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  1. all DLCs are spread throughout the main store and also in the lakes stores.
  2. refund only by contacting PlayStation Support.
  3. I had won at FP and now I got it at The Fisherman. I was using the pole holder and fishing with 3 float rods. He was in Florida fishing for Albino Yeti Gar when he showed the achievement. Normally the fish of the event will not give up and for this reason it is easier for you to achieve the achievement. But you need patience and try not to lose any fish.
  4. Os tempos da semifinal e final dos torneios mensais podem diferir no pescador e no planeta Pesca, pois são dois jogos diferentes. Dessa forma, poderíamos aproveitar ao máximo os torneios mensais dos dois jogos.
  5. No Ps4, o mesmo botão usado para ligar e desligar a lanterna. you need to be walking to get the change
  6. I use the Heavy Chaser, Kraken 9000, Fluorocarbon 0.65, Leader 0.5. With this equipment you will be able to maximize the force
  7. use the Ambusher 8500 so you can gain more power from your equipment, with the 9500 you can't use at full power causing your equipment not to use its maximum power capacity. if you prefer to use the Kraken 9000 and it might be even better. Even if your equipment is not assembled correctly, it would be able to bring the fish faster.
  8. 5 hours of the game, but what equipment were you using? Was it a piece of equipment well below the fish's strength, or am I wrong?
  9. Auf Facebook erhalten Sie einige Informationen.
  10. Wenn es dasselbe ist, was mir passiert, betreten Sie einfach das Menü und verlassen es, um zum Normalzustand zurückzukehren. Wenn es erneut passiert, speichern Sie ein Video oder einen Screenshot.
  11. on sunny day you can catch sturgeon from 8 am to 10 am. Partly cloudy day you can pick up from 5 am to 8 am.
  12. Competitions are canceled when there are no 20 players registered. You can beat these players over time, but you need to train and dedicate yourself.
  13. I liked the new update. I like to fish and not drag fish in the water.
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