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    Developer Diaries. Part 1. Overview

    That's so nice to hear about European waterways and bottom fishing. I am bottom fishing myself so can't wait for it. I wish i could choose from different methods of bottomfishing like Method Feeder etc.My dream about Fishing Planet comes true I hope you have some British anglers in your team to get the knowledge about bottom fishing. I was wondering if there will be possibility to create more fish models and skins for already exisiting ones like there is in EuroFishing game (they have bottom fishing too but rod handling is terrible there, nothing beats one from Fishing Planet.) They have so many Carp models and skins that whenever you catch one you have a feeling that you just caught totally different fish like in real life.In Fishing PLanet all fish of same species looks like clones just differ in size. I know game is in early stage but would be nice in the future (even distant future) to have more variety ;p I also like the option to make a photo of your character with the fish (in Eurofishing). That would be another nice addition BTW, even if Europe waterways comes as buyable DLC - I'm buying it !