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  1. Just want to say AWESOME job guys with this new waterbody.. Really enjoyed the first 12 hours of fishing there today
  2. hmmm why are my bream and flounder not showing on the leaderboard page
  3. Hilrond can u confirm if it is a multi rod or single rod event
  4. Hey Hil. when i WIN this event will there be any other prize options as i have all the ones listed
  5. so is anything being done about this
  6. i have just woke up at 4am to fish this comp and not been credited with a single catch ... picture 1 shows the rules as saying FLOAT fishing so thats what i used and the second picture is of the fish at the end of my time that was in the net ..
  7. i am getting the connection timeout and can not get back in game
  8. make it to the semi final ... GREAT. Semi final starts i cannot enter for ages i finally get the enter button time has already started and fish are on the board.I catch a catfish my game freezes ALT-F4 it is. Load back up now along way behind catch a couple of fish ..ok this it catch some fish catch up a little then yet again i catch a fish my game freezes so ALT-F4 again but this time i'm not gonna bother loading back up. Hopefully the game gets fixed soon until then i'm not wasting anymore time on it.
  9. After taking a break from fishing for a couple of months and just fishing the monthly tournaments it has really given me the hunger for fishing planet again.. LOVE THIS GAME
  10. PH_Recklessf4tman Pro-Hookers PC https://www.twitch.tv/ph_recklessf4tman Channel will become more active when i purchase a mic
  11. to boycott competitions is not the answer as if there is any cheats still active u are saying its fine to let them ruin ur enjoyment..
  12. Hey.. U have to remember that the game is played worldwide and therefore times of certain comps won't suit everyone but the comps do roll at different times u just have to wait until the comp u like rotates to ur favoured time..And as for tournaments a very good one has just finished yesterday..
  13. Halloween bait?? where is this??
  14. Gonna put my hands up and say i misread the part about partner not doing anything to contribute that was completely my oversight.. And i have to say a big thank u PH_Trulight for putting on these events
  15. Don't get me wrong i love the idea i just would of liked to be able to have entered as a 2 man PH members team..
  16. This looks great fun.. The only thing putting me off is the random teams draw..
  17. pretty much the off topic section is the place
  18. Just a quick Good Luck to all my fellow Pro-Hookers members taking part in the carp tournament qualifiers this week
  19. i find not pressing the strike button or right mouse button which ever u use helps a lot with these sort of bites instead try just moving ur mouse to the left or right to put tension on the fish
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