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  1. FrankieD24

    Light Up Bobbers

    By the way, in case anyone is following this post, I think it was a glitch that one night. I have not had this problem since.
  2. FrankieD24

    Red Arrows

    I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and can not figure out the red arrows. I know what they are, you are losing XP because the equipment is overmatched, but how the heck do you know what to use? I am using a rod with 3-11 lbs line capability, a reel with 8 lbs mono capability and 6lb Fluro line. If I catch a 2.5 lbs largemouth bass I get red arrows. I am fishing for trophy catfish and when I catch a 10 -- 12 lbs catfish it takes 10 minutes to land. It is frustrating that I purchased the Catfish DLC but the gear is way overmatched for catching even 20 lbs catfish. I am level 24 and need XP to level up. What am I missing? Thanks, guys! I love this game!
  3. FrankieD24

    Light Up Bobbers

    I am speaking of the glowing bobbers. I can not find anything on the bobber information itself about diminishing power but that makes sense. I don't think they should have gone out after one night either though. I purchased two more and will see what happens.
  4. FrankieD24

    Light Up Bobbers

    I have a couple light up bobbers and can't get them to work anymore. They worked perfectly the first time I used them but now they won't light up anymore. Is there an on/off switch I am missing? Thanks in advance! This game rocks!