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  1. I would also like to know why I am no longer on the competition ranking list, it was not easy to reach the top and now I am no longer there. I'm not playing that often, but I have reasons for that. My "Police" profession together with health professionals are at the forefront of combating Covid-19. Now what would be the justification of the team of developers, to remove me from the Ranking?
  2. you make me laugh with your comments
  3. all DLCs are spread throughout the main store and also in the lakes stores.
  4. refund only by contacting PlayStation Support.
  5. It also took me a while to figure it out and I also found it strange that some players disappeared at the end of the competition LOL. Tell that to your friends who play competitions, it will be very good for those who don't know.
  6. Some competitions you do not need to keep the fish in the basket. You can free the fish a few seconds before the end of the competition. It is written in the rules of some competitions that only fish kept in the basket will be counted. Bass, Steelhead trout and some other competitions do not require you to keep the fish in the basket at the end of the competition.
  7. I had won at FP and now I got it at The Fisherman. I was using the pole holder and fishing with 3 float rods. He was in Florida fishing for Albino Yeti Gar when he showed the achievement. Normally the fish of the event will not give up and for this reason it is easier for you to achieve the achievement. But you need patience and try not to lose any fish.
  8. You can interpret it however you like, your opinion doesn't matter to me! Good afternoon!
  9. Hello, let's start with the respect part: You have never respected the other players here in the forum, you have always been an ignorant person. So I don't want your respect. 2 ° I didn't break rules and I think you know that very well. after all are two different games and we can all do whatever we want "Am I wrong?" 3 ° E If I had 2 video games, could my girlfriend not play Fisherman by my side? I believe so, since they are not the same game. I can't qualify in both games and then decide which one I want to play in? is this also against the rules? Some PC players have 2 accounts on FP and 2 on The Fisherman. They are not breaking the rules, because today this is possible with the release of The Fisherman and also the possibility of playing on Windows 10. 4 ° VFF_Toninho is from my team and has only 1 FP account and one on The Fisherman. Already the player Toddinho01 is part of the team "CDsT" and also plays in both games. So don't make judgments without even knowing what you're saying. If you have questions in the championships and tournaments ask, I will answer as I answer many friends here in the forum.
  10. released DLC after catching 18 fish in Louisiana and winning the book. Hook 1/0 was used. Stick Nero 330 and EspiraML3000 to catch the 18 fish.
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