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  1. Hello, if you encounter people just AFKing for long periods of time, please report it to us at support@fishingplanet.com
  2. Understandable confusion, no problem. It's just a "Group" set on the forum. That's all.
  3. I am no developer, but I have linked this to the team. Doing what I can!
  4. Hegert

    Xbox one date?

    The team is actively working on it. As soon as we have news to share (including ETA), we'll do it.
  5. That is a cool idea you are suggesting here and it would not surprise me if something similar eventually came out of this whole "trash" feature. Great idea!
  6. Thank you for the kind words. We are listening to everybody's feedback and the team is doing their best to develop new content for newcomers as well as our veteran players. It takes a very long time (As you all have noticed), but that's because there is so much more than just creating a new map and simply just adding new fish into the game. It doesn't work like that - new fish AI has to be developed and tested, different bugs and glitches need to be figured out and fixed and so on. It is difficult with a very small team, but they are working hard to do their best. There's a lot more coming than what we have talked about and shown on our social media. Can't wait for you guys to experience it all. Thank you for sticking with us!
  7. My bad. Deleted what I said - I didn't pay enough attention. Regardless, if there are issues to be found, they should always be reported to support@fishingplanet.com If you do get a response and the issues continue, send in more information - the more specific the better - and team can investigate issues further.
  8. The team is working on an Xbox release as most of you are aware. We have not announced a set date yet, because we do not know when FP can be released on the Xbox. It is coming, though! When we have more information, we'll share.
  9. With such concerns it is best to email support@fishingplanet.com
  10. Please avoid using other languages than English in an EN part of the forum.
  11. There are so many different variables when it comes to experiencing bugs to fixing it. Things vary from user to user, on PC it varies even more due to the amount of different specs and software people have. If you find a bug or a glitch, please make sure to email about it to support@fishingplanet.com Do not forget to include as much info as possible - console/PC, crash file when on PC, video clips & screenshots to help to visualise the issue, what gear were you using or what steps did you take to have this issue. The more info you can forward, the easier it is to locate things that are not working as intended. Just a little tip
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/games/380600/announcements/detail/1660008038635398937
  13. If there are users going against the rules, please do report and we will take care of it. We cannot keep an eye on every single sentence said, so in case of insults or people generally going against the rules (or out of topic in threads), report it. Thank you very much!
  14. Hello, while I do not have a personal day-to-day overlook at the work devs are doing due to working from a completely different country, we do discuss WIP (Work in progress) quite often. It has been said across multiple platforms (including this forum), that the Fishing Planet team is currently working on EU waterways, A LOT of new fish as well as many (and I mean it) other features which may have been briefly mentioned, but more kept as sort of a secret until there is more to show. If people took the time to actually scroll through social media instead of expecting us to reply to every thread, they would know. I have also said it multiple times on this forum, that we do read the forum daily, but it does not mean we are going to reply to everything. Sometimes we want to see where discussions go when only players are participating in it and there are no moderators or developers saying a word; sometimes we just read through topics, get the feedback & discuss internally; sometimes we reply. I hope I have made it clear that the team is working on different things and the fact, that we are reading the forums, but do not often say anything. Fishing Planet team is super small, thus features take time (a lot more time and resources than you might think). A lot of the things are also connected to each other (Such as new features and game physics), which makes the process of bringing out updates even slower due to the need of changing the code in so many ways etc etc, I could go on, but I hope you get the idea. // Thread will be locked, since it's gone way out of topic.
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