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    hey guys again ..... this is the 2nd time i report this issue with Tarpon . 1est the distance where we can fish it in is totally unreacheblle with any big fishing rods specially after the update and in this case we are forced to use the nero 450 which can reach out to 53 m , 2nd even when some of use take the risk of going after it with such a rod with max setting that's 6kg reel and mono 5,4 kg test it takes like over 4 ingame hours fight consuming the gear like crazy the sad part it escaped all the sudden which made me so furious . we all at the PS4 fishing planet community were hoping that you add the kayak option for this map in the update unfortunately it wasn't i wish you guys will take it in your consideration to review this fish in the time it takes to get weak for landing it and cast distance from bridge according to over 6kg gear setup . At the end accept my sincere gratitude for the great job in the game so far despite of all these minor issues . all the best Ray
  2. Hey dear all I have a question , how I can send gifts to a friend ?
  3. Hey dear team Hope you are all good I just closed the game frustrated after trying to land a fish in Everglades . Fl which ended by it escaping after a 6 ingame hours fight what made me curious about something , in real-life a fish Can't last that much a 973lbs. Black Marlin lasted 4-5 hours for an angler to land it . Like come on guys if I'm using the recommended setup "so i can get the full xp " in this case the nero 450 with a 10 lbs test line i can land a 30lbs Tarpon " I've landed a 25lbs catfish in Neherrin River using same rod,reel and line" even after a long fight . We all know that a fish losses it strength after a while which leads to this bug fish escaped like what should i do when the indicators gos blue when I'm pulling up while retrieving at full speed and going backwards ? Please accept my apologies for my English and critic comment All the Best and keep up the good work
  4. Raysoul

    A+ Thankful note

    I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Support Team for their prompt response and understanding of the problem I've encountered while playing which left me speachless This indicates the A + game specification Thank you very much to you and to all the Fishing Planet team Keep up the good work
  5. Just finished my Neherrin Minimal event just to find out that all my day catch money lost started in a new day with an empty keepnet , had 6122$ in my account And a 7736$ worth catch money that i lost completely after the event it shows that i have only 7k in my account . Please do make something about it and how i can get lost money back.
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