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  1. Keep in mind there is an option to make a new Steam account and then create a new Fishing Planet account off of that.
  2. Great fun and Grats to the winners! Looks like PH cleaned house
  3. Sorry for my confusion, I have directed this to the devs. Thanks for your patience.
  4. OK, all I'm doing is trying to get a clear definition of the bug you say exists so the devs can try to fix it if there is one. If I read a post from you and I can't understand it I know the devs probably wont be able to either. Now from your post I can gather that you are not trying to move anywhere on the map and the game is telling you that your boat will be moved to a new location. Yet at the very end of your post you state that this only happens when your friends room is full. So correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like you are trying to move when this is happening. You're trying to move to your friends room, it tells you that your friends room is full, then it also tells you that your boat will be moved to it initial position. Am I correct? When you are on a lake in a room and you choose to try to join your friends room one of two things might happen. You may get into your friends room if there is room or it will tell you the room is full and place you in a different room. Either way, it doesn't matter it will always then tell you that your boat will be moved to initial position because you've decided to move to a different room. Sorry this is just the mechanics of the game and isn't a bug.
  5. Could you be more specific on what or where you think a bug exist? If you have a boat out and change to a different spot (peg) it will put your boat back to the docks. I doesn't matter if you try to go to a different room or as stated just move to a different peg. Anytime you move without actually driving your boat there it will put the boat back to the initial spot. I'm finding it hard to understand what you think is wrong.
  6. Slippyfish

    x series

    As stated by Killerwhale the X-Series do give a very slight advantage and why not? They were meant to give that slight advantage. Providing different ways to get them and replace them if you lose them are being worked on as he said.
  7. Florida - southwest peg, find the hot spots for the bass. Use a bass jig, twitching, rotate in circular pattern to hit all the hotspots. You'll learn to catch a bass every cast 99.9% of the time and it goes quick. Could be your method, this is tried and true. People been using it for ages. Cha-Ching!!
  8. I do believe I know what you're talking about. Really it could only be one way and it has been known about for ages. I could be wrong though .
  9. I seen your post. If you know of any exploits or anything like that please let me know. You will probably be rewarded for it. 

  10. You should edit your post and remove your email. You can't make a new profile without another Steam account if you're playing on PC. Remember, Texas is free to fish.
  11. I'm pleased to announce that we have a winner! I have to say it was tough because there were a lot of good stories! The winner is Captain_JJ ! Not only was the story hilarious, it was also creative and beautifully so. Thanks for all that participated! Again, lots of great stories!
  12. I really like these! Lots of really funny ones! Keep them coming, the end of the contest is coming up so get yours in!
  13. Please forgive me because it's been awhile since I had anything to do with that pack. I am wrong, it is 30 days premium and the licenses as well. If you buy it and it's not it will be my fault and will make sure you're compensated for it. The description is wrong and will inform the devs. You wont be able to use the fireworks until Christmas
  14. Thank you, I just couldn't find it for some reason. That pack has 7 days premium and Edit: It is 30 days premium, sorry about that. FISHING LICENSES (30 DAYS):Advanced Oregon LicenseAdvanced Alberta LicenseAdvanced Michigan LicenseAdvanced California License
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