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  1. So i just came across a forum post on steam and would love to hear an explanation from the DEVS or they probably don't give a damn? For all the people that said i was wrong or this and that. No. You were wrong. EXPLAIN TO ME why i spend 400$ on DLCs but yet i have to deal with this crap? We are talking about the PC version and not PS4 here. I knew this was a problem all along and tried to get the DEVS attention or anyone for that matter to do SOMETHING. But of course nothing has been done and its just terrible news to see stuff like this come out. I'm pissed off to have spent over 400$ on DLCs and to know that none of the money is going towards improving the integrity of the game. Because right now there is none. Its a scripting shit show. Ruined the game for me, that is for sure. Very unfortunate to see this stuff, but relieved at the same time to know my gut feeling was right all along, and NO they are not BETTER fisherman, NO THEY DON'T PRACTICE MORE. They just CHEAT. ================================================================================================================================ I did a tournament the other day and it was so obvious that the top of the board was cheating (and one 'guild/group' or whatever in particular) that I got curious and went to google. So I came across a forum where I found some guy had made this tool: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-dllpnCYfl5bnFyeUdnWldVTFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrcKyIVHLTU&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e9viKJNDSc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUY9KcFf2Ho http://r55.imgup.net/FP_FishCam475b.png http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x36c0qf https://tune.pk/video/6199838/fishing-planet-hack-tool He also made several videos of the lakes he had access to at the time of the post and plotted the fishing boxes for them in 3 dimensions, and not only that they unlock a camera that the developers use to test the fish AI so they can watch the bite. Furthermore I did some reading into what this guy had posted and he gave very detailed explanations of the fishing spawning and bite mechanics. Not only is he able to see fish that are following the lure but he can see weight/size information on them and make them 'go away' automatically if they aren't in the size range he wants. Then there's the auto-hook setting... which makes it that much more impossible to compete against. As he described it you'll never catch 'every fish' some will get off no matter what, but the program ensures that you catch every single one that you possibly could have. Along with the snag point "ESP" as you can see the video etc. Oh and by decompiling the engine they have access to the lure database with the attraction values for each lure relative to each fish.... So for all the people that say theres no cheating goin on in this game must be blind, or just stupid. Because it is very obvious the " top " clan/players are russian hackers, and get the hacks from the russian website that specializes in video game hacks. It just so sad to see that the devs of this game do nothing about it or have a anti-cheat put in place to protect the legit players that play and spend money on this game. They let the script kiddies do what they want. Untill they do anything about it dont expect to win any comps/tournaments because you simply cannot compete with the overpowered cheats that exist in this game.Dont get me wrong when i came across this information i was disgusted and stunned that theres nothing in place to prevent people from using 3rd party programs in this game. Good luck in ur next competition ( you are gonna need tons of it and probably still won win lol )
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