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  1. For me hunting the big fish at night has put a whole new concept to the game and if what the devs have planned for the future (whatever it will be) grips me like this has i'm going to be one very happy fisherman
  2. I have fished many hours now at night at nearly all the locations and using a wide range of the night lures,, poppers and cranks and have it to be a great addition
  3. If u have an xbox one controller plug it into the pc and it vibrates when u have a bite
  4. there is no secret really it's all about learning the spots for the fish in different conditions.. U can find everything u need to know on youtube or by asking when u in a lobby next .. the FP community is very helpful in my experience and are normally happy to help .. i hope this reply helps .. Tight Lines
  5. i hadn't noticed them in fish list until tonight ... maybe my old eyes just missed them lol
  6. I was not expecting this to make an appearance whilst fishing for cats at night in Michigan
  7. i fish regular with members of PH and can say i have found each member to be very helpful in game chat ... I did look at applying for PH myself but i dont have the ability to use TS as im a family man with noisey kids
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