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  1. PH_Merrow

    Community Event Season 2 #1-Everglades-Finished

    lol almost an Oarfish there.
  2. PH_Merrow

    Community Event Season 2 #1-Everglades-Finished

    No you are not mate. 5 o'clock our time.
  3. PH_Merrow

    event fish bite rate

  4. PH_Merrow

    Track IR head tracking software

    Must agree here guys. One good reason being this. If you want to keep a walker within a couple of feet of movement each way, the trick is to put your rod tip right down to the water. But if you have cast out more than 50 or 60 feet, you can't see the lure anymore. Just your rod.
  5. PH_Merrow

    Community Event #9- Finished

    Way to go Big D. Grats to nizz and level winder. See ya all in Florida.
  6. PH_Merrow

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    My bad, thought you could get that. Perhaps a Nero or something similar.
  7. PH_Merrow

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    Yeah I'm sure you can get it. Sorry not 2m 20 cm 3m 80cm
  8. PH_Merrow

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    The fenix is available in the main shop. It will depend on your level as to whether you can get it. It is twelve foot ten inches or two meters twenty if you're in metric.
  9. PH_Merrow

    Tackle Weight too heavy

    Ok, what are you fishing for? It's the chubby float + the shiner that is making the game say that. Don't worry too much about it as if any damage is caused it will be minimal. If it's cats you are after try using small and medium cutbait. If you are after bowfin, then you should really get a Fenix 12 10.
  10. PH_Merrow

    Fish records

    Ok, so yesterday I caught a new personal best uni white bass at Michigan. It is not on my fish records. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307821500 Here is the proof.
  11. PH_Merrow

    Suggestions for Devs.

    I didn't start to do competitions until I had passed lvl 40. It was something else to do. I am hopeless at them. I do not know where the fish are and so spend most of the comp' time trying to find them. So I am definitely not to be classed as an "ELITE" fisherman. Need another handicap system.
  12. PH_Merrow

    Community Event #9- Finished

    Most excellent. Must remember to take Mamas and Papas tape.....maybe some Beachboys
  13. PH_Merrow

    Suggestions for Devs.

    Tilde eh? Strange name.
  14. PH_Merrow

    Suggestions for Devs.

    Remove chat box............top left of keyboard button under escape.
  15. PH_Merrow

    Bite alarm

    Did I?