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  1. Baitcasters do not use a rear drag, they use a star drag. Spinning reels are usually front drag or rear drag
  2. I live in America! Born and bred in upstate New York and I'm sorry but ALL of my fishing friends bait fish. You know it's how we all start fishing, I bait fish for perch, catfish, bullhead, sunfish..... so I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Must be wonderful to have enough money to do nothing but lure fish all the time.
  3. So you don't bait fish in real life? What gadgets? You tie on a hook and a sinker and just wait for fish to bite ..... I highly doubt some of you people have ever fished in real life
  4. This will definitely get me back in the game, will we be able to feeder fish in the American lakes as well? On one of your Facebook posts a change to fish ai was being done but no mention of that here?
  5. Why? There are no waterways big enough for a bass boat, possibly St. Croix but just why?
  6. Actually this system really won't interfere, the game is programmed to not let you catch a fish when you get that snag. In other words if you get snagged on a boot for instance, there is no way you would have caught a fish on that cast. It's hard wired in the programming, the game is all rng. Every fish or snag is completely planned that way
  7. You can't record in game sounds because all the sounds ate provided by a different company and are copy righted.
  8. The largest musky on record was caught in New York not Michigan. As a New York fisherman I can't figure out why the biggest fish in Emerald Lake are walleye. We have huge musky and pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, big catfish and carp as well as fantastic crappie fishing.
  9. So when will we be able to purchase kayaks in game?
  10. I did ask about topographical maps but in this Q&A
  11. Depends on the lake. For instance Florida has 5 while NewYork has 1
  12. They do this on facebook to so maybe there?
  13. Man I really like the direction you guys wanna take but let's be serious, the kayaks took upwards of what 5 years for the pc? Is this like a 20 year plan? I mean I'm on PS4 and still can't night fish. I do love your game though and really really wanna see all this cool stuff implemented so I'm sticking out for the long haul and am putting my faith in to you guys!
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