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  1. Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Running

    Damnit Tru....... I took a day off doing sod all for this! S'pose I'll go and eat worms.
  2. Q&A Fishing Planet

    Ah yes.....might not have relevant rod case etc
  3. Q&A Fishing Planet

    Correct me if I'm wrong mate, but you can only buy equipment for the level you are at anyway.
  4. rod bug

    Since the last update the snagging issue is awful. Whilst at Michigan, I snagged and the line came backwards through the top eye, and then the reel stopped working. This meant an exit from the game using the task manager. On return to the game, I see my 1 3/4 oz medium yellow spoon has also vanished. Please can I have it back as the fault was yours not mine. Thank you Sorry, that's a 1 & 1/2oz spoon
  5. Event #5 -- North Carolina -- Complete

    Should be another good one!
  6. Forum Bug

  7. Forum Bug

  8. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    Aye lad I received them and did the business.We are good to go.
  9. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

  10. GAR-O-Ween and 1.1.4 update.

    I have to add this. The "Fun Garoween Event", is not in the least bit fun. (FUN... a word for 10 year olds) . Surely the point of said event would be to encourage and please your player-base, as oppose to completely pi**ing them off. The bite rates are dismal for all 4 event species. I previously had all three of these events completed. You lot in your infinite wisdom have chosen to remove my completed events and replace them. BS. I spent 4 full nights at Neherrin and caught 10. I spent 3 full nights at Florida and caught 2. I am not going to Louisiana. The ghost pike are seriously stupid. eg. Cast lure to 100 feet, begin retrieve. The fish spawns right in front of me while the lure is still miles away. It then swims off. I caught 12 in three nights. All in all, a super crap event that has wound up a lot of folks.
  11. Halloween Event

    Are you lot on PS4? I've caught nothing in 3 locations. I'm on PC.
  12. Northern Pike

    Caught this 140 feet out, right above it's nose. This is where I normally fish for Atlantic Salmon. I have never caught them anywhere except far right by the sunken dead tree. Most splendid to see them at another spot. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1181994396
  13. My goodness! I didn't know about the float alarm, so ta for that mate. Yes the chat window could do with a makeover for sure. I don't do chat any more because of the fact that is far too big and, the amount of times I have been caught out on my next cast not working,because the tab button needs clicking....... well you know. The best chat window I have come across is the one on wgt (a golf sim). It is transparent until someone types something, but it can be squished up to nothing by clicking the word "chat". Simple and very effective. Workshop? Yes, spot on. Friends room bug, yes very annoying. Hoarder gear. this is debateable. Best suggestion so far is to be able to equip and SAVE the rod case contents. IMO That's my tuppence worth. Although because it was long, lets call it a shillings' worth.
  14. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    It seems as if the spooling bug has been addressed and fixed. Thanks dev peeps. Most people in this coming competition will more than likely have already been in the previous ones, so I assume we wont have any "partner" problems.
  15. Team Competition Colorado Event #4 -Finished-

    Methinks we'll all be using a float set up unless the current casting /reel spooling bug isn't fixed by then.