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  1. PH_Merrow

    Stop and Go technique

    Hi there. I read your post and if it's sockeye uni's you're after then use a 3 foot (1m) or a 6 foot (2m) red crank. Obviously at the sockeye spot. You have to use a made up stop and go then float it get it to 2 or three foot under the surface. Well it's works for me.
  2. PH_Merrow


    On the aforementioned set-up, a Northern pike will easily run away with your line.
  3. PH_Merrow

    Tiger Muskie Record

    Astonishing I say. Why? Because the unique tiger I have is only 31.664 lb . I'll have to go and have another try for them.
  4. PH_Merrow

    New Community Events Section

    Proper job :)
  5. PH_Merrow

    Unable to access Fishing Planet

    Same...…. in UK
  6. PH_Merrow

    Community Event Season 2, Event #4-Closed

    I'll try to be there. Been a while now...….
  7. PH_Merrow

    4th of July Event Historic Fish List

    Caught one today (day 3 RL) Sheer desperation equipped an X series nano spinner. Can't paste the bloody screenshot though...………. And.....15 x flagpoles = 15 x stupid fireworks !
  8. PH_Merrow

    4th of July Event Historic Fish List

    Two days in Mudwater and still no historic white crappie. Methinks they are not there.
  9. PH_Merrow

    Community Event Season 2 #1-Everglades-Finished

    lol almost an Oarfish there.
  10. PH_Merrow

    Community Event Season 2 #1-Everglades-Finished

    No you are not mate. 5 o'clock our time.
  11. PH_Merrow

    event fish bite rate

  12. PH_Merrow

    Track IR head tracking software

    Must agree here guys. One good reason being this. If you want to keep a walker within a couple of feet of movement each way, the trick is to put your rod tip right down to the water. But if you have cast out more than 50 or 60 feet, you can't see the lure anymore. Just your rod.
  13. PH_Merrow

    Community Event #9- Finished

    Way to go Big D. Grats to nizz and level winder. See ya all in Florida.