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  1. ..... ANYONE with a pole, shiners and knowing where they spawn can catch one. What does a baitcoin have to do with it? Why do people bash coins with envy? Bait coins give you no special fishing skill or bonus. You can buy lures, which clears are NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to catch with one, and poles/reels a FEW levels before you can aquire them for gold So please, how exactly does a baitcoin ensure easier, faster or more clear muskie catches?
  2. ALSO Clothing. You made kayak pack, why not a clothing pack? Clothing that does not already exist that is.
  3. IMO...Cyber-Monday may have made more sense I grabbed the baitcoin and 1 year premium for me and my father, so we were glad for that and thank you. The packs offered...well, kind of flaccid to us. We would like to see better cosmetics in the future. Like the green cap with headlap...the rest of that pack, 54.99 I think, is not really worthwhile to us to spend 55.00 for a hat But I like the design. So, we hope you start producing apparel packs, for the clothing conscious fisher..er..gamer
  4. I would think that the article is weighted due to the population that fishes in Europe v the population that sport fishes in the US Then again, that is a person making a post on his own website and not an article on sports fishing So, let's use the US, government, statistics http://www.anglersforconservation.org/most-popular-gamefish-in-america/ Yah, carps not even on there Well, let's not be biased! https://lineandsight.com/17-popular-freshwater-game-fish/ Nop, not even in the top 17..in the world. Fanboi pages are fanboi focused guys, not reality focused.
  5. I suppose the bug is on your end in that so much data is client side to save space and money. However, why not moderate them? Why not review the logs for them? I am sure your team is not massive and your time is spent trying to keep people playing, but I have no intent in playing another tournament based on what happens at the nigh tournaments (My time in the US 11pm-3am) with no apparent repercussions. You ever think that some of those hack programs and editors are being pushed by competition? Come on now. Your silent on nearly everything. Let's hear some input Thanks
  6. So, once you hit the upper 30's, there is NO REASON to buy DLCs. Make one that is not a "bend you over the table" approach. I want to be able to have that wild looking rod and reel that the other's want, but are to cheap to buy. I want an incentive to buy DLCs. I mean, going to be direct here in saying that buying bait coin X for flat rate X is a non-starter on my end....But selling me crap that looks cool and is USEFUL on the upper weight end of fishing, will. No, I do not want a tomahawk, blunderbuss,YAWN....weenie rod. I can buy the equivalent in the store. You're catering to low end players and if that IS YOUR bread and butter, well, keep at it I suppose, but the Kyaks are a bust for me and I need no more 8-12lb rods and reels. I have sports, anniversary, spooky, and another pack whos name escapes me, now sell me something that I will enjoy. Sell me a box that holds 125 tackle. A hat that holds 6 and looks snazzy....Sell me some premium bait/lures like Buzz baits, Rat-L-Traps....Just stop inundating me with down grades as I am not going to buy them
  7. Yah, also not sure what you people mean. If you think standing in 1 spot, trying to fish a bugged spawn, is fishing, then you're doing it wrong. I can screw around and land 40k in fish in Michigan. I can get serious and hammer out 100-140k in a game day. Stop trying to think "game" and try to think fishing and see how it goes for you. My father, 72, is loving it. I am MOSTLY enjoying it. I find Florida to be the most fun of the lakes, for sport fishing.
  8. Entered my 1st tournament last week. Peacock bass for amatures. I had 48 bass in 30 minutes with a 6.1 trophy I get the results and It has me at 31 fish with a 4.8 as my largest Also, a player, named Rewande or some such, played for 4 minutes, literally when the tournament started, for 4 of the 30 minutes, left and was at 1st place with 62 fish and a 5.9 trophy as largest. Now, I would assume they left and came back, but as the score was updating, they were on the top from 1am to 1:30am, my time, the length of the tournament. It also started at 1am my time, so they managed to capture 1st place and hold it for the 30 minutes I was participating, for 4 minutes of play time. I was thinking why would someone start and leave, then thinking oh well, 1 less competitor. Now I am thinking that there was either a bugf, cheat or..something I have missed?
  9. DoublePlopDropper


    hello. United States here. Carp are trash fish to the bulk of us here in the US We do not have 400lb gold fish to catch, only bottom feeding, trash fish. Drum are also pretty much junk fish and not sports fish.......Why are these 2 species, as well as sucker and buffalo, used in a game about sports fishing? Just to add versatility or for the European interests? I noticed Europeans like fishing for carp, again, the map is a US map, so thought I would point out...not the same fish, trashy, nasty, waste of bait fish
  10. So I am not going to beg for a way to avoid buying packs, by asking for changes. That said, I would like to see better produced packs. I am a newer player and I have bought several packs as I like cosmetics in games and I wanted to be able to fish the species I wanted to without waiting. As I look at packs from the past, like that horrid Thanksgiving pack, i have to ask, if your new sub numbers are high enough to keep it running, I suppose put out that crappy corn pack. But if you're seeing a stagnation or a slow grow, consider advancing the packs to be comparable to mid/high lvl players. I enjoy the fishing itself. That said, I do see this getting dull at some point. I would suggest, down the road, new lakes, fish, deep sea fishing, more "rare" fish events and so on. I enjoyed, to a point, the Garoween event. granted Id rather stab myself in the eye than grind out 150 of each, still, it did add a flavor to the game. You need more of those type of events. It will keep the lvl 40 player around from month to month, while they await new content. Special, non-goofy, clothing would also be a big incentive. I have no desire to wear a puritan's coat..and the anniversary coat is just a fashion fail. Put more thought into the items being included in packs, on the cosmetic end, because once people hit 40....that's the only reason to buy them,
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