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  1. Boat fishing is here! Update 1.1.0.

    There's no bloomin' YAYY about it is there. 960 baitcoins to hire a farty little kayak . Jeez guys, get a grip.
  2. casting bug

    I also have a "bug" since the update that cannot be helped by enclosing a screenshot. I have lost 25% of my casting distance!! From 229 ft (full cast) to 183 ft. The rod in question is an 8' 10" Jigwinner, with 8lb braid on. How can this happen?
  3. Jigging In New York Comp #3 -Currently Running- (PC ONLY)

    Hello Big D, yes I'm not trying to be awkward or anything, but I just feel that the forum competition is the one we entered and it should be left like that. Importing catches from other competitions can only lead to problems about authenticity etc and, IMO, scramble the rules up. Which at the moment are succinct and simple to understand.
  4. Jigging In New York Comp #3 -Currently Running- (PC ONLY)

    I'm not sure I agree here. Point one: The spawn rates are higher Point Two: The weather will be different to the corresponding time on the original comp'.
  5. Profile picture

    Hi everyone/anyone. Can somebody please tell me how I can import my steam avatar to here. I've tried and failed miserably. Thanks Fantastic..... loads of views, but not one answer
  6. Chinook Salmon

    And the point of these multiple posts is??? You must be really bored.
  7. how i can assemble my rod :)

    click and drag the rod, from your HOME inventory, to an empty slot on the left side of the screen.
  8. cheat spots

    I've caught a couple of Walleye at the pike place and this is the same on all the other ponds/rivers. Fish do swim about.
  9. Developer Diaries. Part 1. Overview

    Respect FP team. It's nice to be informed of what is to be. As one of the players whose been here since Sept' 2015, I have been through all the updates (some good some iffy) and, look forward to the new updates. A quick word about your "new rival"..... Pretty awful archaic graphics has already made it a no no for me.
  10. Saving a Fishing Rod Case setup

    This makes perfect sense as does separating the fish you have caught to the places they were caught in. Both of these ideas have been raised before and never been addressed. IMO a much more user friendly UI is an easier upgrade than most requests.
  11. B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    Great competition Trulight.. totally enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.
  12. B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    Thanks for that. I assume "nick" means player name as oppose to profile name. don't worry about that though. I'll try that out. Cheers again. Ok that wont work for me. the "link" for the page doesn't paste to somewhere else. I'll just carry on as before.
  13. B.C.D Competition! Real DLC Prizes --CLOSED--

    Hi. I have to terminate the game to upload a screenshot. Am I doing something wrong? Great competition....thoroughly enjoying myself. Good on ya fella.
  14. Crank Bait Stacking

    I have noticed that there are no answers to this question. I wonder why. I have also seen, today, on the steam FP forums that answers to the Q&A are on facebook. How naff is that. What's the point of having an "official" forum.