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  1. You dont need any exclusive gear or equipment in order to win competitions, you just need to know what youre doing and how to fish the comp (or be lucky). People have done 1000's of comps, and by doing so you will learn a thing or two on how to fish them. Trust me, if you do the same amount of comps or if you have 1000's and 1000's of hours in this game, you will also learn how to fish in comps. Make the comps more "equal"? Is it fair to those who literally have spent 1000's of hours to learn the game and take their edge away, just because there are other players who hasnt spent as much time to learn it? In what universe is that equal?
  2. Yes. As long as your output dragforce is less or equal to the weakest link in your setup you are fine. In this case your line of 5.5kg. You could even use a reel with the max drag of 21kg if you would like, as long as your drag doesnt go above "5.5kg" (in this case). A reel with max 21kg that you can adjust in 12 steps (as an example only) would mean it applies (21kg/12steps = 1.75kg) 1.75kg per step, so 3:rd step in the drag would be 1.75kgx3 = 5.25kg of drag, and would also be fine with the 5.5kg line. Would apply for instance 5.51kg of drag, then its gonna break. And if you were to have your 6kg rod with a 7kg line on it, then your rod would be the "weakest link", and the same math applies to that, keep the output drag less or equal to "6kg".
  3. Not that I am aware of. I do know that stringers have a higher durability than keepnets tho. But a general tips, try not to mind too much about repairing your gear. Most of it will last until the point where you have gotten money to advance and buy the next level equipment. All your equipment and gear will work as normal even if the durability is at 1%. So for instance you shouldnt bother reparing rods, reels etc that you most likely will not use again.
  4. 2 and a half year, and you still think this is an issue worth putting their time on fixing?
  5. Maybe there is, but they reported it the way its suppose to be reported. And it seems like this is only something thats affecting players on console (xbox and ps4/5), and the majority of FP player base is on PC. But if you havent already, just report it to support accordingly to their "Bug Reporting Procedure"
  6. Its not a bug, they actually patched this last year so you cant mix the groundbait with anything else.
  7. Thats not a bug, thats how they made it to be. Make sure to reel in all your equipment before leaving a waterway or ending the game.
  8. J_3


    Try using a heavier sinker or maybe an open feeder instead of sinker. Can also just reel in a meter or two and just wait. This message is smth that everyone gets when fishing for eels, its not a bug to my knowledge.
  9. Totally forgot about the fishy racing achievement you can do as well. 12 BC in reward for the 2:nd, and a kayak for the 3:rd which you could sell for 70 BC.
  10. Yes it is. You can literally start on 0 BC and go to alberta and farm the achievements to gain 69 BC in less than a day, and then do the rest and earn it all back + the profit. Or, you can actually take the time thats given (until jan 4:th). Because once youre done with the gobys (which is the easiest and fastest mission) its free groundbait from there, which is all you need to do the rest. Lets also not forget that from christmas day (10 days before event ends) you can start collecting the presents everyday on the waterways, which will give both tokens and groundbait.
  11. Everything about the event is free. I spent 69 baitcoins for 25 tokens to get me going, and im already done with all the missions except the collect snow. If I count all the BC I earned, and add just the first achievements of fireworks, catching the furry trout, salmon, burbot, and casting snowballs I will get 90 BC's in the end back, making 21 BC profit. On top of that I could also sell the glasses I got in one mission which would give another 24 BC. Why do you need to spend BC's on markers, its a QOL.. Dont you have a paper and pen where you live? Templates? Cant you assemble a rod setup without template? Its all QOL and nothing you "need" to play the game. And the baits in the game, I have almost all mine left, I caught all the fishes using amazon baits, leeches and shrimps. Being lazy to find out and seek info on how to play through the event, is not the same as you have to spend money on things to make it. If you cant see the diference, youre not only lazy on getting the info but stupid as well. 69 BC spent and I did 99% of the event in less than 24hours, and in the end I will go + on BC's. And you telling me this isnt "free"?
  12. Or you can use baitcoins to speed up the process, you know those things you can earn in the game for 100% free for clearing achievements, placing top 3 in comps or be on winning team in custom comps, when you level/rank up, when you finnish other missions, when you login in daily. Dont need to spend a dime to make these missions.
  13. A wall of text that kinda looks like you try to convince me to smth. I just asked cus i didnt know
  14. Well then I have no idea im sorry. If you change the time to the best time, use a float rod, walk to the shoreline and cast where the marker is, it should be enough.
  15. openshot and AVS video editor is pretty easy to understand. Havent tried myself, but I do believe even youtube have a video editor now a days.
  16. If you bought the DLC, does that mean you can also buy the baits in the shop even if you dont have the level for it, since there is level requirements on them?
  17. Are you at the rocky blue location and have set to the correct time? Before you catch it, go in to the mission and make sure you have 3 of the requirements checked. Also, you mention you have two setups. Have you been using rod stand for the mission? If so, try doing it without using the rod stand.
  18. Took me about 2-3 hours irl to make it. Caught it on 8/0 blue flat spoon at 9pm when peak was absolut top. Pressure was low so i fished low near the bottom using stop and go.
  19. I kinda like that it is a challenge, brings a higher reward (not in items) but in the feeling once you make it. But each on their own I guess.
  20. Someone else had the same issue, and it was becuase he had a joystick or wheel connected to his PC which was causing the problem.
  21. Well I believe the issue here is youre not just "touching" the bottom, youre draging it against the bottom. If you keep it just above the bottom it will not lose that much durability. I dont think this is a "bug", this is prob how they have coded it to be. Just tested with fluoro leaders (draging against bottom) and the same thing happens. So most likely how they have coded it to be.
  22. The reel clicking, casting and rod stand alarms is not under the enviorment sounds, i believe those are grouped in "sound volume". But I can gladly announce that I got an answer from killerwhale regarding individual volume control for the rod stands, they will implement it.
  23. Not sure how you do it, but I just filled 2 nets and my leader only went from 100% to 92%.
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