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  1. i have just woke up at 4am to fish this comp and not been credited with a single catch ... picture 1 shows the rules as saying FLOAT fishing so thats what i used and the second picture is of the fish at the end of my time that was in the net20190121045106_1.thumb.jpg.0a46204c7c789415dfaa138338227626.jpg ..

  2. make it to the semi final ... GREAT. Semi final starts i cannot enter for ages i finally get the enter button time has already started and fish are on the board.I catch a catfish my game freezes ALT-F4 it is. Load back up now along way behind catch a couple of fish ..ok this it catch some fish catch up a little then yet again i catch a fish my game freezes so ALT-F4 again but this time i'm not gonna bother loading back up. Hopefully the game gets fixed soon until then i'm not wasting anymore time on it.

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  3. After taking a break from fishing for a couple of months and just fishing the monthly tournaments it has really given me the hunger for fishing planet again.. LOVE THIS GAME

  4. Hey.. U have to remember that the game is played worldwide and therefore times of certain comps won't suit everyone but the comps do roll at different times u just have to wait until the comp u like rotates to ur favoured time..And as for tournaments a very good one has just finished yesterday..

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  5. 4 minutes ago, PH_Trulight said:

    Also look at it this way, if you get paired with someone that doesn't do "anything" in contribution of the team your still going to get
    10 points bonus towards championship which is the equivalent of 3 positions in game points wise. so if you take 6th place it's the
    same points as a 3rd place finish.

    Gonna put my hands up and say i misread the part about partner not doing anything to contribute that was completely my oversight.. And i have to say a big thank u PH_Trulight for putting on these events 

  6. 31 minutes ago, fatherjimbo said:

    Is this whole area with all the sub areas considered the General Discussion area? For PC I mean. I was just curious why PS4 has a separate General Discussion forum and the PC doesn't really have one. I mean specifically for General Discussion not having to do with Tackle, Waterways, etc. Is that an oversight or be design?

    pretty much the off topic section is the place

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