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  1. What's Next? Everglades or Oregon ?

    Go to Everglades rather then Oregon atm, why I am saying this it's because u will catch lots of bass along with other species by which u will make very quick bucks. And please make sure u have all sorts of lures and if u r going there with multiple rods plz double check before clicking the button TRAVEL. This is the 3rd time I made the mistake, I changed the reel and categorized the backpack but I forgot to took my bobber and by doing so I am stuck and can't do float fishing while having everything except ONE. Sucks to be ME ,so plz don't make that mistake. Have fun out there.. Cheers!
  2. Competition

    That's a nice thought @Violentvole or we could have a clan or small fishing groups of certain peoples and then we can search for matches just like every other clan type games. Regarding the prize money FP dev team could create a specific amount of prize money which can be divided in between the players equally. @rodrigobox Yes this game is becoming boring because there is not much of excitement left. I am at level 23+ but I feel the same. sometime I think of L40 players how would they feel. But saying boring I don't mean FP is bad, I find this game very relaxing but we are missing excitement as well. @Warsteiner You are absolutely right it's tough to fight a competition against higher level player with higher everything that's why I mentioned above of having a clan type competition where we can select players and have a match up against same type of players. What do you think? It's a server side game it's true but if u r using PC rather then console it is possible to hack I think like every other game though it's not the point of conversation here. I play on console BTW. I have been thinking of asking this question for a long time now, what lies after Level 40?
  3. Hi everyone, Is there anyway we could create a external group to chat around because not everything we can type it in here in this forum. If we start posting/asking/creating a thread it will be complete spam, so to stop all this can we have any sort of communication group where we can ask small stuffs rather then any major issues. If there is any please add me or let me know.. Ty
  4. I am done with New York (Emerald Lake). So now I want to go to different place but I am kinda confused on where to go? I don't have bigger stringer or keepnet and also want to make some quick cash to buy higher gear. What I have now as follows:- 1. Jig winner 8"10' 2. Omni Float (forgot the size) 3. Stringer 44lbs (Max 13lb) 4. Reel - wincast 2500 & Primary 3500 Do I need bigger gear for those particular lakes or I am OK. Please suggest me place and what species to look for particular.
  5. I don't want to be banned!

    Yes @Violentvole it was your thread and u said you are going to share how to make money quickly but only to the players who has gone passed L38. Why i didnt replied or asked there because i thought my question would be useless there as the thread was started for a different purpose. Why I worry about getting banned, it's because I have had lost 11 clash of clan accounts on Aug 31'St last year while trying a mod (which I used to copy a base) which was suggested to me by a clan mate. I used it only that day and to my bad luck or something I don't know COC server ran an anti Mod cheat which resulted mass ban wave and my 3 years worth of work lost in seconds though it was on MOBILE device but then again COC TOS are quite same to FP TOS. I don't want to lose my account or my work anymore and according to my knowledge no body can use mod in PS4 so I thought it could be these Tricks which can put me in trouble (if I share or use) that's it nothing else.
  6. I don't want to be banned!

    Thank you very much @Hegert , I got my answer, if you wish you can close this thread from further discussion. Much respect to FP Dev Team and specially " Support Team " I have never seen any support team working that FAST. When I was in a problem it was solved within 10 minutes and I was stunned by that.
  7. How to find out how far a cane pulls?

    "Also put a heavier bait right? " ....YES "I thank you, I hope to see you lying well" I don't get it properly, what are you trying to say. If my little knowledge helped you anyway, it would be my pleasure to help you in future as well. Ty
  8. I know u buddy ,my psn is - live2xdie remember me. I don't think there is any problems regarding your question because today itself I have caught several bass using casting spoon 1/4oz #1/0 (yellow) about 8hrs ago. I was there to make some quick Bucks so that I could travel to Emerald lake NY. I was using much heavier gear respect to the lake was losing XP. So if I could catch them then u can also. Try casting from middle of the dock at least 150-160 ft out(Home sweet Home).. You will get them. Best of luck .
  9. No AUDIO when i stream on You Tube!!!

    With all do respect I would like to ask "what do u mean by hackers on PS4 version"?Pc I understand but on console how? I am not trying to troll this thread, I came across while searching before posting as my streams didn't had any in game music apart from my voice, at first I thought it could be my fault but it was happening regularly so I stopped streaming. So today I thought let's check the forum about this and here I am that's it. Peace out n respect..
  10. Hi Dev team and Moderators, I play on PS4 and I don't want to be get banned for no reason from this game. Why I am creating this thread ?it's because while reading one of the forum post I saw a person mentioning the rules and said that we can't talk or discuss about any loop hole of the game to make easy money or xp which is violation of the TOS or Game rules. So does it really mean we can't tell other players to catch fishes or what to use and when? One more thing "what do you mean by opposing team"?I know what it means but where we have our opposing team that I don't know. 2nd SS is from where I got the thought and decided to ask. Please clear it.. Ty in advance.
  11. Where is every one from?

    I am 32+ yr old probably the only person from India who plays this game. I don't know exactly just saying. Here in India we don't have proper fishing places or any such kind of competition to take part which are available in other countries. I love fishing and m doing it finally so thank you to FP Dev team.
  12. How to find out how far a cane pulls?

    It depends upon few factors basically, which is given below, 1.Rod Length 2. Type of Line 3. Lure Weight So longer the rod and u will be able to throw further but it will vary with what kind of line ur using. e.g- say u r using 30lbs braid line in one rod and 30lbs fluorocarbon on the other( Same rod size) by doing so u will see that ur braid line casted further then fluorocarbon setup. That sort of goes against the last rule but keep in mind a 30-pound braid has a smaller diameter and the material has less drag on the cast. So the lure can actually pull the line off the reel with less effort and friction on a cast. Again if u use 1/4 oz lure on 30lbs braid line and 1/2 oz on 30lbs u will see u can cast bit further then one another. Same goes in case of 1/4 oz on fluorocarbon 20lbs setup or any other. So put it in a simple way try buying longer rods compared to heavier line u r going to use. If a rod supports 35lbs test then try putting 30-32lbs test on it and u will be able to cast further. I hope it's not confusing you. If it is please ask, myself or someone else will try to put it in more simpler way.
  13. Yes it's still available, I made 35k in 1 real day and 7 in game days though I have only 44lbs stringer . Payout as follows 2lbs + - 200+ cash 3lbs+ - 350+ cash 4-5lbs + - 450-600+ cash Try using Lemon Tiger medium spoon, earlier it was purple Narrow spoon but now it's not working properly I guess or it could be happening only to me. I play on PS4.
  14. Rod - Valuespin 8"6' Reel - Wincast2500 Line- mono .008 Lure - Lemon Tiger Medium spoon 1/4oz #1/0 I happened to make that same mistake at first then reset the account and started all over and now m L23. Go to " Dock of Peace " stand right top corner then look forward and aim for the far Reed or weed "idk" it's about 172 ft. Try casting there " 167/172 ft " using Lemon tiger medium spoon 1/4oz #1/0 hook and u will be blessed with walleyes but make sure u chose multiple days of trip otherwise u won't make much profit. Try buying stringer if possible which has larger capacity according to ur level(I forgot). For me Rainy days are awesome to catch walleyes all day long. Lemme know how it went for you. One thing I forgot forgot to mention is how to retrieve. Try dropping ur reel speed 1-2 and use straight slow with twitching on a regular intervals[1/2 secs- 1 secs) .
  15. Thanks @EvilSam666 I really appreciate your help, I will try it one last time and end it right there. Grinding at Texas n Missouri is finished for me, I go there to catch those leaderboard fish.