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  1. Do we play on one server for PS4 and PC or there are different servers?
  2. Do we have a Night Fishing for PS4?
  3. My mistake. I Saw a video with popper.
  4. There is one for cranks. I Saw it on video. Also when make straight and hit strike button on PC you get a different type of fishing method (Text under the depth marker).
  5. One thing i found a big difference is with lures. On PC you have multiple type of fishing. But on PS4 you get info only for straight, slow straight and stop & go. When i use Crankbite i dont get any indication for method of fishing.
  6. Hello. I cannot find any guide for the game for PS4. I find only for PC, and a wiki site who is not get update for years. So my question is, do the game for PC and the game for PS4 are the same, and the tutorial for PC apply for PS4?
  7. Hello, how time takes after send an email to reset account?
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