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  1. Send an email to support support@fishingplanet.com
  2. hello my friend, collect money and buy your equipment and baits. When you have what you need, start training, practice for competitions. Meet new players and have a team of friends who can help you study the competitions. It's not that simple, but over time you're getting better. And many things you read in the post above are from people who were still confused with the competitions, some no longer think as before. hug!
  3. The FP responded on facebook to be added in 1 or 2 updates.
  4. I play almost every day and I do not have that problem. Sometimes I'm without Sound and I can not hear the game or people from Party, but my friends can hear me. When this happens I take the phone off the control and put it back on. But this happens only with me and not with my friends, so the problem is in my phone, control or video game. But you say you have a problem where you can not make a video or something that tries to show to support the problem, it is difficult for them to help since the problem is not with all players but with a small amount. You also say play for 2 years and blah blah blah, but your account has few days it seems to me that you just want to complain and complain, I may be wrong.
  5. I have other catches of different fish. When I have time I post it here in the forum
  6. Congratulations FP team for the event !!! I liked the new baits, the design of the dress and found the rod and the reel very beautiful. New items for the collection. And in the event of Halloween, if possible, put a monster that will work to get you out of the water. he can escape from my hook countless times, but that he is a strong and difficult fish to draw out of the water. Sorry for the mistakes, I use Google translator and it does not come out perfect. Thank you!
  7. Join a team and have better results, do not think that with a month in the game will be able to compete with old players. keep in mind that it is not only going to the lake and knowing the location of some fish that will give Victory "Climate, sun, rain, wind, baits, rod and many other factors will help you win. I still did not even know what a competition was.
  8. Did you look in the house warehouse? if you are not in the house or backpack, you may have just sold by mistake. You can buy another one with game money or get a DLC.
  9. you can change them in the PS4 settings
  10. https://forum.fishingplanet.com/index.php?/topic/2371-avoid-making-posts-about-account-resets-read/
  11. Mas parece que ainda não temos a opção de criar competições, não sei quando teremos
  12. I do not know if that's what I understood Were you fishing without a fishing license and was fined? If so, you have been fined for fishing without a license and not for keeping the fish in the basket. If the balance was negative you can collect the daily bonuses every day or buy some DLC package. Я не знаю, понял ли я это Ты рыбачил без лицензии на рыбалку и был оштрафован? Если это так, вы были оштрафованы за рыбалку без лицензии, а не за хранение рыбы в корзине. Если баланс был отрицательным, вы можете собирать ежедневные бонусы каждый день или купить пакет DLC.
  13. erase your credit card numbers that will stop, if need be just put it back.
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