avaliable to you, my recommendation would surely be to get one with alot of extra buttons on. Fits well to alot of other games as well. (499 sek = ~$50)
  9. Well.. They allready do that. Incase you missed it, they usually running "events" on hollidays and anniversaries which gives you extra equipment and baitcoins for "free". All you have to do is to put the time in to it. Regarding "free dlc's", why on earth why they hand those out for "free"?? They are a company with employees and need to get some money in, it's not like they have socialist government in their back paying for all their expenses..
  10. J_3

    What Season Is It?

    I have no idea. But in the game the seasons doesnt change over time, they remain the same for each individual waterway.
  11. J_3

    What Season Is It?

    There is no seasons in the game
  12. It wasnt really a question though, more a general "need to vent" post. But as I said, I already asked them about this at several occasions so no need to ask them again I guess.
  13. Dont know why they dont do it, but I've asked multiple times to get an individual volume control for the rod stand. Just like the one for enviorment, music etc. I know I liked to listen to the reel spinning and so on, but hated the rod stand "beeping". Ended up I had to turn all sound down and could only hear rod stand "beep" on a very low volume.
  14. Maybe they have switched it up and fishes are on other spots? Or RNG just hit you. I've been playing FP since release in aug 2015. I cant even keep track on how many time I've fished my "best spots" and come out with absolutly nothing, just for the next time to be good and I catch them as usual again.
  15. And after 1 hour you hadnt realized it wouldnt get tiered, so you kept on for one more hour?
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