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  1. No competition room for 3rd qualifier.
  2. Pleeeeeaasee ! No more bloody carp fishing. BORING
  3. OOps silly me. Got the time wrong. Ah these senior moments are getting more frequent.
  4. PH_Merrow

    NO fish

    I agree at the moment.
  5. I'll say that these are in Holland.
  6. Hi there. I read your post and if it's sockeye uni's you're after then use a 3 foot (1m) or a 6 foot (2m) red crank. Obviously at the sockeye spot. You have to use a made up stop and go then float it get it to 2 or three foot under the surface. Well it's works for me.
  7. On the aforementioned set-up, a Northern pike will easily run away with your line.
  8. Astonishing I say. Why? Because the unique tiger I have is only 31.664 lb . I'll have to go and have another try for them.
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