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  1. I don't know what to say on this ,one way you guys are saying that you are not prohibiting from regular fishing and also at the same time saying " they are only not allowed to take part in fishing tournaments ".As you guys said that above you consider as " account" concept so to my knowledge you guys can do it by only blocking that specific IP ADDRESS or MAC ADDRESS but by saying that one can easily bypass it with VPN , anyways its not my lookout.So even if you take this step its not going to resolve the issue because not many people have multiple PS4 at their home , as this is a game any two or more person from the same family can easily be hooked into this game as PSN provide privileges of having multiple accounts in the same system. In other words one company cannot control how many accounts one person can have for the particular game also by saying that not many people have multiple accounts usually. As we can see it from the earlier image posted by OP there was a slight difference of names , what if they were using any random names then what you guys would have done?TBH when playing in tournaments or in a competition i never looked so closely to the names, though i am quite familiar with those famous names.What my point is as we pass fishing information/experiance to our in game friends or to our friends who play this game there is always a possibility that they must have passed the information to one of their family members so they can also achieve it or doing it for themselves for the love of the game. According to my little coding sense i can see there is only way to resolve this issue specially tournaments/competition cases by changes in the " CODING" ,what i mean is we all know how ,where and what time fish spawn at a particular position . Let them spawn where they spawn regularly but during tournaments/competition make it " RANDOM", if guys do that nobody will have the faintest idea where the fish is then it will be completely RNG based competition. Its not a big deal ,i think there has to be few " objects" and "Functions" in the coding that you guys can easily change it by objects i meant fish names as if i had to write line of codes i would have done the same thing more like a switch thing. By saying all this i am not trying to take the sides or empathizing because one harsh decision can easily ruin player base that you guys have.
  2. Got it.. Number one and six.. Sorry my bad ..ty..
  3. With all do respect but why it's stated above, no body said anything about having a second account unless if I'm missing something. I'm kind of lost here. According to the above posts I can see one guy said to other guy that you must have a second Account as you know bit more compared to your level. So if anyone Can put some lights on it ,it would be much appreciated tyvm.
  4. Congratulations.. I know u, u run twitch Chanel.. Nice videos Mann..
  5. I am not here to accuse anybody but I know there is a glitch available to look under the water but personally idk how to do it. How I know this exist, one of my friend was fishing for pikes at Michigan then suddenly a guy came and asked him if he wanted to know what he caught then he just went under the water and told him about the fish but unfortunately my friend don't recall his name as he came and gone. Also there is only a single video in utube which shows it exists but some say it's fixed, I personally still waiting for that person show up for me. Don't know anything else in the name of cheating and that incident took place in January.
  6. Thanks a lot for those Kind words of yours and now I feel very grateful to you. Cheers to that...
  7. Yes which we don't need here.. Be like earlier.. Cheers pal.
  8. First of all I didn't meant to troll or to bump the thread with hatred ,all my intentions were to make you aware of the words that u had chosen to use above. Second, the way you are behaving it's not good for the community because this community that I know its far more helpful any way you would like to put it.I have been taught " all ways think before you speak" because the words which you gonna say next moment you cannot take it back.. Regarding your thought why I didn't bothered to answer the question by OP is bcoz I don't have the liberty of having a PC unless I go to work now and the only thing that I have my phone which is broken due to my fault so if I had to type the reply, it would have taken ages also that's why I passed then again I try to reply time to time but for your clarification please go ahead and check the forum and tell me how many posts that you see been posted on the forum lately. May be you are a IRL fisherman and you are a game veteran and you have tons experience but it doesn't give you the authority to call names. Tbh, nobody here is making any scenes when they are about to quit the game. "it's simple you don't like it you quit it and when you feel it's worth your time you are always welcome to play ,nobody is stopping you " it's as simple it is. I would have never replied to this thread after posting my above comment but you asked for it. This game is not about you or what you know off. Please be like you used to be don't be arrogant. I know everyone has good and bad days but we are not authorized to take our frustration on others. If you think its late for you to answer then don't do it next day ,because we are not getting any prize for the first reply. Frankly speaking I myself taking a break and i have never made any scenes like the posts that one can look in the forum. This is a forum where we talk about game problems and other stuffs not these. Last but not the least moderators if you are reading this please lock this post from getting further replies because its not worthy enough for this great forum. Thanks a lot and peace out.
  9. No offense , i know the guys who you have in the group & they are brilliant but it doesn't mean everyone else in this forum knows nothing & for the record I'm not taking about myself there are lots of people out there who could help. Promotion that you are doing it's a Good thing but please don't disrespect others like by saying above. I'm no hater or any, I like plain n simple straight. I think you didn't meant to but it did. Cheers mate.
  10. Well said n I love you for saying all those things.
  11. When we are going to get our answers regarding our question? It's getting close to one month that u have this Q&A started .
  12. Well that spot is known to everyone it wasn't mine but u can say where I stand on the rock it's mine(lol). I'm very glad u loved it and without testing properly I do not upload anything because first time it could be luck or fluke so I test it myself. If u need any help on other species u can ask for it. Even if u want u can join the party in 40 minutes.. Send me the request "live2xdie" as I'm heading towards home right now.
  13. Lol.. Idk how long u been at level 40 but I would like to say please don't get frustrated so early instead visit other lakes try something different rather then wasting your time here. Try to find a way to do well in competition or check your fishing planet profile see if u have completed the game or not because according to me there is not a single person who completed this game. As for me this is my goal to be at least inside top 10 off the Hundred Club.
  14. This isn't a game issue, it's more like PSN issue, it's happening due to the last system update which was a complete fail. They are trying to fix it day by day.
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