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  1. erase your credit card numbers that will stop, if need be just put it back.
  2. I think the Fisherman will be a package with all the DLCs included among other benefits. Apparently will be released only on the Xbox and PS4, could not understand very well. It will not affect us "I hope so" and whoever wants the Premium package buys, who does not want to just continue as is. Looking at the BIG BEN Website, it seems that they are promoters of games and products "but also like to know"
  3. I would like it if I had boats with different prices. It does not have to be faster but with a more attractive designer. That expensive boat we all dream of, but we'll have to catch lots of fish to buy it. It would be challenging
  4. Red, could you tell me what he says in the video? I do not understand English and would like to know what he said. Thank you and sorry to bother you.
  5. I waited a lot for that day!
  6. have you ever tried to go in settings / show players? You need to leave activated to see the other players in the room.
  7. apparently the FP did not accept the ID exchange. After the name change the game is not starting. edit: After a few tries the game is starting normally!
  8. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/04/10/psn-online-id-change-feature-launches-for-all-ps4-players-tomorrow/ Sony will provide the ID exchange for PS4 users. It will be useful for those players who would like to create a Clan in FP or just make the name change. It is worth remembering that Sony mentions the possibility of some games not accepting the exchange.
  9. True, I had forgotten the fastest and easiest LOL method. I almost do not turn on my PC "I do not even know if it can still be connected."
  10. send the images to a friend and open your browser on your PC or some mobile app. You will be able to download the images. You can also forward it to Facebook and download it. Hope this helps
  11. When this happens just equip an item that is in the house or in the backpack and then you will be able to do the transfer.
  12. I'm sorry Pooh, I forgot to mention Russia
  13. I did this on two translators and they looked different from each other. But now I understand better. Thank you! I think I've gotten a little better now. Thank you!
  14. Good evening everyone! I did not answer before because I was working. I did not quite understand your comment, but come on. Why do you say that I'm apparently being "racist"? LOL I am from a country "Brazil" and from the city "São paulo" where it has one of the largest, if not the largest, mixtures of races, religions, ethnicities and etc ... I am Black "some of the forum here are on my facebook "and I have no reason to be a racist person. I do not know 99.9% of the forum, I do not know who they are or where they came from. But FP made me have friends in France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA. But for the most part I have no idea where they live. And you could tell me the meaning of "stinkyriceboy" I used Google translator, but it was not very efficient. And about my comment "Nice to see you back!" It was not a Sarcastic comment or anything like that but I'm glad to see good players returning to FP. Since they do not comment on the same mistakes. My response has no intention of offending you but clarifying something that you have misunderstood. Even more and "tight lines" so far I do not know what it means
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