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  1. Maybe they have switched it up and fishes are on other spots? Or RNG just hit you. I've been playing FP since release in aug 2015. I cant even keep track on how many time I've fished my "best spots" and come out with absolutly nothing, just for the next time to be good and I catch them as usual again.
  2. And after 1 hour you hadnt realized it wouldnt get tiered, so you kept on for one more hour?
  3. J_3

    30 fish in a row

    2 dings resets it, because that means (or can mean) that there are 2 different fishes that "nibbles". If you read above I said this "it is enough for another fish to just nibble and not bite, then it will reset.". Most (or all I have talked with) that have done this achievement did it with quickstrike, cus then there is no room and time for "another fish" to have the chance to nibble the bait, and the counter wont reset. But it also means they needed to do 30 successful quickstrikes in a row. Can it be done regulary? I guess, if you are insanly lucky maybe.
  4. J_3

    30 fish in a row

    Did you ever had 2 "dings" on your float while doing this?
  5. J_3

    30 fish in a row

    It has to be 30 fishes in a row with not a single missed bite. For example, it is enough for another fish to just nibble and not bite, then it will reset. I've played this game since aug 2015 when it was released, and I still dont have that achievement. Maybe "shitstrike", sorry meant "quickstrike" is the way to do it.
  6. The topic is from May 17:th. Now I cant be 100% sure, but Im willing to bet my left arm he moved on since this was posted.
  7. I suggest you check the date of that post, you'll be amazed when you see it. (No bad intensions, just couldnt resist it)
  8. Should be added to the game as soon as the dlc is installed. Maybe just a restart and it should be good. Me personally never had any issues with dlc's not being added after they are installed. So if you have restarted and still cant find your items ingame you can send an email to support@fishingplanet.com and Im sure they'll help you out.
  9. Sorry, my bad. Wasnt paying attention it was about "the fisherman".
  10. They have a "pond pass" which you get from various DLC's or that you can buy in the premium shop
  11. Then I interpret it that as you understand and agree that it is a shitty move.
  12. Not sure why you get hung up on "not breaking any rules"? No one claimed you did so, just pointing out it is a shitty thing to do. Have a nice evening.
  13. The problem is that they cant play both semifinals though, since they are running simutaniously. So basically one slot will be empty. Imo though it is a shitty move to qualify on multiple platforms.
  14. I played the first qualifier on both steam and win 10 versions, but didnt qualify on neither. Now in the second qualifier I am currently 2:nd position, and will most likely qualify. I had plans to play it even on steam just for fun, but never did. But had allready decided that if I did, I would release fish at the end of the time just to be sure to not "take" a place I wouldnt be able to play eitherway.
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