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  1. What happend to buying them for credits and baitcoins? As killerwhale said in a post earlier this year?
  2. J_3


    No, it stops. As long as the time remaining in the 2 hour window (standard time that competition is open) is greater than the time you have left in the competition the time will pause.
  3. J_3


    If EG_Coupe_Civic paused his game (exited to map/inventory etc), that means your time will run out before his does, and same for TRUEseminole. As soon as you go in tho inventory or something, the competition time will pause.
  4. J_3

    B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    Hey trulight, are you doing something with the standings google doc atm? It just flashed a couple of times and changed itself. One time It said "PH_Trulight (I Win LOL ONLY ONE HERE)" - and then it flashed again and showed everyones emails for a couple of seconds. =/ https://gyazo.com/8f742398f9b369bedf3df2d1587a86de
  5. J_3

    B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    No signup is needed I think. I guess he do like last competition and put up a google doc for us to submit our catches in (together with link to screenshot of the catch). So it's only for us to wait/train until it starts on oct 2:nd at 12:01 AM EST.