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  1. Regarding PS4 Update 1.05 and gameplay experience.

    Please do not write in all caps, thank you.
  2. Rewards

    Please do not create multiple posts in a row. Use the Edit button.
  3. Hey, thank you for the kind words. The team is constantly working on this game to bring you the best content possible. It does not always go as fast as we would all like (Including developers as well as you guys) and it does not always go as smooth as we'd like, but we are doing the best we can. Thank you for playing!
  4. Can i have a new account?

    Hello, please email support@fishingplanet.com with your request (Include your ingame name and old email).
  5. Downloading on PS4

    Have you tried restarting your PS4 to then download again?
  6. What are they doing?

    I can confirm, that at least somebody from the Support team, dev team and/or moderation team reads this forum every day; most likely the majority of the threads as well. Just because we do not reply to everything or do not implement everything suggested (Even when done multiple times), does not mean that the team is not listening/reading what you guys have to say. We are reading, considering, discussing and making decisions. Things don't happen overnight, nor do they happen every month sometimes. Programming is hard, even when it doesn't seem so.
  7. Do you have plans for future feature for kayaks? Like stand-up position? We have only just began our work on the kayak feature, so you guys are definitely in for cool updates. Overall we plan to implement rod holders and trolling as well as an option to use multiple rods simultaneously. Will we ever get a topographical map of the waterways showing bottom features and structures with a waypoint / note pad added to it? Yes, the next big feature that we are currently working on and will eventually add to the game are the new topographical maps with indication of bottom relief, depth and fish habitats as well as the option of leaving your own personal marks on the map. So keep track of the news and prepare for cool new updates;) What are some fish species that are coming to Fishing Planet in the future? New fish will be added to the european waterways. And we’re talking about over 30 new and unique species that are typical for the european region. Can you implement a compass on the screen to know which direction you are facing? Soon enough we’ll add a compass, indicators of wind and current, water temperature and other meteorological data. But that’s gonna happen once we implement the new waterway maps, right after adding sonars and fishfinders. What are your plans for players who have reached level 40? Raise the level cap maybe? The game needs longevity. At this moment, players who’ve reached level 40 can keep getting more experience and ranking. But of course we understand that these players want more and so, we’re thinking about adding new high-end content. Do you plan to expand the character customization functionality? Obviously, it’s not that important in a fishing game, but still… Yes, we definitely plan to enhance the character customization and add more variety for the clothing option. At the moment, however, our team is mostly focused on matters that have to do directly with the fishing process. Are there going to be any discounts for DLCs on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Definitely yes. Quite soon we’ll be launching our Autumn Sale, which means you’ll be able to get our exclusive tackle packs with a huge discount! So keep track of the news and don’t miss this unique chance:) How about some cool polarized sunglasses to see into the water a little better? Might be a thought for the 40+ level guys to earn somehow! Sunglasses were a part of the game’s initial plan, right from day one. This feature will be added eventually, however not in the nearest time. Are you planning to expand the possibilities for interaction between players in the game? Once we add the Team functionality to the game and the option of creating Clubs becomes available, players will gain access to new social interactions that will include group travel, fishing together from one boat (co-angling) and other possibilities. Do you plan to add locations that are accessible only from a boat? It would be cool to have a fishing spot somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean with sailboats and some tuna fish! In the nearest future we will be adding only freshwater fishing destinations. We do however plan to substantially increase their size so that you can have more space to explore and look around for perfect fishing spots.
  8. Sooner or later

    The upcoming update for PS4 is in the submission state, but there is not much we can do about the speed of it getting accepted - this is up to Sony. We hope to release an update for PS4 in the upcoming couple of weeks (1-2).
  9. Unbelievably frustrating

    Please make your own topic about it or use Search to find a solution to your issue.
  10. I don't want to be banned!

    When you find a legimate way of catching fish, that does use all the legimate ways of playing the game, you are fine. Sometimes there are very obvious ways of using game glitches or bugs to get an advantage - this is not allowed and when you do find something like this, please report it directly to the team by emailing support@fishingplanet.com instead of discussing these possible exploits on the forum or somewhere else publicly. You are free to discuss fishing spots, spawn points, tips and tricks or ways to make money faster and so on, as long as they are legimate ways and you are not using glitches or exploits.
  11. Yet another Q&A With the Dev Team! We are continuing our series of posts with players and the Dev Team! The rules are the same as always. We will pick out 10 of the most interesting questions that you have sent us and answer them in a post next week! Write your question down below in the comments section! PS: Questions must be submitted before 16th of Nov. 11PM (CET).
  12. Gar went live, forum died.

    I completely understand the frustration as a player and like I stated, I am not a developer of the game, so I cannot go deep into explaining something I am not fully aware of. This is pretty much all I can say. The only things I can suggest is voicing your opinion here in the forums and emailing the support team => support@fishingplanet.com Nobody is trying to screw players over, but mistakes may happen (I am not saying this current situation is or is not a mistake - I just do not know). The best way is to make it loud and clear and let the Support know, the team of developers do read the forum as well as information going to the Support email. Trust me on that.
  13. Gar went live, forum died.

    As I am not a developer (The name here on the forum just says that for a moderator), I can only assume based on my thoughts and seeing the conversations and revealed biterates by Killerwhale. Team definitely looked into it and AFAIK, also raised the biterates. If people think something is truly broken, it can always be reported in the bug section or support@fishingplanet.com - the rest is up to the developers.
  14. Gar went live, forum died.

    I tried to talk about the "chances" of winning/getting something. People are not satisfied with the very low % of certain fish species. They are low for a reason, the same why knives/gloves in CS cases have a low % - it needs to be a challenge. While it is purely luck in terms of CSGO, in our case it is a combination of using the correct gear at the right time with the correct weather on the correct spots (and so on) + luck. Hope it clarifies it a bit. They do work on physics, seen these discussions on multiple occasions myself. As far as economy goes, we recently lowered travel prices for a set of waterways. They are not cheap, but cheaper than they used to be.
  15. I was right all along, who woulda thought.

    Nobody has ever claimed (As far as the official team goes) that there are no cheaters at all. It is not always very easy to catch them, nevertheless, I'll let the team know about it. Thanks for reporting!