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  1. on sunny day you can catch sturgeon from 8 am to 10 am. Partly cloudy day you can pick up from 5 am to 8 am.
  2. Competitions are canceled when there are no 20 players registered. You can beat these players over time, but you need to train and dedicate yourself.
  3. I liked the new update. I like to fish and not drag fish in the water.
  4. the darkest places are usually the deepest
  5. console game I believe in the PC is Shift + número da vara de pesca
  6. [Steam, PS4] Release Note: - Possibility to use rod stand in the Mighty Carp tournament added (is not available on Xbox and Win10 yet). - What's new inactive buy button icon colour fix. - Tutorial fix: time forwarding, equipment change panel being able to be shown on some occasions - Action zones now disabled on rod stands during a fish fight. Now all interactions with rods on rod stand while landing fish are available only with hot-keys. - Improper cut lines panel appearing on rod template creation fix. - Tackle load calculation bug, which gave the ability to reel in huge fish on the light tackle fix. Steam: - Now friend avatar images are correctly displayed
  7. They are experienced players who know the best techniques for each fish. Some of them play on the PC and some on the console, but that doesn't mean the PC is better than console gaming. You need to train and know the best baits, schedules and techniques for each fish and so will improve a lot in competitions.
  8. this was an event and if you could catch historic fish, then you could catch several in the lake. But the fish are still in the lake, minus the historical ones.
  9. Only Windows 10 and XBOX users can play together.
  10. yes it works, but I would like it to be the same as before "just enter the menu that the bar minimized". You could also use the touch of the control like a mouse.
  11. We also have this problem on PS4 and we have no way to open or close it. Sometimes it appears open and sometimes closed. I hope you have a solution in the future.
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