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  1. The player Osni1910, had the 300kg basket ... took 2 single "29kg and 24kg" and also "2 trophies of + - 21kg" would go to 214kg and so far can not understand why the fish were not counting. He would finish in 1 the tournament, but due to this error was harmed. He will email the support and hopefully he can see why the fish failed to compute if the basket was 300kg.
  2. What map? Every day at a given time the game updates and changes the weather. Here in Brazil every day at 02:00 AM In the morning climates change automatically.
  3. The FP team is aware of this fact and I believe they will fix the problem in the next update. When using location 2 of the rod holder, take care that this location will always increase the friction.
  4. you should not follow the peak chart during competitions, that schedule does not match the league weather. You need to know the climates of each competition.
  5. you have every right to give your opinion, we have the right to say what we think of your opinion, or am I wrong? But do not get angry and need not offend the other players friend.
  6. but many believe that it knows and this is different from knowing.
  7. You just said it all!!! In a few days several players already say they know all the points, times and etc ... The much that many do not know in the ancient lakes, imagine the new lakes that launched a few days.
  8. Congratulations to all of you! I had to work this weekend and could not play, but it sure was a good tournament.
  9. you find many videos showing the locations in California, it will be easier and you will train for the championship.
  10. I would stay with California, you will make lots of XP and cash there.
  11. Thank you, my friend, I'm a little older today. LOL
  12. If I do not get it wrong, it has a predetermined time to be used.
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